Best Non-singles From Linkin Park's a Thousand Suns

Best songs that DIDN'T become singles on A Thousand Suns. There's a separate list for the singles, so they don't count. The 4 singles from this album are The Catalyst, Waiting For The End, Burning In The Skies and Iridescent.

The Top Ten

1 When They Come for Me

My favourite non single on A Thousand Suns. Brilliant song - EvilAngel

Quite a special song - EvilAngel

2 Blackout

I could listen to this hours and hours while doing my chores around my house! This is the best heavy, nu metal song so far! Good work, guys!

One of their best songs. THIS is nu metal, not rock/hip-hop with a tad of electronic music... Nu metal. - fidelcanojr

This is probably the best song so far by Linkin Park! I listen to it while driving out on a road trip with my girlfriend!

3 Blackbirds

Blackbirds is a BONUS TRACK for A Thousand Suns, so for those people thinking this song wasn't on the original tracklist, that's because it wasn't. However I included the bonus track No Roads Left for Minutes To Midnight so I've included Blackbirds for A Thousand Suns. This is a great song. - EvilAngel

4 Wretches and Kings

Awesome song... Pumps me up every time I listen

5 Robot Boy

It should be on the top of this list and they have to make it a single...

6 Wisdom, Justice and Love
7 Fallout
8 The Radiance
9 The Requiem
10 The Messenger

The Contenders

11 Jornado del Muerto
12 Empty Spaces
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