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1 Mario Kart DS

Can you at least spell it right? It's spelled K-A-R-T. Not Cart, Kart. Mario Kart. Best game ever, end of discussion.

Mario kart not cart who cares luigi rocks so does the game

Vote For The Real Mario Kart.

This game is better than the Wii one

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2 New Super Mario Bros.

This is so much better then the 3 original ones! The wii one was crap! It tried too hard and this didn't try as hard and is still the best DS game ever!

New Super Mario Bros carries so many memories with it and I will never forget the first time I played it. It is so simple, to the point yet it requires skill and knowledge of the game. Unlike the original super Mario bros it takes hard work and more than five minutes to complete.

This is a brilliant game, it makes you want to keep playing it to complete the game. There are plenty of unique levels. It was a tough decision between this game and Mario Kart, but this game has more 'playing time'. Overall a very exciting game.

I love this game only problem is that the mini games are from super mario 64 ds.

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3 Super Mario 64 DS

Man... Just the fact that there is a port of the amazing original for the DS makes this far better than 80 percent of all DS games! One of my all time favorites.

This game has an huge story, and when you think, it's over, there's always an secret, that you haven't found...

I'm almost done with it. Just need to do the final battle. Its always fun revisiting the levels and redoing the stars

You get to fly and it is the original game except that there is some extra courses, yoshi, wario and Luigi and this game is portable - Mariozexal

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4 The World Ends With You

It's obvious that not many people have played this game because that is the only excuse for this amazing game to be in 22nd place.

TWEWY is a great game that has yet to receive the attention and sequel that it deserves. Both your standard RPG and not, it's a refreshingly different kind of game that takes a couple overused elements and spins them in a way that hooks your interest and keeps a hold on it through to the end. One of my only problems with the game is when it can't figure out which pin I'm trying to use, and that's not all that big of a problem.

Nice gameplay with an entertaining story, and good soundtrack and the RPG element is unique. This game will bounce your holidays

MARIO KART is number one?!
Clearly people haven't played this game, because it's the best! That's it thank you.

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5 Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story

Awesome! YOU GET TO PLAY AS Bowser! WHAT IS COOLER THAN THAT? Also the game is really good and brings back fawful as the main villain (A WINNER IS YOU! ) The final boss music is climatic and fitting, Also the bosses are hard (still on dark star) and it takes a lot of skill to defeat it, easily a winner. - Mewbosses

Seriously? 29?! For THIS game? You must be kidding! This is one of the best games I've ever played! How in the world can this be all the way down here?!


Great unique story line and plot and very different and creative along with a great challenge that actually takes skill and a difficult game with lots to offer and lots of new enemies we havens seen before and lots of other cool, new, and awesome stuff - YOSHIA2121

Bowser's Inside Story remains my favorite M&L game to this day! It's extremely fun, quirky, and it's got a great story as well as memorable characters. Not to mention the final boss music is absolutely killer. In some ways, I can see why some people think Partners in Time is better, but to me, this game is hard to beat.

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6 The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Though it is easily one of the least liked games of the series, this DS sequel to the GameCube's Wind Waker is, in my opinion, an alright game. It can get a little tedious, especially the Temple of the Ocean King, but my enjoyment of the game's other elements overshadowed that in the end.

Phantom Hourglass is the first Zelda game I have ever completed. I find it quite entertaining. Great storyline, great gameplay. I prefer to Mario Kart (K-A-R-T not C-A-R-T) anyday of the week.

It's really fun and some puzzles and dungeons are really hard. - InsertNameHere

COOL! GAME! Works best on ds more than N64!

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7 Mario Party DS

The best... And the cutest after you defeat Bowser and also who wouldn't love this game? End of discussion.

Played this a lot, and still do. great game

Uses ds features very well. too bad about island tour though.


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8 Pokemon Black 2

By far, the best Pokemon game ever. It has everything-- a good plot, new Pokemons and it's amazing how they take you a stroll down memory lane.

If you are a Pokemon fan and played the original white, you will love this game. It had much better graphics than the other Pokemon games and the story was very good. The rival was impressive and N returning was awesome. Unlike other "sequels" this is actually one with a different and yet connected storyline. However Platinum beats this game by about a meter. No a milli meter.

