"Bleach" Album Review

Alpha101 This album really "Blew" me away. Sorry for the pun. I'll get to the review now.

"Blew" did a great job of setting the tone for the album. I remember hearing it for the first time, and I automatically started humming along to the chorus, and air-guitaring to the solo. It's not the most impressive on the album, but it really let me know what I was in for, and was a nice addition to the record.

"Floyd the Barber" starts out heavy and distorted, and pretty much stays that way throughout the rest of the song. Again, this song isn't a masterpiece, but it did fit well within the album, and is fun for he first few listens. It is a good song, but didn't really do anything for me.

"About a Girl" is one of my favorite songs by the band, and probably my second favorite off of the album. It's slow and melodic, which is the exact opposite of most of the songs on the album, and I love that. I'll add some more thoughts on this song in my closing paragraph.

"School" is my favorite Nirvana song. It has one of my favorite riffs to start the song out with, has lyrics that are simple yet tell a story, and is, overall, just really damn likable. It's possibly the best off of the album, and one of Nirvana's best.

"Love Buzz" was one of the first songs that I heard off of the album, and is one of my favorites. The bassline is fantastic, the following riff adds fuel to the fire, and it has one of my favorite choruses sung by the band.

"Paper Cuts" did not resonate well with me upon first listen, but now, it's begun to grow on me. It has a pretty creepy and eery opening, and a distorted and unnerving chorus. It's a good song, but not as good as any of the songs above.

"Negative Creep" is another song that I did not like upon first glance, but I've begun to like it. It's murky and catchy, and who can resist chanting, "Johnnie's little girl ain't a girl no more?"

"Scoff" is possibly the band's most underrated song, and among my favorites on the album. It's melancholy tone and Cobain's unsettling vocals really sell the song to me. Also, I can never stop singing, "Gimme back my alcohol!"

"Swap Meet" did not impress me the first few times that I listened to it, but I'm beginning to like it. It's probably one of the weakest on the album, but it's still a pretty enjoyable song.

"Mr. Moustache" is the only bad song on the album. It's simply unenjoyable, and there's no positive things to mention about the track.

"Sifting" is another pretty underrated track. It has a grudgy opening, and it has a surprisingly great chorus. For some reason, this always reminded me of a Pantera song. Overall, it's a pretty good song, but overshadowed by many of the songs above.

"Big Cheese" is an okay song. It's neither good nor bad, really. It's catchy, but that's pretty much it. Besides "Mr. Moustache," it's one of the weakest on the album.

"Downer" had a good opening, but that's pretty much it. It quickly lost my interest, and it's never gotten it back.

This album is my favorite by the band, but it has a lot of problems. For one, it needed MUCH more diversity, which is one of the reasons why I loved "About a Girl." The album starts out great, but it loses steam, and, eventually, comes stopping to a halt, because it just becomes boring, dull, and unappealing. The first half is great, and the latter is okay, but could have been so much better. On the other hand, one reason why I always loved this album is how raw and powerful it is. Unlike "Nevermind," this album doesn't sound watered-down. Each song is edgy and has a big punk feel to it, and most pull this off, except for a small few. Overall, this is a great album, and possibly the band's best, but it's still by no means perfect.

9.2/10 - Great Album