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Slipknot is an American Heavy Metal band formed in 1995 from Iowa. The band is best known as one of the pioneers of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal during the late 1990s - 2000s and are distinguishable by the band's clothing choices, consisting of black/red jumpsuits and horror inspired masks. more.


What made Slipknot stand out from most Nu Metal artists is that they take more influence from Extreme Metal sub-genres (Namely Thrash and Death), which made the band stand out more and develop its own identity and fame, which heavily worked in its favor (Most Nu Metal bands were more influenced by 90s Grunge acts).

And while Slipknot were primarily Nu Metal from their self-title debut to "Iowa", they took a more Traditional Heavy Metal/softer route with "The Subliminal Verses" and went straight Heavy Metal with "All Hope is Gone".

While aggressive, Slipknot has a few songs that are stylistically Alternative Rock (Namely "Snuff" and "Vermillion Pt. 2") as well, thus their musical direction is quite varied.

Personally, only the first two albums are primarily Nu Metal. While Nu Metal elements can be found in later works except "All Hope is Gone", Slipknot it for the most part, a Heavy Metal band with influences from Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Thrash Metal and Death ...more - CrimsonShark

I remember when I was younger listening to different heavy rock bands and always thinking that there was something missing in the music. Nothing ever scratched that itch until I heard the first slipknot album. I remember it so vividly. It did something to me that I loved. I couldn't find anything to add or remove like in all the other bands I listened to. I know some people have trouble getting past the masks and all the other stuff and though I do admit I love seeing what they are gonna look like every new album cycle, I never did embrace the whole maggot "club" that a lot of fans unofficially started across the world. but even if u stripped all that away the music is still amazing. I've been a slipknot junkie ever since their first album dropped and have been amazed by every album since. They have NEVER sold out. They have fought for every inch of success that they've gotten since day one. And they did it themselves. How many bands can say that? After their first album they were ...more

Seriously, I don't consider Linkin Park as a Nu Metal band. They're more of an experimental and alternative talented group of musicians. So, the best Nu Metal band ever? Slipknot it is. Not that LP and the other bands are bad (They are good in their own ways), but Slipknot is just the very definition of Nu Metal deep inside my soul. The band takes the hardcore level of the genre to the extreme in their songs. Some are aggressive and insane as hell (Eeyore, Get This, People=S***) while others are disturbingly psychotic (Prosthetics and Iowa, my eternally favorited love song). Also, no other bands can make songs with such ridiculous lyrics, but can still turn music fanatics insane. For example, the main verse of Eyeless.

My username is one of their songs, I think you know how I feel about them. I mean honestly Linkin Park can't even compare to the raw power that these guys create together. Slipknot and Iowa established their rip-your-face-off-with this song attitude and then Vol. 3 The Subliminal Verses established their more melodic side. All Hope Is Gone and.5 the Gray Chapter were worthy additions to their discography as well, if not as good as the first 3 albums. Anyone who says Korn or Linkin Park can compare to Slipknot is clearly lying. I mean, just go to one of their concerts if that is what it's going to take, because they are about the best concerts you can go to (really they're awesome). Bump Slipknot up to number one please. They are the best. - Duality

When it comes down to it, Slipknot does not consider themselves nu metal. But, they very much are. Slipknot is, in my opinion and many others', the best nu metal band to grace music. They have the perfect combination of talent and originality to influence any other metal band who wants a huge fan base. If you listen to their early music: Iowa, Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. , Self-titled (Slipknot), then you will understand what I mean when I say nobody really touched where they were; even today nobody has. All I can say is listen to everything by them and everybody else on this chart as I have, then tell me they don't deserve the top. In my opinion, System of A Down is more Metal than they are Nu Metal. Same goes for Slipknot. But... When it comes down to it, Slipknot had the biggest influence on Nu Metal. Thank you. R.I. P Paul Gray.

Linkin park are complete sell outs.
Korn, SOAD, Limp Bizkit are awesome bands but have released bad albums in the past.
A7X are an awesome band but I don't really think they're nu-metal.
Disturbed have some great riffs but David Draiman is a self obsessed, egotistical moron.
Slipknot have never released a bad album, have never sold out and have coped with tragedy that would have destroyed Mr. Draiman considering that Asylum has a song about him losing his most dear motorcycle and car in a fire in which no one was harmed.

Slipknot is my life. Sure Korn started Nu Metal (and I love Korn) but slipknot really took it to a whole new level. Korn started something awesome but slipknots take on Nu Metal (making it heavier) really hits home for me. Mudvayne is similar style which is why I'd place them second. My order: 1) SLIPKNOT 2) Mudvayne 3) Korn... After that I don't know because I like lots of them. Linking park used to be good but yes they're slightly over-rated. They are top 5 but not #1 in my opinion. I do love his screams though...

