Best Non-Stop Action Movies


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1 Shoot 'Em Up

Brilliant non stop action movie with superstars Clive Owen and Monica Bellucci - Alexandr

2 The Raid: Redemption

Greatest action movie I've ever seen. The fight scenes were beautifully choreographed and it got very brutal when they ran out of ammunition. Can't wait for the sequel.

This needs to be in the #2 spot and the raid 2 needs to be in the number one spot because they're both the best action movies ever made

Hollywood please take note. This is how an action movie should be; 15 min plot development, 65 min of absolutely ass kicking adrenaline pumping action and then a 5 min ending. It's like 300, except with less

I love this film, great fighting scene

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3 The Tournament

This movie has one of the best fight scenes I've seen. Really great non stop action - Alexandr

4 Rambo - First Blood Part 2

I think this part was the best in the series - real non stop bloody action!
Sly rules - Alexandr

5 Resident Evil - Apocalypse

Hate me for this but I love RE Apocalypse - my favorite part in the series - Alexandr

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6 Jurassic Park III

Some people don't like this film nut non stop action thing was really impressive. I like it - Alexandr

7 Under Siege

One of the best actions ever. Steven Seagal was superb and Erika Eleniak was hot as hell - Alexandr

8 The Condemned

Interesting and really intense action film - Alexandr

9 Aliens

It wasn't 100% non stop but it had some very long and so cool scenes. - Alexandr

Awesome movie best action movie I have ever seen

10 Running Scared

Phenomenal and very emotional Action/Crime/Drama with brilliant Paul Walker and Vera Farmiga - Alexandr

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11 Mad Max: Fury Road

If you are used to 30 min action in a 100 min film, this one gonna blow you! Action packed from start to finish you will not want to miss a bit

One of the best action movies I have ever seen. Love how the action never stops.

12 John Wick: Chapter 2

It may not be action al throughout, but when the action gets down, it’s non-stop and damn exciting. My favourite movie of all time

13 The Expendables V 1 Comment
14 Getaway V 1 Comment
15 The Raid
16 The Raid 2
17 Eagle Eye

Great film and Michelle Monaghan is very beautiful & hot woman - Alexandr

18 Crank

Action starts 4:34 minutes in the movie, after that it's non-stop action

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19 Wanted
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1. Shoot 'Em Up
2. The Tournament
3. Jurassic Park III
1. Shoot 'Em Up
2. Rambo - First Blood Part 2
3. The Raid: Redemption



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