Best Non-Single Green Day Songs

Tired of commercial music? Love Green Day? Then this is the list for you? What's your favourite Off-The-Album Green Day Song? Letterbomb? Viva La Gloria? Prosthetic Head?

The Top Ten

1 Whatsername

A great way to end the great album that is American Idiot

2 Homecoming
3 Letterbomb

Great energy. It really reveals a lot that we didn't know about whatsername. Billie even said it was his favorite from American Idiot.

4 Burnout
5 Restless Heart Syndrome

SO better than 21 Guns, which is a bit overrated in my opinion. But this song is the best on the 21st Century Breakdown album.

The lyrics, the intro, the solo

6 Viva la Gloria!

My favorite Green Day song, although there is from single in here I still vote for this!

7 Dirty Rotten Bastards
8 Blood, Sex and Booze
9 Misery
10 Viva La Gloria (Little Girl)

It's really different, and surpringly awesome.

The Contenders

11 Horseshoes and Handgrenades
12 Give Me Novacaine
13 Going to Pasalacqua
14 Prosthetic Head

The best song from Nimrod, besides Good Riddance.

15 Having a Blast
16 Nuclear Family
17 All By Myself
18 The Grouch
19 Extraordinary Girl
20 Revolution Radio
21 Before the Lobotomy

One of 21st Century Breakdown's best.

22 F.O.D.

What the hell? This song deserve more! Opened with very nice acoustic then boom! There goes Green Day. By the way the acoustic is very simple to play with guitar. You guys must listen this first before Voting!

I Think this is their best non-single type song... I don't know why they not make it there 6 single from dookie... Man please vote this up...

Great, love the bit at the end, you think it's a nice little song then it's like BOOM!

23 St. Jimmy
24 Are We the Waiting

Beautiful song, should be higher! - Whatsername

25 She's a Rebel
26 Stuart and the Ave.
27 American Eulogy
28 Jackass
29 2000 Light Years Away
30 Armatage Shanks

Why is this song not on this list? It is a great introduction to one of the greatest Green Day albums.

31 Christie Road
32 Lazy Bones
33 Peacemaker
34 Brutal Love
35 8th Avenue Serenade
36 Carpe Diem
37 Rusty James

This song has so much energy and the chorus is so catchy! Not to mention the verse and pre-chorus are awesome too! Even the bridge is awesome! The instrumental kicks ass! But the best part is the whole dang song! So what are you waiting for? LISTEN TO IT!

38 Sweet 16
39 Fell for You
40 Loss of Control
41 Stop When the Red Light Flash
42 99 Revolutions
43 The Static Age
44 See the Light
45 Fashion Victim
46 Pulling Teeth
47 Uptight
48 Last Night On Earth
49 Take Back

Short, fast, loud and awesome!

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