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21 2DS XL

The 2ds xl is the newest version of the 3ds Able to play any 3ds games in 2d

22 Nintendo New 3DS LL

What is this thing? Never heard of it - MaxPap

23 Color TV Game
24 Gameboy Pocket

An original Game Boy that went on a weight loss program, enough said.

You want a Gameboy, but in the style of a Game Boy Color? You have this... - MaxPap

25 Super Famicom

Same as SNES, but it's PAL version - MaxPap


26 Game & Watch

One of the most forgotten things Nintendo has ever made - MaxPap

The Game and Watch is Really good Handheld System

27 New Nintendo 2DS XL

I love the look and its cheaper than the 3DS XL and has no 3D feature but I like the new design. Good job Nintendo! Your keeping the DS line together

28 Virtual Gameboy

You mean Virtual Boy - MaxPap

This Doesn't Exist -_- - VideoGamefan5

Piece of crap has 5 games in it
Lego fire fighters :you shoot water at fires
Mario tennis :you move the stick to move it
Tetris block rush:meh piece of trash
Mario dash: you run
Star block: move the cubes
It comes bundled with mario tennis which is lame

29 Nintendo 2ds XL

Now the 2ds can flip, and barely has any loading and has a giant screen, I want this!

What? It's coming this july... It's not even there yet... - MaxPap

30 Game Boy Micro

Love the classics? Well gameboy micro "The advanced version of SP and color" provides you with a great experience

31 2DS

Great feel when you are playing, can play 3DS games and regular DS games.

Designed for kids, for kids to break

Mines a Transparent blue AS edition, its shiny and has a classic feel to it, but in terms of 2ds in general vs 3ds in general. There's a reason the 2DS is cheaper but it is still a great console.

Somebody: The only one in the Ds family that doesn't close.


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32 Virtual Boy

Hell Yeah! Headaches for all!

Super cool for its time still cool one of a kind system good games to first 3d system for Nintendo

You know you are a badass when you play Mario tennis for hours on end even if your eyes are getting fried out of their sockets

This console was not good but some of the games were outstanding!

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33 Nintendo 2DS

It's a cheaper version of the 3Ds, but it takes away one of the best features, the 3D. Sadly, the system can't close so it's pretty much like an open 3Ds. It's not that portable so you probably won't use it on the go a lot. The buttons are moved up making playing on it a little more comfortable. Also, it's not very sturdy so it won't survive a few drops. I'd recommend it if you don't like 3D and probably won't play on it outside your house.

The 2DS was better until the New 3DS came out and made the 3D work

34 Wii Mini

This Thing Sucks Hard, Its Just The Wii But Just Doesn't Have The Internet Access And Other Things That MADE The Original Wii Great, Seriously Who The Heck Likes This? - VideoGamefan5

Too bad they got rid of backwards compatibility with the Game Cube

It is the best of the best

This sucks the Wii u is not the new virtual boy it's the Wii mini is the virtual boy 2.0 not Wii u this has no intenet and came out in 2013

35 Nintendo DSi XL
36 Nintendo 64DD V 1 Comment
37 New Nintendo 3DS XL
38 DS Lite
39 SNS-101

It was a mini super nintendo released in USA a year after the n64, the snes 101 was a mini snes with a budget price tag of 49.99$ in 1997

40 Nintendo 1DS

So nostalgic, beautiful graphics and great controls. It will always be #1 to me.

Remove this. This doesn't even exist. - MaxPap

Wouldn't this just be a line

The best console

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