Best Non-single Breaking Benjamin Songs

Best songs by Breaking Benjamin that didn't become singles (but should have). The singles (Polyamorous, Skin, Medicate, So Cold, Rain, Sooner or Later, The Diary of Jane, Breath, Until the End, I Will Not Bow, Give Me A Sign, Lights Out and Blow Me Away) don't count because they are singles.

The Top Ten

1 Evil Angel

Absolutely love this song. Not just my favourite non single, but my favourite song altogether by Breaking Benjamin, and my second favourite song ever (only In The End by Linkin Park can beat it for me). - EvilAngel

2 Dear Agony

Beautiful, and very very meaningful and emotional song that doesn't get the recognition it deserves. - EvilAngel

3 Crawl

How could this not become a single? Lights Out is great but it's ridiculous that they decide to make Lights Out a single and not Crawl, they're both similar but Crawl is much more powerful and much more awesome. This is one of the best Breaking Benjamin songs and would have worked very well as a single. - EvilAngel

4 What Lies Beneath
5 Without You
6 You

Their best song, even when you count singles.

7 Away

After "So Cold" it's probably the best song from "We Are Not Alone". Very catchy chorus and guitar is pretty good also. Should be number one on this list!

8 Dance With the Devil
9 Natural Life

This is the best song on Saturate in my opinion, and I can't believe that it wasn't made a single, it's world's better than any of the other songs on the album. - EvilAngel

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The Contenders

11 Had Enough
12 Into the Nothing
13 Anthem of the Angels
14 Topless
15 Fade Away

How was this not on the list yet it's the best song on Dear Agony lets get it up to number 3 at least

16 Home (Saturate)
17 Ashes of Eden
18 Never Again
19 Wish I May
20 Unknown Soldier
21 The Great Divide
22 Firefly
23 Simple Design
24 Phase
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