Best Non-evolved Water Pokemon

This list involves Water Type Pokemons that doesn't go evolution or it is on Primary Form... The list below gives you the equal and fair Pokemons Base on Stats... Vote Wisely!!!

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1 Mudkip Mudkip Mudkip, known in Japan as Mizugorou, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Mudkip are small, blue, amphibious Pok�mon with large heads, wide mouths, and orange, star-shaped external gills on their cheeks. They also have a fin on the top of their heads and a light-blue fin for a tail. They move around on all four legs, and have a light-blue underside. -

mudkip owns... its the best hoenn starter... and its ground/water so electric types don't effect it...

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2 Piplup Piplup

Piplup resembles a penguin chick and also looks a little bit like Torchic. It has yellow feet and a light-blue body. There are two white spots on its chest that seem to resemble buttons on a suit. It also appears to have a blue cape. It has a circular, blue head with white circles around its eyes and a small, yellow beak. -

Piplup amazingly powerful and so adorable! I wish I could have him as a pet! - Kevie16

Piplup is so cute he should definitely be higher than weak mudkip!

Hands down cutest water type EVER

3 Squirtle Squirtle Squirtle, known as Zenigame in Japan, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It was originally conceived by Game Freak's character development team and finalized by Chaniah Pantry. It is a squirrel-turtle hybrid .

Squirtle (Blastoise)is my favorite pokemon. it totally rocks! when I battle strong pokemon, my other pokemon sometimes faint but Squirtle (Blastoise) always beats them. I used to use him against LT. Surge cause I thought water was good against electric and it still beat him! I still use him today against lt surge. (except he knows dig)

Squirtle is a bipedal turtle with its most notable feature being the hard shell on its back. This shell forms and hardens on its back after birth. It could perhaps be distantly related to some other turtle-like Pok�mon, such as Torkoal and Turtwig, but Squirtle seems to only be closely related to its evolutions. -

First of all the competition is non evolved water Pokemon and mudkip is only strong once evolved squrtiles got the best stats the best moves including hydro pump and cannon and skull bash. Plus the squrtiles squad episode was like the best episode ever come on

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4 Totodile Totodile

Apparently Totodile can learn an electric move. 0.0

Totodile has superpowerful attacks and t evolves into feraligatr, the best non-legendary pokemon

Totodile look like small, bipedal blue crocodiles (similar to its evolved forms) with red spines on their back and tail, the one on their back being larger with additional ridges next to the back spines. Totodile�s head is large, with crocodilian ridges above its eyes, and much of the head�s size is composed of Totodile�s snout and strong jaws. There are two visible teeth on the tip of its upper jaw, and two rows of three teeth on each side of its lower jaw. Totodile�s mouth is often depicted open. On Totodile�s chest is a yellow, somewhat V-shaped pattern that extends to Totodile�s arms, with a line bisecting the pattern at the middle. Totodile have five sharp claws and three toes. Totodile�s eyes have red irises, and there is a dark-colored pattern around the eyes that is depicted as either dark-blue or black. -

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5 Buizel Buizel

Buizel possesses mainly mammalian characteristics with orange fur and paws as well as resembling a realistic cross between a weasel and a sea otter. The collar that is around its neck can be inflated and used as a flotation device when the Pok�mon inhales. Buizel also carries characteristics of sea creatures, in that it has two blue fins on its arms and two tails, appearing to be split up, that resembles a fish's fin. Its tail acts as a boat propeller by spinning. There are parallel marks on their cheeks quite similar to those of Furret. Additionally, Buizel has cream-colored paw pads on both its fore- and hind-feet. -

I like water types like buizel maril plipplup squirtle lapras vaqoreon and syduck

6 Shellos

Shellos are slug-like Pok�mon. Both forms have yellow lining around their eyes, mouth and back.

In the West Sea form, the underside is white, its back is pink in color and has small spike-like protrusions on it. On its head is a ring of pink fleshy knobs arranged like a flower.

In the East Sea form, the underside is green, its back is blue and has two flap-like protrusions. These flaps are lined in yellow. On its head are two white-tipped knobs resembling horns. -

7 Wooper

Wooper is a mostly blue amphibious Pok�mon that bears a resemblance to a real-life animal known as an Axolotl. Wooper stands upright on its small, round feet, and has a large, thick tail. Wooper also has purple-colored, branching gills coming out of the sides of its head, and what look like dark-blue, curved gill-like markings on its torso. Wooper�s head is large compared to its body, its mouth is wide and its eyes are small, round, and black in coloration. -

8 Poliwag

Poliwag resembles a blue, spherical tadpole. It has large eyes, a pink mouth, and a long, mostly transparent tail. It has newly developed legs that still are not used to walking. Poliwag's most famous feature is the black and white swirl on its abdomen, which is actually its innards showing through its semitransparent skin. This skin is also very elastic so that it won't break if the Pok�mon is bitten. -

9 Azurill

Azurill's ball tail appears to be the biggest of its evolution family, this is due to Azurill's body itself being small. It is large and bouncy and packed full of the nutrients this Pok�mon needs to grow. Azurill can be seen bouncing and playing on its big, rubbery tail. The tail is a flotation device in water. It is the only one of its evolutions with white to the side of its cheeks, not under its chest. It also has no arms; however, this does not affect its mobility. -

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10 Oshawott Oshawott Oshawott, Dewott, and Samurott, are three Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise that are linked through evolution.

Oshawott can learn blizzard and if Oshawott isn't first you guys are crazy and I mean it!

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11 Kyogre Kyogre V 1 Comment
12 Krabby

Krabby resembles the creature they are based on, the crab. Krabby's top half is a hard shell that is orange in color. Krabby has a pair of large pincers that it uses as powerful weapons. Krabby's pincers are also used for balance when it walks sideways. -

13 Lapras Lapras

How is Lapras not #1? Water/Ice
Teach it
Sheer Cold
Ice Beam

Winner, Winner, chicken dinner!

This Pokemon is called "King of the Seas" for a reason, you know.

At least move it up to in the Top Ten. Can learn a lot of special moves lots of HP even at a low level.

Why isn't Lapras in Top 10!? It has a 1 hit K. O move - Sheer Cold
It also have tons of HP.
Lapras deserves to be placed in a higher position. - johnpaul1629

14 Manaphy Manaphy
15 Magikarp Magikarp

I had one with
( not that I had any other option)
I even helped me in a gym once no kidding all Pokemon knocked out and I forgot to take him out so I tackled then his reward was an evolution so

16 Palkia Palkia
17 Staryu
18 Froakie Froakie
19 Corphish Corphish V 1 Comment
20 Corsola Corsola
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