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101 Guitar Hero World Tour

In my opinion this game is not as good as Legends of Rock, but it is worth to be bought and played.

102 Just Dance 2
103 Just Dance 3

I think this is a great game especially for girl because a lot of video game are for boys

104 Lego Batman

Come on! Batman's great & I could live with being like him!

I voted for this... Because I'm Batman

105 Skylanders Swap Force
106 Guitar Hero Metallica

If you are a Metallica Fan, you should really buy this Game! Especially if you are pissed of about the low quality of their latest album 'Death Magnetic', cause this game contains nearly all of the songs from it, and they just sound amazing!

107 House of the Dead: Overkill
108 Dance Dance Revolution 2
109 Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues
110 FIFA 08

You should buy it, it is SOO FUUUUUUUUN

111 World of Goo
112 Medal of Honor: Heroes 2
113 MadWorld

I think John Dimaggio is enough to make this number 1 - toby20

114 ExciteBots: Trick Racing
115 WWE '13
116 Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
117 Mario Party 7

your so cool you shouldd buy this game it is the funnest game ever so buy it know parents if you do play it evrey day even if your groundid cause i did.once agian buy it parents if you do youll be the best parent ever

Uh... This one is for the Gamecube.

118 Six Flags Fun Park
119 NBA 2K10
120 Little King's Story

A lengthy Rpg with a great story.
Think Pikmin cross Sims.

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