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61 Coconut Juice Milk
62 RC Cola
63 7 Up
64 Vernors

Was better when real sugar and real ginger were used, quit drinking it because they ruined it.

65 Pickle Juice
66 Solo
67 Boba Milk Tea

It comes in many different flavors and is fun to drink.

68 Diet Snapple

Doesn't upset my stomach like pop, milk and fruit juice do.

Peach is the best. Very refreshing.

69 Full Throttle

this is like the best drink ever how dare you not put it in the top ten

70 Rooster Booster
71 Ribena
72 Almond Milkshake

almond milkshake is awesome. it's like almonds in fluid form and it just goes down your throat so tastefully.

73 Sweet Tea

Best Drink Ever Lets Bring it to the top 25!

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74 Faygo Pop

Love faygo moon mist and rubyred

75 Relentless

Like red bull but so much nicer

76 Venom Energy
77 Vault

nothin beats it. its stuff to choose - jorge77

78 RedJack Energy

Awesome. favorite energy drink, til I found venom that is =] - jorge77

79 Grape Fanta
80 Chicha
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