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1 Water

Drink seven glasses of water a day keeps the doctors away

Water and water, just simple! Take care your self with water. water is good for you people. - Jhosen_cool

Well, I think water is the best drink in the world...! And water keep you fresh and healthy...

Water is very good for you! if you drink water it helps with clearing your skin. if you drink too much soda your skin will break out more.

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2 Coke

Very sugary drink, and that is what makes it taste so nice. But it is very bad for you. I drink one can of it at least in a month. Two in one month at a push. I know it's nice, and it's my favourite drink, but don't drink too much of it!

Coke is the greatest soft drink, hands down, but my hands are waving in the air because coke pwns! - theTwister

It is all about my personal like. I have been living with Coke since I was born and still my biggest fan until now. In most occasion I choose to drink coke rather have even an expensive wine.

This thing gives me anxiety and evolves my ADD into full blown ADHD.

But who cares, gotta have the addictive secretive and tasty drink in the world once in a while am I right? Or am I so damn right you just in denial of my rightness?

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3 Milk

I LOVE milk! I drink it with every single meal. It tastes good with anything

Nothing better than milk, yo. Yummy. Have you ever tried milk straight from the cow? Takes you time to get used to it, but it's amazing.

Hands Down! I drink at least two glasses of it each day. One in the morning and one at night.

Depends on what type of milk. I HATE skim milk. - JamesBourne

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4 Dr. Pepper Dr. Pepper

DR. PEPPER IS the BOMB! It's unique and amazing! I wish they sold it at more stores and restaurants!

Dr Pepper is the only soda I will drink. It has such an interesting taste to it and it doesn't have a bad after taste like Coke. I could drink Dr Pepper all the time and not have a problem

Original taste, Coke's Pibb is only rival. Pepsi can't figure out how to create its own. - drpeppersnapple

Dr. Pepper is really good. S/o to Dylan Klebold, though. - maarilynmaanson

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5 Lemonade

I love fresh lemonade. Its good with everything. Good for any mood. I just love it, All time favorite Tropical Lemonade

I love a fresh lemonade is the best non alcoholic drink and healthier drink for your body. Can be drink any time with any meal

I love Aunty Annie's lemonade! It's not that expensive and it tastes really really good. Don't you agree?

I love lemonade from anywhere and any flavor.My favorite is Hurbert's Lemonade because it's good and has so many flavors including normal.This should be #1!

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6 Root Beer

It's like liquid candy. It's really good, and kids could drink it out of a bottle and pretend it's real bear.

It's my favorite drink ever! it goes good with anything - termsonfire21

Its like the ultimate drink... it tastes amazing! - wildog47

I love it

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7 Gatorade

Gatorade is so great, had this stuff forever really since I was born. Tons of flavors and really some great marketing too, Yeah just my opinion but if you have MJ and Tiger Marketing it it has to be good

I'm a gatorade addict. It taste so good and is refreshing if your dehydrated. I would stop there but the stupid quality bar wont let me.

I love this that I made sparkling Gatorade so good

Is it good for kids - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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8 Pepsi Pepsi PepsiCo Inc. is an American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of grain-based snack foods, beverages, and other products.

Pepsi and only Pepsi. Also I love Coke but that drink is officially claimed as the most unhealthy drink ever. No joke here. Just read more scientific journals - Alexandr

By far the best... But I definitely like the limited edition game fuel also

Pepsi is my second favourite drink after Coca-Cola! It's very, just the way I like it!

Pepsi is the BOMB!

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9 Mountain Dew

Mountain dew tastes awesome. Best Soda ever. - dragon13304

mountain dew is awomely amazing! I love it because it is the right flavor and it makes me happy ( it passes the yummy in my tummy test) =) - roxyie

Mountain dew is so awesome! enough sugar to put a diabetic into a coma and enough caffeine to fuel a trucker on a long haul

Id have a baby with mt dew

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10 Sprite

This drink is not as unhealthy as Coca-Cola or Fanta or Coffee

Don't forget sprite is made by the coca cola company

Sprite is the best

My favourite - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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11 Hot Chocolate

Yes! With whipped cream and marshmallows, there is nothing that beats the delicious hot chocolate. A complex recipe and an amazing taste!

