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21 Chocolate Milk

Milk good. Chocolate good. Chocolate Milk Best

22 Arnold Palmer

Nothing is better in the summer. - NobodyFamous

Arnold palmer is the bomb diggity

23 Slurpee

I love blue raspberry flavoured slurpie

24 Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple is the best drink EVER! I always order it at any restaurant (if they have it). It's sweet, but not disgustingly sweet. It truly is the best alternative to any alcoholic drink.

This is my honest favorite. I think it's because I like cherry flavored and that Shirley Temple was a great dancer and singer. My second and third would be water, sprite, or tea

lol hello its like an alcoholic drink but for kids

25 Monster Energy

My favourite drink of all time! I wish It was good for you and you had to take 1 can 4 times a week - Adamshane1999

its awesome gives you a jolt and comes in many different sizes - topdis

Best drink for getting heart attacks and killing you have fun with that most unhealthy drink out

The Beast! RAAAH! Pumps me up and stuff. Yeaaa...! - AlphaQ

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26 Vanilla Milkshake
27 Apple Juice

Great Value has the best store bought apple juice.

Best stuff right here can't go wrong

Good quality Apple Juice, cold on a hot day, so refreshing and sweet and more importantly it tastes amazing! WOO GO Apples :D

sweet and nutritious. yum

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28 Virgin Pina Colada

Very refreshing and brings a Latino vibe

I love them I'm a kid

29 Arizona Tea

By far my favorite drink! Tastes better than coke with far less sugar.

I get this every other day, simply amazing. The green tea is the best of them all with peace right behind it. Though maybe its just because I live in AZ but who knows, try it for yourself if you havn't already.

30 Egg Nog

Come on, everybody loves eggnog! The only thing that can ruin it's reputation is if it started World War I.

Silk Seasonal Holiday Nog-- it is vegan, THE best drink of all but they only sell it around Xmas :(

I can't believe this is so low, when it's so good.

I'm also suprised that Coffee's not in the top 10. Pretty much every adult in the U.S. drinks it (every day).

31 Chocolate Milkshake

I scream, you scream, we all scream for chocolate milkshakes! It is the best!

Who could forget this? - AlphaQ

32 Grape Juice

The number 1 drink of negro's.

33 Red Bull Red Bull

Love this drink wish it was good for you and that it was your 5 a day

The only bad thing about it is those wings... Still haven't got rid of mine.

Red Bull is awesome! Should be number 1 instead of No.25!

Yeaaa...Like Monster but just as badass. - AlphaQ

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34 Simply Pink Lemonade

I love pink lemonade!

35 Banana Milkshake

How can you not love banana milkshake? - karagana

36 Sunkist Sunkist
37 Smoothie
38 Buko Juice

Nice tasting and best for kidney stone problem. Downside: You need to find a young coconut and break it open to ensure it is fresh.

39 Cappucino
40 Mineral Water
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