Best Non-Single Green Day Songs

Tired of commercial music? Love Green Day? Then this is the list for you? What's your favourite Off-The-Album Green Day Song? Letterbomb? Viva La Gloria? Prosthetic Head?

The Top Ten

1 Whatsername

A great way to end the great album that is American Idiot

2 Homecoming
3 Letterbomb

Great energy. It really reveals a lot that we didn't know about whatsername. Billie even said it was his favorite from American Idiot.

4 Burnout
5 Viva la Gloria!

My favorite Green Day song, although there is from single in here I still vote for this!

6 Dirty Rotten Bastards
7 Restless Heart Syndrome

SO better than 21 Guns, which is a bit overrated in my opinion. But this song is the best on the 21st Century Breakdown album.

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8 Blood, Sex and Booze
9 Misery
10 Viva La Gloria (Little Girl)

It's really different, and surpringly awesome.

The Contenders

11 Horseshoes and Handgrenades
12 Give Me Novacaine
13 Going to Pasalacqua
14 Prosthetic Head

The best song from Nimrod, besides Good Riddance.

15 Having a Blast
16 Nuclear Family
17 All By Myself
18 The Grouch
19 Extraordinary Girl
20 Revolution Radio
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