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1 Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

this album, follow the leader of KORN, slipknot of SLIPKNOT, system of a down of system of a down, rage against the machine of rage against the machine, chocolate starfish and hot dog flavoured water of limp bizkit were ranked in "1001 albums you must have listened before you die"

best nu metal album ever by the best band in the world all these are good but nothing beats linkinparks hyprid theory

Hybrid Theory got me used to liking Linkin Park and is the best nu-metal album that is out there. Favourites are definitely "In The End", "Paper cut" and "A Place For My Head". The album being played at Download in 2014 completes how good this album is and will be in the future!

Should stay number 1!

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2 Korn - Korn

The best nu metal by perhaps the best nu metal band, Korn started the whole genre and this is the album they opened with. Hybrid Theory is a good album but KoRn is better, the second best is probably Life Is Peachy or Follow The Leader

The holy bible of nu metal. Created the genre and inspired a whole new generation of nu metal bands. Definitely the best of all time.

The first Nu Metal album.

Without these guys, no nu metal. As simply as that. The Deftones just copied what they did a year before.

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3 Slipknot - Slipknot

This album should be #1 period.

This is one of the best albums of all genres, easily the best of this one.

This album is the beginning of success from Slipknot... And the first time nominate grammy for song "wait and bleed"


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4 System of a Down - Toxicity

I'm really not a fan of nu metal, but I popped this in because of recommendation from a fellow friend. And I was delighted and shocked to find that I loved this record. Serj has an absolutely amazing voice and the guitars and drums are so crisp and clear. Amazing album

This Album is one of the best metal albums ever period. It should be 1 on this list easily.

This is so good. Not one bad song. It took awhile to get into though.

It's annoying seeing linkin park on all these good lists. They should be on the bad lists - Sabbath

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5 Korn - Follow the Leader

This album made nu metal what it is today. Definitely deserves to be #1

This album made nu metal go mainstream

The smashing hit by Korn. Excellent.

6 Slipknot - Iowa

Amazing album, one class song after another, love this album!

This album literally changed the life of millions of maggots. Definitely one of the greatest Nu metal albums of all time.

Chad Aplin is a great guy.
Corey Taylor's screams,
Joey Jordison's drums,
Mick and Jim's guitars,
Bass, turntables, sampling and Extra percussion!
People = The Heretic Anthem rocks.
Maggot 4 life!

This is an album. Loud and heavy from start to finish.

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7 System of a Down - System of a Down

the best album by the best band ever! I have all their songs and hope they make more someday

Not actually Nu Metal but one of the greatest albums in the History of Metal Music

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8 Linkin Park - Meteora

Meteora is Linkin Park at its finest and at its prime. Everything in this album is amazing and the album from the 1st track to the last (even with the bonus track from iTunes) explains what the band is trying to achieve and will hold up to be one of the best albums in this genre and in the future.

Linkin Park's Album at its prime. Every song are masterpiece, Numb; Somewhere I Belong ; Don't Stay; Breaking the Habit. This is the most successful album in the history of the Alternative Songs chart!

My favourite album of all time. A true masterpiece.

Meteora;more legendary stuff,more diverse.

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9 Deftones - Adrenaline

Without this album, there would be no rap influence in nu-metal or angst. This is way heavier that Slipknot and deserves to be higher on the list. This is the rawest, most aggressive and heaviest Deftones release you'll ever find. Best tracks are: bored, one weak, nosebleed, minus blindfold, lifter, root, 7 words, engine no 9, first and fireal (fireal, nosebleed, 7 words and engine no 9 are the heaviest tracks) The only track I didn't like was birthmark because it was a bit too depressing.

This is definitely my favourite nu-metal album, but it is close; Issues was a great album too.

With the Korn's album Korn, this is the second nu metal album, a masterpiece.

10 Mudvayne - L.D. 50

This is more than just nu-metal. It's one of the most influential progressive, groove metal albums of all time. We probably wouldn't have Devildriver or any other modern groove metal bands out today. This is far more metal than Linkin Park and how did a bunch of posers (Slipknot) get up here? Deftones also need to be in the top ten as well with either Adrenaline, Around the fur or White Pony. After that they turned into a sludge metal style band.

I'm pretty sure this is my favourite album of all time. The lyrics, the riffs, the eery instrumental segments, all masterpieces. Listening to this album the whole way through is truly an experience.
I'm sick of Linkin Park taking the top spot in these Nu-Metal lists. Mudvayne deserves to be much higher.

Not only the best Nu Metal album but one of the best albums - period.


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The Newcomers

? Linkin Park - The Hunting Party
? Demolition - Judas Priest

Not that bad, just different.

The Contenders

11 Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and The Hot Dog Flavored Water

This album is so underrated like so many people bash this album but it's so decent

Definitive number ONE nu metal album of all time - dubbelvla

This album rly need to be higher, I think this album betterthan Three dollar bill

12 Limp Bizkit - Significant Other

Limp Bizkit is best ever. Also hear there albums Gold Cobra, Results May Vary, etc. These guys will make y'all jump around. They are gods of Raping with metal guitars.L.B. forever!

Significant Other is the revolution of nu metal.. It's should be in top 5!

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13 Disturbed - The Sickness

Great album. Down With The. Sickness and voices are my favorite songs

Should be higher than 12
5. Follow The Leader- KoRn
4. Slipknot- Slipknot
3. Hybrid Theory- Linkin Park
2. Sickness- Disturbed
1. KoRn- KoRn

14 Deftones - Around the Fur

Yeah this is the best if their albums in my opinion, heavy, melodic, and is also on the list if too 50 greatest metal albums of all time (music

Deftones are far better than Evanescence.

If there's no Deftones on Top 10 of Nu Metal - this is not Top 10 of Nu Metal.

Deftones are with Korn the creator of Nu-metal they deserve more votes

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15 Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists
16 Deftones - White Pony V 2 Comments
17 Korn - Life is Peachy
18 Korn - Issues

No way is this 71. This was a great album, and deserves more awareness.

19 Papa Roach - Infest

Great album that launched their career!

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20 Rage Against the Machine - Rage Against the Machine

I don't really classify RatM as Nu Metal, honestly. However, this album is easily one of (if not the most) influential album of the 90's and it deserves the top spot for that reason. Tom Morello is one of the most creative guitar players of all time. Brad Delson has yet to achieve anything nearly as significant as the riffs and crazy solos Tom Morello feeds into RatM's music in every song.


RATM are the godfathers of nu metal. Without RATM the will not be bands like Limp Bizkit

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