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1 Mario Bros.

I've never been into the Zelda games so I have to go with Mario. They're so addicting!

I loved mario for like forever!

Are any of these items even real? Tell me Gigiyas! Mario and Princess Peach are great characters. They are graceful to the kingdom. Pokemon is filled with annoying creatures just...battling!

Tons of good memories with this game - bjinmaro64

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2 Legend of Zelda

I've yet to find another series that gives as much satisfaction and sense of adventure and purpose as the Zelda franchise. Fantastic games, even the weakest entries are fun.

Oh, YEAH! This series is just so great. It never gets old, and all of them are incredible! You never know what plot twists will come because the story in every single game (ESPECIALLY Majora's Mask, which is my favorite) is amazing, the sidequests, are really fun and entertaining, and you go through emotional tales of adventure that will just keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time! Two thumbs up from me!

Legend of zelda has a great story line unlike mario or any other games I've played. This has been a great experience playing

I like Mario I really do but Zelda is best game

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3 Pokemon

I know this question is completely unrelated to Pokemon but why is sonic on this list when it's not a Nintendo series?

Pokemon has lunch boxes, a modern show, playing cards, and it is super common to find as a toy at McDonald's how would anything beat it?

Plain great. After Mario and Zelda it is the most classic. And it is the must fun. Mine craft and sonic are NOT Nintendo.

Ultra sun and ultra moon is like forgiving for sun and moon on how bad it is by giving all the legendarys

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4 Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros has all of your favorite Nintendo Allstars and allows you to see what would happen if they were in a fight.

This franchise let me know more of the other Nintendo franchises besides Mario, Pokemon and Kirby. - truespongebobfan

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5 Kirby

Part of my YouTube Channel Name if I make one has /Deluxe, which is part of the Kirby Triple Deluxe game.

Wjy is sonic and Minecraft here they not Nintendo -

Kirby is da best kirby

Kirby games have a place in your heart, even though they are easy, the are the funnest Nintendo games I have ever played :
Kirby games have sensational graphics, the powers are AMAZING
Kirby should deserve better and that is my opinion
Even though Kirby is not that well known, he is the best to all the kirby fans.

6 Metroid

What is Metroid doing all the way down here?! Seriously, 11?! Honestly, Metroid deserves better, which is obviously my opinion because I'm voting for it. Metroid has so much more than other Nintendo games, and some of the ones that are higher aren't even Nintendo series. Come on, Metroid deserves way better than this.

Metroid has always been my favorite. I've been playing it since the 90's... it was the first game I ever played. Nothing compares.

Metroid has the best game ever

7 Donkey Kong

I want a 3rd entry in Donkey Kong's "Returns" series more than Metroid Prime 4.

8 Earth Bound

The mother trilogy as it should be called has taken the spot as my favorite series. Ever. LoZ would have won, but it's less consistent in quality, though there are many more games. The reason for the Mother Trilogy being so good is that it really is unique, sure there are other rpg's, but how many of them have you fighting a overweight bully who's working with an insane alien, AND has you finding stuff in trash.
Not many, that's for sure.

I am a die hard Zelda fan but, the closest Zelda game to almost make me cry was OoT. The difference is Mother 3 and Earthbound made me want to re-think my life and the games literally made me sit in awe after I completed them. There is no other series like the Mother series but, Zelda I would put second for sure.

Best game I've ever played on any Nintendo platform. Great score, hilarious story, interesting characters. One of the few games that I ever just sat down and played straight through. A classic and truly enjoyable game.

This game is so good. Along with mother 1 and 3. Special place in my heart.

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9 Mario Kart

Hopefully we can have a opened level Mario kart

I'd agree. If Mario Kart 9 gets a Story Mode, then it would be a Day 1 Purchase. - Pikachu7586

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10 Wario Land

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11 Animal Crossing

Will suck your soul from what you think is real. But I love it.

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12 Star Fox
13 Donkey Kong Country
14 F-Zero
15 Pikmin

Amazing strategy game different from everything else Nintendo has!

Was not as popular in US but still a great series!


16 Fire Emblem

Love I mean love Fire Emblem so much. But why is every body complaining about Mine craft I can not find it I see sonic but no Minecraft I think fix something for once.

Maybe it's the turn-based gameplay that doesn't make players tick. I love this set of games for how deeply fleshed-out their storylines are.

People really need to give this brilliant series some more love

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17 Paper Mario
18 Xeno
19 Kid Icarus

I love Kid Icarus Uprising

20 Magical Starsign
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