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41 Cherry Limeade
42 Mountain Dew: Voltage

The BEST Mountain Dew Flavor out there! If you don't like this one then you're crazy!

43 Kiddy Cocktail
44 Cherry Coke

better than coke... its just cherry flavored coke.

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45 Yakult

so yummy
its even better when you freeze it!
really delicious:)
and its asian so it has to be healthy...

buy it in save mart. its hecka asian. but the deliciousness of other countries.

46 Ramune

it has different flavors, its japanese, you can get it at japan town or raley's.

Hai! Ramune is best drink! I love it! You can also get it at Five Below, Hot Topic or Character World. In fact, my Kroger has it, though not every kroger carries it...

47 Soda Water

I quit drinking and just order a club soda (not tonic water... Don't be confused by the two). Unlike tonic water, there is no sugar or calories in good old fashioned soda water. It is just water with bubbles. If you want to get all fancy, ask for a lemon and a lime too.

48 Ice Tea with Lemon

I live for Brisk Iced Tea. No, really. I do. This is the goods. Always cold. I had it in my garage on a 99 degree day and it was still cold... Good for me :-)

Iced tea, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Milk, and Water. I couldn't live without em' So good
- PinkLemonade

49 Roy Rogers
50 Vanilla Coke
51 Horchata

(The Drink of The GODS) I don't think any kind of drink competes with this one. It's just so delicious.

The best horchata in the world is the horchata made at Albert Tacos in Colorado Springs, CO. USA

52 Inca Kola

THE BEST TASTY DRINK.It beats coke so badly!

53 Peach Tea

Can't go wrong with peaches and tea together

I always choose it in shop. Love it! - BloodyMargarita

I am sooo addicted! I have to have it everyday. - steph

54 Human Milk

everyone love mummy's milk but we just don't say it out - sarukabuyangerel

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55 Non-Alcoholic Margarita
56 Big Red

Really? This should be number 1 or at least 2!

57 Rockstar

This is the only energy drink I know of that contains milk thistle which repairs your liver cells from all the abuse alcohol lays on them. - IgnoreThis

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58 Iced Milo
59 Irn-Bru

Made in Scotland from girders. T

Made in Scotland from girders! The best thirst quencher ever, Thank you Scotland

Perfect drink, sometimes makes me want to move back to the UK just to guzzle as much Irn Bru as I want.

Best drink ever, most british people will know this great drink.

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60 Oasis

Love This Drink So refreshing on a hot day

Best served Chilled!

This is so refreshing! You can usually buy it in any shop

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