Top Ten Best Nonpoint Songs

The Top Ten

1 Alive and Kicking
2 Bullet With a Name
3 Everybody Down

This one's first, and "Bullet With a Name" is 2nd.

4 What a Day
5 Years
6 Miracle
7 In the Air Tonight
8 That Day
9 I Said It
10 Broken Bones V 1 Comment

The Contenders

11 Hands Off
12 Circles
13 Rabia
14 Left for You

How is this song only #20 it should be top 10

15 The Truth
16 Widowmaker
17 March of War
18 Breaking Skin
19 The Way I See Things
20 Your Signs
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1. Alive and Kicking
2. Bullet With a Name
3. Hands Off
1. What a Day
2. Alive and Kicking
3. Bullet With a Name
1. Everybody Down
2. I Said It
3. Bullet With a Name

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