Best Non-Olympian Greek Gods

A god doesn't have to be on Mt. Olympus to be a great god. Here are 10 gods as proof.

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1 Triton

Son of Neptune, Ruler of Atlantis - Anonymous2u

2 The Muses
3 Kratos

God of Strength, guardian of Zeus's throne - Anonymous2u

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4 Psyche

Human girl turned into the goddess of Compassion by Zeus, at the request of Eros - Anonymous2u

5 Prometheus

In serial Xena warrior princes is Prometheus be imprison in sky, and Hercules and Xena is help to push up Prometheus, Titan gods Prometheus doing whole world magic to fire, Prometheus in magy fire helping to world.

Prometheus is doing of round give to fire and shine of sun. He is werry intellect god and he is no good legend. Prometheus be arrive to sky and eagle have you finish.

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6 Atlas

The Titan god of Gravity - Anonymous2u

This dude is cool n' stuff

7 Hypnos

Controlling sleep is a very underestemated thing... When someone's asleep you can drive that person insane by creating terrible nightmares... Also, you can make people suffer from severe insomnia or make themm sleep all day.

8 Dionysus

... This guy actually is an Olympian, and he lives on Mount Olympus.

9 Eros

Great art to God of love Eros in 2 season, Xena: Warrior princess. Small discovery boys push up like weapons.

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10 Pan

The half-goat god of Nature - Anonymous2u

The Contenders

11 Hecate

She is absolutely awesome

Goddess of witchcraft
Goddess of crossroads
Has 3 forms: young girl, adult woman and an old lady.
Very cool.

Goddess Of Magic:O

12 Nemesis
13 Nike


14 Helios

This guy is the sun itself and he saw everything when he was in the sky. He had the goddesses of the seasons and the hours ok no his palace and Hemera the primordial goddess of the Day.

15 Cronos

Cronos is old god, werry intellect and hannibal, his style to fight, eat and speedy spell to magy.

16 Melinoe

Half woman half angel, werry good flying, great intellect. Mythology is great power woman. Melinoe is hard tradition and she is beautiful.

17 Persephone
18 Iris

Iris is the personal messenger of Hera, she's also the goddess of rainbows.

The godess of rainbows!

19 Hades

Lord of all dead, King of the underworld, has an army of dead souls, brother of Zeus.

20 Boreas
21 Hedone
22 Amphitrite
23 Thanatos

God of death
also, know as " hand of death"

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