This is a great addition to the Pokemon series games. I played it and simply loved it. I have to say it's very addictive. Please vote for it!

One of the best pokemon games ever

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9 Pokemon HeartGold Version

This is an awesome game it's the revisited version of Pokemon gold I can't believe it didn't make top ten

Best remake and pokemon game in general, love it.

This Pokemon game has both kanto and jhoto league. You can catch many Pokemon so it is fun! - Jaewon

Way better than the gold, silver, and crystal. You can even pick out the 1st and 3rd gen starter Pokemon and have Pokemon follow you.

10 Kirby Super Star Ultra

One of the greatest games to grace Nintendo's library remastered to perfection; yet it's at 49. I am shaking my head seeing this placed under games like Super Princess Peach. - surgeonsanic

Kirby Kirby Kirby, that's his name as ya know,

Kirby Kirby Kirby, he's the star of the show,

He's more than you think, he's got maximum pink, Kirby Kirby Kirby's the one! - Korzoto

48?! This is an improvement on Kirby's flagship game! Only 48th? Well, we all have different strokes.. - Garythesnail

One of the best Kirby Games. - DCfnaf

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11 Pokemon Diamond

The Best D. s game there is! Very fun to play and a great addition to the Pokemon series.

OMG! These games are so freaking amazing! It was so unique and I finished them in 2 days! Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!

Pokemon diamond is the fundamental game for anyone who owns a DS, this masterpiece provides hours of gameplay and entertainment, easily no. 1.

This was my first Pokemon game and it was so good! - Jaewon

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12 Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time

Can't believe it wasn't in this list! Partners in Time is an amazing underrated game, and I love it! Most people hate how you need to BUY the bros. items, however, I like it! I also love the storyline! It's a great game!

This game is always better than crappy old M&L: BIS. This is the best Mario RPG game ever tying with Super Paper Mario & Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven a Stars. There's nothing to hate about this game unless you are talking about not being good at this game & Princess a Daisy/Pauline not replacing Princess Peach, that cowardly princess who needs her overly feminine voice changed. This game is so awesome that it deserves to be top 1, not lame old Mario Kart DS.

Epic game! I've beaten it 3 or 4 times.

This game is so underrated

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13 Sonic Rush

Definitely one of the best sonic games out there, plus includes the debut of blaze the cat.

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14 WarioWare D.I.Y.

The game has Wario's name in the title. How bad could it be? - DCfnaf

A very underrated amazing video game.

15 Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures
16 Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Such a relaxed and happy RPG. Nothing serious or super gloomy, even after hours of gameplay. It's cheery and exciting, and the battles are almost cinematic. Worth the money, for sure.

Probably the greatest game ever made, amazing, tear jerkingly beautiful story, giant open world, endless customisation and replayability, an amazing open world, great multiplayer, and a heavy amount of content with cute and real characters, I have played hundreds of great games, from pokemon diamond to call of duty 4 to star wars battlefront, but nothing comes close to this masterpiece, also the music is awesome asf too

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17 Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Though it does get a bit of grief from the Kingdom Hearts fan community, Days is actually one of my favorite games of the series and one of the first games I actually managed to beat. The missions and battle system aren't all that great in my opinion, but they aren't completely terrible and the story more than makes up for it. I highly recommend this entire series. If you've played the first three games in the series (Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts II), then you should pick this game up-along with a box of tissues. If you have yet to play any of the series, please do give the games a try.

Third favorite Kingdom Hearts game. Beat it twice. highly recommended

It's kingdom hearts to go! No other words needed

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18 Scribblenauts

Pure innovation, though Super Scribblenauts was infinitely better than the problematic original version...

Love this game but not as much as I love Super ScribbleNauts

I love Scribblenauts Unlimited the best.

Absolutely amazing

19 Super Princess Peach

A surprisingly fun and underrated game, despite the lack of difficulty. One of the best DS games I played. - xDan

A surprisingly fun and underrated game. Definitely one of the best DS games.

20 Call of Duty: Black Ops

'zombie mode' is probably the the best part of the game it's even better in co-op zombie mode. - lukesternoot

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