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Deftones are an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, California. The band, which was founded in 1988, consists of Chino Moreno, Stephen Carpenter, Frank Delgado, Abe Cunningham and Sergio Vega.


Deftones are probably the only nu-metal band that chose to evolve. They were Nu-Metal for a couple of albums but had such strong influences and a broad artistic vision they were able to provide something outside of a fad that lasted about as long as JNCO jeans and wallet chains were fashionable. I wore that but I'd never wear it today, just like I look back at bands like Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach and wonder to myself why did I and all my friends listen to that. Those bands didn't have the resonating power that the Deftones have had which is what makes them truly a great band.

I agree the Deftones are the creators of this genre PERIOD! The melodic imagery the depict in their songs are absolutely unreal! The new album Koi No Yokan is amazing, but all their albums deserve a listen. I agree this list sucks! DEFTONES SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE not Linkin Park!

Most under rated band ever. Deftones deserve to be in the top 5 if not a top 3 rank. Besides, they still release great albums to this day, something you can't say about Limp Bizkit, Korn and the over rated Disturbed. by the way - why is Avenge Sevenfold (a one hit wonder emo band) even on this list?

Deftones never really did get their just due during the Era when "Nu Metal" was at the top of the game. That was years ago and Deftones are still doing their thing. The latest album "Koi No Yokan" only proves they are the premier Nu Metal act, even if Nu Metal is the wrong category for them. For me, on the list of all time bands its Metallica, Deftones, and no one close after that. - frayedsanity13

This list is crap, half of the bands like Crazy Town (Rap Metal), Avenged Sevenfold and All that Remains (Metalcore), Evanesence (Symphonic rock/metal) and COB (Melo-death) aren't nu-metal at all. Them and Korn are the founders of Nu-metal. Without them, we wouldn't have that horrible band Linkin Park.

My list:
1. Deftones
2. Korn
3. System of a Down
4. Coal Chamber (because it has the creator of the beast groove metal band Devildriver! )
5. Soulfly/Sepultura (they are practically the same band)
6. Mudvayne
8. Drowning Poo
9. Disturbed
10. Staind


9999. Linkin Park
10000. Slipknot

The Deftones started out as a nu-metal band with some Tool influences, but then progressed into a band with a sound so creative that it might as well just be its own genre. No other band on Earth has impressed me more than The Deftones. They have more quality than all of the bands mentioned here combined. - ScampVsSimba

Deftones most definitely created this genre. Chino's vocals are absolutely immaculate and Stephen's guitar riffs combined with cunningham's drumming is some of the best I've heard. Underrated band that should be in the top 3 at least.

Half of these bands owe their success to Deftones for influencing their music. Also (nitpick warning) there's no "the". It's just "Deftones", so it's confusing how the incorrect version of their band name has garnered more votes than the correct version which is down at number 20... - SonicTenacity

Best band ever! Their riffs are awesome! Chino knows how to make you feel his music! This band makes me want to jump, start to break stuff, pushing people! I think their music is very energetic

This list is awful. Linkin Park was only nu metal on their first album. The only band in the top 5 that actually deserves to be up there is Korn. The others are just mainstream

Deftones CREATED bands like Linkin Park, Evanescence, and Avenged Sevcnfold. This what the list should be: 5. ) Disturbed/Slipknot, 4. ) Korn 3. ) Rage Against the Machine 2. ) System of a Down 1. ) Deftones

I love their first 3 efforts. They are great. After that it's still Good but not as. The last album was ok. I think since cheno had throat surgery he doesn't do heavy vocals nearly as much. I guess that makes sense but when I listen to them I want screaming to go with his off kilter vocals. I love the way he makes singing off key an art. He does it on purpose and makes it sound pretty. I'm a huge fan of taking ugly things and sounds or off-putting things and sounds and making it pretty in some way. They DEFinitely belong in the top ten.

One of the all time greats chino is a legend and they still producing quality after 10 years. Why the hell are they below bullet for my valentine and pod come on guys! One love chi...

Deftones influenced half of all the modern rock/metal bands. They are the ones that are most interested on doing their own thing rather than following a trend or a genre.

They might not have sold the most albums or be claimed the most musically talented of the bands on this list, but most under rated, there's no debate they should be number 1

Deftones are the greatest nu metal band to ever exist. Just listen to Engine no.9, my own summer, and be quiet and drive to see what I mean

Deftones is the best band on this list, but they are barely nu-metal. They are much more Alternative metal. The best Nu-Metal band on this list is Mudvayne.

I thought nu metal was metal with a hip hop influence. Therefore 1. Sepultura (1993 album ROOTS) 2.Deftones 3.KoRn 4.SlipKnot 5.RATM My Opinion PS. ROOTS Bloody ROOTS!

This list sucks big time. These guys make music rather than wearing masks and cutting their wrists. Most of nu-metal bands are influenced by deftones. They rock!

deftones is the best. this list is the most maintstream Nu Metal bands to the least mainstream. Lame, Taproot should be up there too.

Linkin Park... Are you kidding me? Maybe if you're a 13 year old girl.

Deftones unique no bad releases from them chino is an absolute boss on vocals doesn't scream as much but still is a good clean singer

How can anyone NOT pick Deftones (there is no THE in their name guys! ). Even though they're not even Nu metal and haven't been since the 90s..

Just when it seemed all the nu metal groups sounded similar the deftones came out of the box hardcore

Deftones are the bomb... No one can touch chino... Their songs are epic and their performance is better than anything in this list!