Top 10 Best Nokia Phones

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1 Nokia 3310 V 1 Comment
2 Nokia 5510
3 E90

Nokia company my favourite I'm used only. Nokia. Phones

Once used this phone to play homebrew version of Quake 1 on the go. MEMORIES! - StephanTheIdiot

4 N97

If you compare the E90 and the N97 you'll find that the N97 is on top at virtually everything, this should be number one for sure, great great phone

This ne is one of the legendary phones that changed the mobile phone industry

5 Nokia 6310 V 1 Comment
6 Nokia 7710
7 Nokia E90
8 Nokia N93
9 Nokia 8810
10 N95

The Contenders

11 N8

The best camera phone ever, fully equipped with the essential key features in capturing excellent photos be it in daytime or night time.

Best phone ever and camera just fantastic. Most overrated phone in symbions

Best phone

Nokia is dad of hole mobile �"� phone

V 2 Comments
12 E71
13 5310 XpressMusic

5310 express music is simply stunning! For such a low price we can't ask more!

14 E75
15 N73
16 N93i
17 N96
18 Lumia 920

The Best Smartphone to date with a bunch of new features.. - seraphicaseven

19 N-Gage
20 Lumia 900
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