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Korn is an American Nu-Metal band from Bakersfield, California, formed in 1993. The band's current lineup includes founding members Jonathan Davis, James "Munky" Shaffer, Brian "Head" Welch, and Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu, with the addition of Ray Luzier, who replaced the band's original member, David ...read more.


The old Korn is better than new one but no one can defeat Head and Munky about Guitar Riff, David Silvera have a Special Drummer: not too fast like joey(slipknot) but it really inspire listener. I wonder can Phoenix (Linkin Park) can play bass? Fieldy is always better than every bassist in this list. About Vocalist, Jonathan is always create lyric more meaningful than Corey taylor. Can JON Scream? Yeah, he scream better than Chester. One breath-One Word Screaming in Original Blind song-12second

Literally every band ripped off Korn after the 1994 debut. They were one of the first to tune down super low to play heavy. They ushered in a whole new sound that was beyond ahead of its time. Everything after that is a knockoff, even though some bands like Deftones and Sevendust still did their own version of that sound. Linkin Park, the current number one, are just a cheap knockoff of the sound. Yes they have some cool songs. It they are highly unoriginal, late to the scene, and very mediocre after the first two records.

I actually Googled for the Top Nu Metal Bands because of KoRn. I was already expecting KoRn to be number 1 and wanted to see which bands followed. Like the comments before me, KoRn created Nu Metal. Plain and simple. No disrespect but there's is not a Nu Metal band out there doing something Korn hasn't already done.

The pioneers of nu metal. First they made horror like music, then alternative, then a unplugged album and so far albums with hints and mixtures of metal + dubstep. You never know what type they will use next. Some of their best songs are: Counting On Me, Lullaby For A Sadist, Divine, No Way, Make Me Bad / In Between Days, Politics, Narcissistic Cannibal, Thoughtless and Good God.

Korn definitely deserve the #1 spot, if nothing else for being the innovator of the genre. But also because they did the genre extremely well - a lot better than most, in fact. The fact that they have retained relevance to this day while other nu metal bands such as Limp Bizkit, POD and Papa Roach have been reduced to subjects of ridicule shows that Korn are in a different league to many of these bands.

All these bands are awesome but koRn (and Deftones) created nu-metal and made it evolve to what nu-metal is these days. Without koRn, there wouldn't be any nu-metal bands. And even in the nu-metal genre, koRn has a very unique style; that's why I think they are the best on this list. They were the beginning of a new genre and yet they have their own style. I respect all the other bands on this list, but koRn definitely deserves to be #1. - UndisputedLunatic

KoRn has been the leading face of the genre for 20 years now and are showing no signs of slowing up. They have some of the most brute honest, powerful lyrics, instantly recognizable sound, not only did they create nu metal but are also "credited" to starting dubstep with their unique bass emphasis. They are a great gig to see live and will always be the leader of the genre.

Korn completely INVENTED the genre of Nu Metal. They're the reason bands like Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit are even allowed to be called metal. Without KoRn, the other guys wouldn't have had the inspiration to become what they are today. They all owe KoRn a huge thank you.

I know everyone else had said this as well, but nu metal wouldn't be what it is today without Korn. When their debut album had came out, there was nothing else like it at the time. While other bands tried to adapt the style in the later 90's and forward, Korn had already had it. I don't like saying that anyone "created a genre", but what came to be nu metal only came to be because Korn had started the genre.

Gotta give the band that PIONEERED this genre credit, Linkin Park didn't come till years after KoRn already paved the way. The only excuse why Linkin Park could be in front of KoRn is because they get more radio time, but if you want to listen to real nu metal then you shouldn't even be listening to the radio

Linking Park? Number 1? There music isn't anywhere as near as good as KoRn's! KoRn's music (expecially the earlier stuff) was raw, pure and extremely unique. Not only is KoRn a better band then Linkin Park, they're more "Nu-metal". KoRn has always been experimenting with new genres to mix with metal, hell, they have a whole album based on dubstep, they have bagpipes in certain songs of there's and Jonathan Davis has some of the most diverse and brilliant vocals I've every heard. So what are you waiting for? Vote for KoRn!

Korn is the source of nu metal. They basically created the genre. Their songs have all the elements a nu metal band should have. Somehow melancholic but energetic rhythm, heavy and deep lyrics. In my opinion they are the number one nu metal band. Other nu metal bands are similar but always lack one or two essentials.

KoRn should without a doubt be at the #1 spot. Not only are they the founders of nu metal but they aren't afraid to change it up, where as Linkin Park stays pretty much the same album after album. A close second only to KoRn would be Deftones, who for some reason are #11 after A7X and Bullet For My Valentine when they aren't even Nu metal bands R.I. P Chi!

Korn rules in every galaxy, Jonathan Davis' vocal approach is very different from the others, for one minute he seems whispering and then screaming and headbanging. Fieldy's bass kicks ass as well as Head's and Munky's heavy riffing and scary sound. Korn was the original and first Nu Metal band.

PS: Why there's no Deftones on this list?

Listen to anything from Korn to later stuff with them. Listen to songs with them like Twist (full version) to Spike In My Veins. Listen to the messages told in the songs mentioned as well as in Thoughtless and Daddy. They evolve slowly yet also well and steady and shows that no style is restricted fully in music.

Korn should be first since they invented the genre linkin park only had 2 good albums slipknot is good but definitely over rated but korn is an amazing band that lots of other nu metal bands based there sound off of they have a very wide range of sounds and are very unique

KoRn kick ass.. Miles better than Slipknot or Linkin Park. I like all 3 but Issues and Follow the Leader are immense Albums and are better than Hybrid Theory or Iowa.. Here to Stay's the best song.

Sure, Korn may have not been the very ORIGINATORS of Nu-Metal. But they are the ones that made the genre of nu-metal popular. And I love them for it, each of their albums have their own unique sound. And each are extremely heavy and crunchy.

Simply an amazing band. Korn helped me get through some very dark times in my life. I love how they change their sound and aren't afraid to try something new. Also greatest live band I've seen. I was in that mosh pit at Woodstock 99 and it was beautiful insanity.

Why is System of a Down on the list? Don't get me wrong, System are actually my favourite band, I absolutly love 'em, but they're not Nu-Metal... Korn should be first, they're awesome and they actually were the pioneers of the genre

Korn invented nu metal, they have kept nu metal as their main target for making good music since 1993. I mean, they went absolutely downhill in 2011 due to joining Skrillex in their music, but Korn managed to bring back what they are famous for and even more badass as well!

This is the one of the first nu metal bands. Their first albums are still actual. Their third album, Follow the Leader, is the one of the most influential nu metal album, it has a great influence on later nu metal bands. This is the one of the best bands.

KoRn should number one on the list. They are gods of nu metal, and Jonathan Davis he puts so much emotion into his songs he pours his heart into his music. They will ALWAYS be my sound! KoRn forever.

Korn should be number one best nu metal band linkin park r good went a bit soft 4 me first 2 album were good korn r the best around slipknot say no more awesome band top 2 should be korn an slipknot

A lot of people say Linkin Park started nu-metal, but KoRn were the ones who introduced it to everyone. They defined a new, dark, and amazing genre of metal. These guys deserve to be higher. You rock, Jonathan Davis. - TheOlderBrother