Best Original Nintendo (NES) Games

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121 Willow
122 Lemmings
123 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
124 Shadowgate
125 Deja Vu
126 Crystalis
127 Guerrilla War
128 The Trolls In Crazyland

This game better than any Mario games should be number 1

129 Cobra Triangle
130 Mr. Gimmick

1. Fix the thumbnail 2. Amazing gameplay. 3. Why was it not released in North America? 4. Controls made the game harder than it is, cause Gimmick slides which brings me to 5. Good and hard stage designs, not HARD Mario maker hard, but good design hard. It should be, like... 11? Give this game attention and then: Best game ever

131 Mighty Final Fight
132 Gradius

Best shooter on the NES, and the first NES game from Konami to use the Konami code too! This and Lifeforce are WAY better than Contra and Super C.

Also I want to add that they're two different types of genres, so it really depends on which genre you prefer. - LarryLarrington


Coming from a guy who prefers Contra, #131 is a pretty low spot I agree. - LarryLarrington

133 Popeye

Popeye the sailor man
He lives in a garbage can
He turned up the gas
And blew off his ass
It's Popeye the sailor man.

Popeye the sailor man
He lives in a garbage can
He turned up the heater
And blew off his Weiner
He's Popeye the sailor man

134 Pooyan
135 Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
136 The Flintstones
137 Track & Field
138 Tetris 2
139 Robocop
140 Die Hard
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