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81 Sunny D
82 GuaranĂ¡ Antarctica

Sweet and super refreshing soda made from GuaranĂ¡ fruit. Very popular in Brazil.

83 Soy Milk
84 Apex Chocolate Shakes
85 Ale-8-one

this is kentucky's soft drink... it's basically a ginger ale drink... but if you get really cold, like slushy... it's the greatest! come to kentucky sometime and try it.

If you go to KY there are two things you must try. Sir Pizza, and Ale-8-One.

86 Tongkat Ali
87 Cottee's Cordial
88 Mountain Dew Code Red

It's just amazing. I drink like a two liter a day. I'd drink more but mom won't buy that much :D. I'm a caffeine addict so on a good day pepsi will ease it but on bad days only code red will do.

89 Tango Orange
90 Pepsi Vanilla
91 Dandelion and Burdock

Highly underrated, this sparkling drink is extremely refreshing when cold and has a sweet, yet sophisticated taste.

92 Simply Limeade
93 Dr. Pepper 10
94 Estathe
95 Kefir
96 Innocent Smoothies (Apple and Blackcurrant)
97 Vitamin Water

The Vitamin C and Acai-blueberry-pomegranate combination is awesome. These two drinks have made me and girlfriends want to drink more water...Very tasty and refreshing

98 Frijj Milkshakes

The thickest, creamiest, tastiest milkshake on the planet in my opinion! Such a nice drink!

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99 Virgin Sunrise
100 Shloer V 1 Comment
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