Top 10 Best NRL Teams

The top ten best teams in Australasia's National Rugby League.

The Top Ten

1 Brisbane Broncos

Broncos so much better than roosters

Broncos are best

Even though going bad this year but still the best

Brisbane broncos woo the very best

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2 Melbourne Storm

I love the storm because they are the storm

I go for panthers but stuff it

I live in Melbourne

There good

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3 South Sydney Rabbitohs

The Rabbitohs have won 21 grand finals the most rosters Suck the rosters should be last Go the bunnies!

Broncos suck bunnies rule

Rabbitohs should be number one

Should be number one

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4 Sydney Roosters Sydney Roosters

Get the higher score 49 points on Sydney roosters vs manly this weekend

Roosters should be up the top and are better than the rest

Latrell mitchel


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5 St. George Illawarra Dragons

Um when they merge clubs there stats restart making dragons have one premiership and no wooden spoons

Yeah the dragons

Dragons are the best team in the world! They won 11 premierships in a row! Every other team looks up to the dragons! Oh when the saints!

Goo Dragons

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6 North Queensland Cowboys

Cowboys are the best and they should be first

This team by far has the best players around. This team has been knocked around with injuries but still manage to beat the best team in the comp.

Without a doubt, the Cowboys are number one, regardless of where they finish. They have tried hard all season, and they arguably have the best NRL player in Johnathan Thurston. It'll be sad to see him go, but the Cowboys will still have the talent to see success for years to come!

They have Johnston Thurston matt Scott Gavin cooper coen Hess

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7 Canterbury Bulldogs

The best team that has ever lived

Great team. Great players. They never give up.

Yay go bulldogs!

All their players are terrible they deserve to be kicked from the league - Porkychops

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8 Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles

Never ever have finished of the only teams to do so. Must mean they are the greatest

Manly are just to good

Manly to win, we will be the best soon.

They,ve never lost the comp and they have been playing for about 77 years

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9 Cronulla Sharks

They are the best

Go Sharks


Go sharks you rule you won 2016 Grand final

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10 Gold Coast Titans

My team so I had to vote for them

Best team ever underrated as hell they deserve top spot Hayne was cancer - Porkychops

Mythology not real

Why WHy why why they need to go and jump off a cliff

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The Contenders

11 Nzl Warriors

They are first

New zealand is like the best at rugby league take a look at the all blacks the best team ever and the warriors their defense this year was great. After 25 years the warriors will win the premiership in 2019 even without Johnson they are just too good

This year 2018 the warriors defense is brilliant and the breaks

Warriors huge potential but never does anything with it

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12 Penrith Panthers

There the best go panthers

For sure

They get in there

Panthers for the win

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13 Parramata Eels

The best team ever should be definitely number 1

You are all spastics

I think they should be higher up

Parramatta are definitely the best just some unlucky times have stopped them. Parra rule Australia. Look at what we do with our youngsters we make them legends for example reed Mahoney. Parra should definitely be number1

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14 Wests Tigers

Best team in the world!

Bets players come from that club, Benji, Robby, Scott, Tedesco, Luke, Mitchelle, Aroon, Blake and way more.

Benji is easily the most skilled agile and unpredictable half ever the play nrl... Robbie farrah is amazing in defense and an offensive visionary... Some great rookies getting to show their talent means great things in future years... GO THE TIGERS!

Had some great players like Scott Prince, Benji Marshall and Robbie Farah. And their team even now is coming along really well

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15 Canberra Raiders

Gun as team, 2019

I believe overall the Canberra Raiders produce the best players. The problem is wealthier clubs take our players. Why stay in Canberra when your career is starting to get notice? We build a strong foundation and than major sydney teams take our youth. Happens all the time.

Blake Austin is a gun and will get into the state of origin blues side of 2016 for sure

Yeah your right, they'd be silly not to choose him, raiders are awesome and I love their Jersey its hectic

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16 Newcastle Knights

Shut up they are good just because they are new doesn't mean they are bad

They are the best


There the best team

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17 FC Barcelona FC Barcelona Futbol Club Barcelona, also known as Barcelona and familiarly as Barça, is a professional football club, based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

You've got a friend in yeee.

This team is trash. The entire lineup can't kick to save their life and no one knows why they have any fans at all. Yeet

Superb nrl team, great half back

Never heard of them. Nobodies fron nowhere.

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18 North Sydney Bears

there cool

They Got Kicked out because they did not play well boo.

19 Western Suburbs Magpies

Yeah they suck that's why they got kicked out bo!

I don't mind these guys but I think broncos are ebetter

20 Gold Coast Suns Gold Coast Suns
21 Sydney Swans Sydney Swans

I love buddy franklin

It is a very good team, but this isn't a AFL list! - micahisthebest

22 Cumberland

Cumberland suck! They got kicked out in 1908 because they only won one game!

23 Western Sydney Wanderers

I agree

They are the best at NRL because they are Wanderers who get in there

24 Bobby Jeff

They are good

25 New Zealand Warriors

New Zealand Warriors are a good side of players I have saw them win and loose but I have saw the warriors win in most.

Their a really good team in 2016

They have beast players

2011 grand final

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26 Balmain Tigers

I think tigers should be at least in 16

They mixed with wests and the magpies and they are the worst defending side in the rugby leauge.

I love the Tigers so much that they should be secend

27 Hills Bulls

Got big rigs and fast guys no slow big boppas

28 Cleveland Cavaliers Cleveland Cavaliers The Cleveland Cavaliers, also known as the Cavs, are an American professional basketball team based in Cleveland, Ohio.


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