I can drink it when its hot outside. I can drink it when its cold outside. The flavor is so bold I can feel it in my toes. Hot like my hot chocolate.

I live in Ohio and were famous for football Friday night for local high schools. During that time, it's usually cold. If you want to find a place with good hot chocolate, head on over to western brown high school in Mt Orab, Ohio, just 45 minutes east of Cincinnati. The hot chocolate is VERY chocolatey and so refreshing you'll want to drink 10 cups per game. - OhioStateBuckeyes

This is the recipe of a succesfull night - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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12 Tea

I like other drinks as well, but tea is my favorite! I don't like coffee, so I drink tea in the morning, in the evening, and at night before I sleep. Stereotypical British person, I know, "God save the queen, barmy Brits can't live without their bloody tea" (Imagine voice dripping with sarcasm). In short, tea is amazing!

Nothing better than a nice British cup of tea fresh from a tea-pot. Enjoyed with a scone with jam and cream. What a proper tea party.

Sweet tea on ice is the only thing in life I don't get tired of over time. I could have 3 glasses a day and just turn and say please sir can I have some more.

My friend in any situation. There is a saying in England which is: "Where there is Tea, there is hope." which I think is rather lovely. - Britgirl

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13 Plupp-mjölk Choklad

This is great stuff

Yeah! I love this stuff. You can never get enough of it. Once you start, you HAVE to finish!... What is it again?

This drink has been off the market for many, many years now but it was the best back then.

What is this drink? - AlphaQ

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14 Coffee

I probably drink more of this than I should, but I do so love my coffee. - tarot_contralto

This is indeed God's gift to remove tiredeness. There are migratory birds who swoop to the coffee plantations when they feel tired so that they can continue with their onward journey

Coffee is Gods gift to the world! - fireinside96

How the HELL is coffee 14th? this should be top 3 easily. and water? seriously? - taishisohma

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15 Orange Fanta

I love fanta. I am amazed it is not in the top 10! I think fanta is the best drink in the world. Definitely the best.

fanta is the best and sunkies! and lemonade but fanta is mostly the best for me! - hermione_granger

Fanta is the lifeblood of the world

Kinda like it! But not really - RobloxBFDIPoke223

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16 Iced Tea

Love Lipton's peach flavour iced tea - It's so refreshing, not too sweet but sweet enough to be delicious! Love it

god yea! - pepeagrees1

17 Powerade

Powerade RULES! Best sports drink ever, tastes good, looks good, over all amazing! Drink it if you want to be an athlete.

Don't know why, but it is just so good and healthy, makes me feel better every time I drink it.

I love powerade because it's the best sports drink EVER made.! - apizza23

Powerade is the besstt tasting drink ever. And Gatorade is good as well.

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18 Ginger Ale

I don't know I just like it the most and behind gingerale it would have to be orange juice, milk, and probably water. Coke is good to. - Undertaker15-0

Tastes amazing and helps your stomach - llamaboy17

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19 Orange Juice

Especially when it's fresh-squeezed.

Only without pulp. - JamesBourne

no - pepeagrees1

What 16 listen I drink and this is not a lie 4 glasses a day my dad says hm I want something to drink with breakfest opens fridge wait gabby (I'm gabby) already had breakfest :) me like oj!

20 Kool Aid

oh yeah, that's the good stuff! - jwileson

Kool Aid is disgusting! I can't believe anyone would put something so toxic--food color and sugar--into their bodies!

Kool-Aid is something great
All my dudes in my class drink it
We use it like a group sign

That stuff...awe yeaaa... - AlphaQ

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