Nintendo Gamecube


Laugh out loud Melee beats Brawl any day. This console had the best controller in my opinion, the buttons were well placed, the analogue stick is the best and the L It had great games like Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, Mario Party 4 and 5, Kirby Air Ride, Wind Waker, Star Fox Adventures, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Heroes, F-Zero GX, Metroid Prime, Viewtiful Joe and a handful of others

The Gamecube is a gem in gaming history, even though nobody I'm friends with today seems to remember it. When I was younger, I had so much fun with Mario Kart: Double Dash, Pikmin 1, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros: Melee, and my personal favorite, Luigi's Mansion. It may be hard to find the actual console nowadays, but please try to find the games I mentioned--it's for your own good. - Nebby_

The gamecube had lots of great innovative first party titles. You had the great art style and overall characteristic of Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros. Melee which is probably the best in the series, Metroid Prime 1 & 2 which are amazing, the great gameplay and graphics of Rogue Squadron 2, the excellent F-Zero GX, the best Nintendo controller, and much more. To me, this console stands out among all others because it just felt right. It had a large, variety of games that is suitable for almost any person.

My favorite I ever owned is the Switch, but I can only imagine how excited people were by the Gamecube. In fact, I have always wanted to own one. If I did, it would be my favorite until the Switch had some time to increase its gaming library. Smash Ultimate is definitely gonna help that lol

In my opinion, this is the best video game system ever! I love the shape and durability, I adore the controller, I adore a lot of the games (most of them have aged very well), The GameBoy Player is the best add-on ever! In my opinion, this is the closest we have to a perfect video game system!

While a lot of Nintendo consoles and games are awesome, they come and go. Except from the Gamecube, after 15 years I still play Gamecube games almost every day. And the controller! Pure perfection, everything about the controller is just right and they are almost indestructible.

This is probably the best of Nintendo. I mean, it was easy to use, the controls weren't SUPER hard to control like 64 SOMETIMES. And Melee, Luigi's Mansion, and the Mario Party series were awesome on GameCube and will beat any other game any day. Sadly, it has been replaced by the wii. - HELLADERE120

Has the best games. I still have my GameCube and play it regularly. It is Nintendo's last real system before motion control. I still buy games for it and believe it should be way higher up on the list.

The gamecube is a legendary console with a perfect controller an amazing and good sized library and it truly perfected 3d gaming and even brought with it the first reliable wireless controller as well

Awesome game library. Wario World, Metroid Prime, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, Wind Waker, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil all demonstrated the GCN'S true capability.

I had the most memorable times on this console. I played Star fox adventures almost on a daily, super Mario Sunshine, minority report, smash bros melee, and animal crossing. Greatest days of my life. BETTER THAN DISNEYLAND!

I love the Gamecube, it has:
Pikmin 2
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Mario Kart: Double Dash
Animal Crossing
Mario Party 4
Star Fox Assault

Third party developers not wanting to do many games for this console only made it better, since Nintendo had to really step it up with their graphics, gameplay, variety and everything overall.

This is a console that focused purely on games rather than how "cool" it looked or how many things it could do at once. Although, if we're going to be honest, the handle did look pretty cool. - Mangocave

The controllers are the most comfortable to use from any console. The games are way ahead of there time the only thing this console is missing is built in memory and online play

Best console EVER! The GCN has an outstanding library of games like one of my favourite games ever Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Other notable titles include super smash bros melee, metroid prime, Mario kart double dash, Legend of Zelda the Windwaker and more. If I could only have one console it would be the GameCube!

This little guy got me into Nintendo! Need For Speed, Crash Bandicoot, Mario, etc.. My childhood. This was it! It broke like a few years ago. I miss it now. I don't think I'll ever relive it. - airplain313

The system itself is amazing, but there were not a lot of good games : Only Melee, Wind Waker, Sunshine, Metroid Prime and a few others. Also, Luigi's Mansion that scares the hell out of people. - MaxPap

This Console has many GREAT games like Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart Double Dash, RE4, Twilight Princess, OOT Collector's Edition and Master Quest, Metroid Prime, Kirby's Air Ride, Luigi's Mansion, TTYD, Pikmin and Pikmin 2, Melee, and my favorite Zelda game EVER... ! The Wind Waker! You also have the GBA-Gamecube link, which lets you play amazing GBA games on the T.V. ! You can also use the Link to use the GBA as a Gamecube Controller, and sometimes use that GBA Gamecube controller's bottom screen to do other stuff, sort of like the Wii U! (EX:The Tingle Tuner in Wind Waker. ) This is DEFINITELY the best Nintendo console.

Most underrated thing in the history of my life. Gamecube was palpably superior to both the PS2 and Xbox, yet denial runs very deeply in fans of those consoles. I'm here to say that not only is Gamecube my personal favorite Nintendo console, but it's the best console ever.

Nintendo has always been about pure gameplay, and in my opinion, the GameCube has the best selection of games out of any Nintendo console.

And before you say it YES I know the 64 is "revolutionary" and is truly "epic" for it's age, however it does not stand the title of best in the world. - yellowwinner

I hope these games come out for Wii u virtual console! But maybe with enhanced graphics!

The amazing console deserves the number one spot for many reasons. While not perfect, many masterpieces were

Pretty good classic, for a fact, it has the most Mario Party Games on 1 system, and has other classic games!