Linkin Park

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Linkin Park is an American rock band formed in Agoura Hills, California, in 1996. The members currently include Mike Shinoda (vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar), Brad Delson (guitar), Dave "Phoenix" Farrell (bass), Joe Hahn (DJ) and Rob Bourdon (drums). Linkin Park are associated with a mixture of Nu-metal more.


Slipknot can never beat Linkin Park. And when it comes to their new album 'A Thousand Suns' that's just a concept album.

Linkin park provided enhanced nu metal bringing in more sounds ( not the most default guitar tones, but the molten and a little downright music patterns) but I could dismiss those facts and disguise them in their deep music and compositions that set a high response among the listeners. They don't highly depend on guitar solos but other guitar riffs that brad delson has been giving us owing to the type of music they make. And I must say every music they have made has blend in well with the rock genre no matter if there is no real rock. Also they have given us variety exploring their music to another sound that also could appeal to the minds of the listeners. Their new album is not metal but alternative rock but again they could live up to their clout. Linkin park are away from the other bands and are very fun to listen to. Folks should definitely listen to them.

They still have it from there 2000 Hybrid Theory till 2012 Living Things. Linkin Park is one of the best nu-metal bands and one of the best bands ever. Sure they are not in top 10 but deserve to be in the top 50. They evolved their music stuck with their guts, they are amazing. I have grown up with their music, their lyrics are absolutely amazing and chester has a great voice. For me they are the best band in the world. They are one of the few bands who are waving the rock flag in this time of retarded music industry. They know what music is. So do the rest of the bands on this list and special mention to 'Rage Against The Machine" and "Slipknot" :D Long live rock.

Linkin Park is the best band on the earth. They always try to play serious songs with all their efforts. If you will listen their songs carefully then you will know the depth of their song and you will know at that time that why are they are the best one, they are not like other band who only shouts and play the music and act like evil rock band but they play the music according to the song and acts like what that particular song deserves to.

Linkin Park isn't nu-metal. They sound like a mix of rap, rock and electronic in my opinion. I really think it's silly people call Linkin Park nu-metal. In fact, I think the whole label of nu-metal is silly. The sound of the bands under the label of "nu-metal" varies too much. Linkin Park, like I said before, sounds like a mix of rap, rock and electronic. Korn sounds like a funky hard rock band or something similar, and Deftones sounds like alternative metal or arguably experimental rock. Really the nu-metal label is pointless because the bands sound too different. Also, Slipknot shouldn't be in this list, they are terrible.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! You all picked them for number one?! Their first album was good, sure. Their second album was ok. Every thing else they've done barely deserves to be called rock music much less nu metal! Honestly I don't understand how people can even respect them anymore. I think they seriously sold out for the more trendy fans. The music they've been making is so tame and fake! Yet here they sit at number one on this list. I think it tells me all I need to know about this generation of rock music fans and why the music along with the bands and stations that play them have all gone

Linkin Park has enhanced the sound of Nu Metal, and created a path for future Nu Metal bands to walk down. However, Linkin Park is legendary, and can never be surpassed. EVERY. SINGLE. SONG THEY MAKE IS PERFECT. You can't beat Chester's awesome voice and Mike's amazing lungs. Everyone else, get over it. Linkin Park is #1, and will not give up their throne.

LP rules, the best nu metal band ever!
ways better then soad, soad is live=bad :D
but lp is the best live band today!
lp rulez! 786.427.143 times

Linkin Park took nu-metal and gave it their own taste to how it should sounds out, being a good example to other new bands who wants to be worldwide hits like these guys. Hybrid Theory and Meteora are albums that saved this genre of music and has helped to show the other bands what to put into an album and the one they still lead to this day.

Who cares if they are popular if they are not good? I would rather listen to a good underground band then mainstream garbage, which is exactly what this band is. This band is mainstream garbage shoved down the throats of everyone. Sure, some mainstream bands are good... not this one, though. All of their songs sound the same, and the metal to rap ratio is awful. - ThatoneMetalhead

At least 85-90% of their songs sound great if not amazing. There is like 5 songs that I dislike out of everything in their albums. An example of this is "Little Things That Give You Away" in Minutes To Midnight. There is almost no other artist that can make even 40% of their songs sound amazing. Mike Shinoda is my favorite artist of all time.

As I know.. Linkin Park was raised with different idea with all other band.. They combined rap and hardcore, and it was successful.. The song they made was easy listening.. Try to check the latest song.. They still combining rap and rock even though they are out of this group..

World's greatest band ever! Their music is so original and so creative! There is no band in the whole world has reached their creativity or their awesome deep lyrics or their Awesome Instrumentals! Really the best band! Linkin Park FOR LIFE!

Linkin Park are simply sublime. They created my hunger for listening to new metal and are an inspiration to me.

Linkin Park are a truly unique and amazing band. They have amazing creativeness by combining electronic sounds with rap and metal. On paper this combination would probably look like it would never work but Linkin Park have well and truly changed that!

Linkin Park is the perfect Nu-Metal because Mike's rhymes and Chester's screams add each other! I think there will be a comeback for the Hybrid Theory times... But Minutes to Midnight and A thousand Suns are good albums too

Linkin Park revived nu metal with in the end, numb, and one step closer. Don't hate LP ironically Linkin Park is my favorite band and slipknot is my second favorite. Slipknot is way to intense to be considered nu metal though. They are alternative metal

Okay. Every. Top. Ten. Metal. List. Has. Linkin Park. Linkin Park doesn't even qualify as metalll, and I don't really think of them as hard rock even... honestly, just because these people are good for there genre doesn't mean the fans have to go and put them on the top of every metal list. Honestly it's impossible to even find any metal list without seeing Linkin Park at the top. I do get that Linkin Park is a good band, but they aren't metal.

Linkin Park really brought something new to the game of Nu Metal, no doubt. They raised the bar unbelievably high with Hybrid Theory and kept going with Meteora. Even now they're trying new things, which says a lot about a band!

Linkin Park is the best nu metal band as far as I know and their songs are amazing! Love them and adore Chester Bennington's voice! And their guitar riffs are simply amazing. Linkin Park for ever!

Light years ahead of other bands in the list. Believe me I'm one hell of a Slipknot fan or should I say I was until this hell of a band came up! Linkin Park took music to another level with albums lile Hybrid Theory and Meteora!

You may not like their current music but believe me these music they are making, you will crave for them 10years later!

Linkin Park are the greatest nu meal band ever. A thousand suns is also good but it should be any year now where they come back to their roots

When you say nu metal its linkin park I mean who thought that noise can be a good music plus in the modern world where there's lame pop songs linkin park made me understand that "hey rock and metal is the music you've been finding" I'll scream loud and clear

Chester and Mike on the same band is more than enough to give them the #1 spot

Linkin Park is THE greatest band EVER mixing rap with rock gives you nothing but awesomeness and their music is over the top keeping them original, unique and awesome... And THE BEST BAND EVER