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41 Yoshi's Island DS

I cannot believe that this game is not on here, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? It's a GREAT game! And a classic on the Super Nintendo guys.. Come on.

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42 Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

By far the best characters I have seen in a video game I have ever seen. In addition to the beautiful visuals, intriguing story with A LOT of plot twists, and interesting gameplay mechanic, this is my favorite DS game and among my favorite games of all time.

People! Please GT: PD is the best game! You MUST and NEED to try this out for heaven's sake! Truly a hidden gem, its animation is even a whole lot better than some others, but that's not why I recommend this: it's story is fudging AMAZING and ENGROSSING! PLAY IT!

43 Pokemon Platinum

Best game on ds, and is sadly underrated. Its awesome I recommend you try it if you haven't already.

Better than diamond

44 Dementium: The Ward

the only fear you will ever have playing the ds
the mental isolation

I'm definitely anticipating Dementium 3D. :)
Both Dementium games are AWESOME.

45 Pokemon Soulsilver

Probably one of the best pokemon games of all time! I played it and I loved it it's a must for all the people out there that play pokemon. And also the game that made me love pokemon once again when I was starting to give up, no matter how old you are this one is just EPIC!

You guys are all wrong! Heart gold and Soul silver are a must play for any Rpg fan.

Awesome game this should be in the top 5 this game is one of the first games I got for my ds

46 Nintendogs: Best Friends
47 Sonic Classic Collection

This rocks all the best classic sonic games just for the DS. Awesome!

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48 Transformers
49 Pokemon - Black Version

The best game EVER I may be a girl but who cares. I beat it in about a day or so. Gets hard every once in awhile when you forget what to do. Now I just have to finish the white version.

Best game ever period. No one likes it the way they should! They see that there is no old Pokemon and they're like "NOPE! " Come on guys! Give this game a chance!

50 Bomberman
51 Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
52 Animal Crossing: Wild World

I love this game! It might not have all of the features that Animal Crossing: New Leaf has but it is my favorite game in the series because it was the first Animal Crossing game I ever got.

This was the first animal crossing game that I got. I got it because my brothers liked it. - WinchesterGirl26

Animal Crossing: Wild World is one of the best because you can get the villagers' pics! At the moment I have Camofrog, Boone, Big Top, Marina, Opal, Nibbles, Puddles and Nan!

Wow super princess peach is 20 and this is number 55? THIS LIST SUCKS! - spodermanfan1000

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53 Henry Hatsworth In the Puzzling Adventure

One of the greatest genre mash-ups of all time. - xandermartin98

54 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

Definitely the best ds game as the story is GENIUS and the characters have great personalities. The game is full of scary, funny and parts that will send a tear down your cheek. This definitely needs to be in the top 10 so PLEASE VOTE THIS AMAZING GAME!

An intriguing game with a story made to keep you guessing until the end, 999 is easily one of the best DS games made. It's dark and more of a visual novel than anything, fair warning, but I ask that you give it a try anyway, even if those aren't usually your cup of tea.

This is hands down my favourite DS game. The story is very compelling and after getting to your first ending you'll find yourself playing yourself to unlock to five other endings.

This game along with phoenix wright, professor layton, phantom detective should be in top10

Stop voting Mario... seriously is that even good?

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55 Elite Beat Agents

A criminally underrated gem in the DS library that needs more respect - SgtBilby

56 Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
57 Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Grimoire of the Rift
58 Cory In the House

I came just by voting for this masterpiece. It helped me become popular in high school. I lost my virginity because of this game. A girl walked up to me and I unimpressed her, until I whipped my Cory in the House! Both of our pants were off and we became viscious. Best game that's life changing.

This game is a true masterpiece. Never have I seen a game with such incredible graphics, even better than Grand Theft Auto V. Not only that, but the intriguing storyline and character development makes this game perfect, just like the Anime it was based off on. - thunderstar1124

This landed me a job.

Cory in the House is the best NDS game in the whole world. End of Story.

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59 Mega Man Zero Collection
60 Professor Layton and the Curious Village V 2 Comments
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