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21 Magical Starsign
22 Advance Wars
23 Mega Man

This should be higher

24 Yoshi's Island
25 Bomberman

I don't know why I love this. But I love it and it's crazy awesome.

I agree dude. Multiplayer is only 2nd to smash.

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26 Mario & Luigi
27 WarioWare
28 Punch-Out!!

I can't believe Pikmin is on here, but Punch Out isn't. Punch Out is one of the best game series because it offers a great challenge, especially in Title Defense.

29 Professor Layton Professor Layton
30 The Legendary Starfy
31 Ice Climbers

Go Ice Climbers! Sadly, they didn't make it into the next Smash Bros. game because of technical difficulties on the 3DS version. :(

32 Game & Watch
33 Pac-Man

Pokemon is as good as Pac-man and in my opinion its funner

The world's famous arcade game character! Everyone looks for him and his games in an arcade. Screw Pokemon, PAC-man rocks!

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