Best Nine Inch Nails Albums

The Top Ten Best Nine Inch Nails Albums

1 The Downward Spiral

A masterpiece of an album. Definitely the greatest nine inch nails album. - Riley2005

Dark, yet oh so beautiful.

Their best hands down - Sabbath

This album is the Dark Side of The Moon of industrial rock.

2 The Fragile

This album may not even have the majority of my favorite NIN songs, but it does have a seamless experience that evokes both wonder and pain. The opening track is an amazing rock song of hate, and throughout the album it shifts into the emotions of desolation and despair, ending with The Great Below. As an album, it is perfect - and the nah nah nah's in The Day the World Went Away are definitely the best part!

This double cd is Trent at his very best. Yes, it's flawed, but the amount of stuff he throws at you that works is remarkable, whether it be the sheer brutality of the albums opener, or sublime instrumentals that build into a crescendo of grief and emotional outpouring. Reznor is one of the few musicians who can whisper his message, yell it, scream it, or say nothing and still move you to to the core. Yes, it's a band, but this is Reznor's baby thru and thru. Damn! I've just talked myself into playing it.

The Fragile is long and takes multiple listens for the listener to even begin to grasp the length to which Trent poured his soul into this album. It's a double disc LP and each disc has some of Trent's most intimate and yet aggressive moments up to this point in time. By the time The Fragile was released, this had been his best produced album. The songs that are the best from The Fragile include THE BIG COME DOWN, WHERE IS EVERYBODY? , and THE FRAGILE. Listen to these tracks!...Especially if you aren't ready to invest into a full listening of the LP. Also, check out NO, YOU DON'T.

TDS is OVerrated, PHM was good but not mind blowing, broken waas cool but doesn't have enough material to be their best; with teeth Has some AMAZING moments but not enough of them; year zero is really cool but doesn't touch me in the same way as The Fragile.

3 Pretty Hate Machine

Although "With_Teeth" is also great, this album is the best. Catchy but very dark album with memorable songs such as "Head Like a Hole" and "Terrible Lie".

Should be number one. Their first album ever.

Yes it was good one

Very good one

4 With Teeth

Great production and best beats. Very cohesive, yet it feels massive. Songs like "Everyday is exactly the Same", etc.

So underrated. The production is amazing. And "Only" might be the ost lyrically fascinating song by any band ever.

This is magic. True art.

Their most complete album in my opinion

5 Broken EP

The heaviest hitting Nine Inch Nails album, Broken is the burned bridge and scorched earth between Pretty Hate Machine and everything that came after. It leads directly into The Downward Spiral; and spawned Nine Inch Nails' only two Grammy winning songs. Even though it's an EP and can be consumed in a brief listen, it belongs on the top shelf of the Nine Inch Nails discography, just under The Downward Spiral and The Fragile.

Broken has some of the heaviest tracks that NIN has ever recorded. I especially like Last and Gave Up most of all. - NuMetalManiak

So much anger and rage is released on this album, and I love it!

Wish and Happiness in slavery are the only Grammys Reznor ever won and they're both on this record.

6 Year Zero

This album should be in the top 3

7 Hesitation Marks

Hesitation Marks is the best one. I personally like Trent Reznor's work post Year Zero the best,

8 The Slip

So underrated!

9 Ghosts I - IV
10 And All That Could Have Been

How is ghosts better?

The Contenders

11 Not the Actual Events

The latest EP by NIN. The Idea Of You is a great song!

12 Closer to God

Is this an actual album though - CabadePartyhunter

13 Add Violence EP

Vote guys, That one of the best of them. Love it. Better than Not the Actual Events deffinitely

14 Bad Witch

The best of the New Reznor trilogy

God break dOWn the dOooOOOoor - CabadePartyhunter

15 Further Down the Spiral
16 Fixed
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