Slipknot has a sound that no other band does and cannot replicate. There music drowns you in drums and guitars while Sid adds a sub level of creepiness into their game and it's all topped off with Corey Taylor's melodic and then suddenly violent vocals. Corey Taylor is listed as their singer but in all true reality they have three singers Chris Fehn and Shawn Crahan both come in and sing along.

Come on it's Slipknot! Today Linkin Park is dead to me because after minutes to midnight their music took a turn for the worst. Their music today doesn't have the meaning and the quality as it did in the past. If this was eight years ago I might have voted for Linkin Park.
1. Slipknot
2. Disturbed
3. Rage Against the Machine
4. Stone Sour
5. Korn
6. Avenged Sevenfold
7. System of a Down
8. Limp Bizkit
9. Breaking Benjamin
10. Godsmack

Dude, there is no stopping these guys. They are one of the best bands in the world when it comes to American Metal. Unlike their predecessor, Mushroomhead, each member has their own specific place in the band. There aren't two keyboardists, and three vocalists. It's everyone doing their job and becoming one big entity. That's why Slipknot is what it is. An absolute legend!

SlipKnoT is by far the best group of musicians I have ever put into my ears. Each and every one of the members are talented in their own ways. The masks provide great shock value to new fans coming on to the nu metal scene. The band also puts on one hell of a show don't they.They make rough and fast paced shows with a violent aspect to them even going as far as setting each other on fire, and they are known to break ribs during shows! If that doesn't sound like an amading band then, I don't know what is!

Slipknot Rules!
Sulfer, Surfacing, Before I Forget, Psychosocial, Left Behind, Duality,
Vermillion, The Nameless, Spit it Out, Eyeless, My Plague, Dead Memories,
Wait and Bleed... remember these songs before voting for any other band... :

Come on! Corey Taylor from slipknot ans stone sour is for sure the better singer I ever heard! He's the most talented I watch live... This man can do all he want with his voice... I hope you made search before you vote! Watch on you tube your favorites bands LIVE! Live it's the real talent before computer and studio touch up.. The band is amazing too... Linkin Park is a good band... But they don't have the same talent... Sorry!

SLipknots are Tons Better Than the Sellout Band that is Linkin Park
Reasons Include
Better Vocals: (Corey is Sic! )
Better Guitars (Mick and Jim Do Riffs around LP
Better Drums (Joey Jordison for the win)
Better Bass (R.I. P paul, we love you)
Better EVERYTHING ELSE, the samples, the disc jockey noises.
Korn Invented Nu-Metal, Slipknot made it great.
Oh and by the Way... System of a Down, Bullet For My Valentine and A7x are NOT nu-metal, I personally listen to these bands and I know my bands.

To all the Slipknot fans saying they are nu-metal you're a poser. Because if you know the band at all it was that they hated labels and especially being classified as nu-metal. They are their own sound. None like those guys. Love them.

They are the gods of nu metal, they have lethers ho you have to understand to explain what you understand, they are the gods of the nu metal, and I don't now what more to speak for reach the "good" on this comment, but what I now is: slipknot rules

I absolutely love slipknot, they are my favorite band and they always will be. Their genre is best classified as Nu Metal, but in reality, they're practically their own genre. Deserves to be first by far, by my point of view.

OK, Linkin Park are awesome... But can they be classified as NU Metal.. Technically, their first two albums, Hybrid Theory and Meteora, were nu metal, but not the others...
The perfect blend of nu metal is without doubt Slipknot..
And Korn? Pls, you've gotta be kidding

There's Nu Metal, and nu METAL, the difference being that Nu Metal is more or less just Rap Metal with electronics and some elements of nu METAL, whereas nu METAL is closer to alt metal, only occasionally uses rapping, is more angry, and is better. Nu Metal bands are: Limp Bizkit, old Linkin Park, From Ashes to New, etc. nu METAL bands are: System of a Down, KoRn, new Linkin Park, and of course, the most metal of them all, Slipknot.

SLIPKNOT! SLIPKNOT IS THE BEST BAND EVER! Joey Jordison is one of the best drummers in the world, Corey Taylor does these amazing passes from a melodic voice to a brutal scream and just imagine nine masked men unchaining themselves on the stage, it's a total madness.

Slipknot is honestly one of the most diverse bands that I have ever heard I don't see how Linkin Park or Korn got a higher rating than Slipknot or System of a down they both have extremely better songs than either of them.

Slipknot is absolutely amazing and deserve the top spot on this list. With loud and heavy songs such as eyeless and (sic), and beautiful soft songs like snuff they put most bands to shame with their ability to craft intense metal like no other

Definitely the best band in nu metal. I used to be crazy fan of them last summer. Even thou I love, them honestly I have to say that Joy sucks. Actually he isn't even a metal drummer. His solo looks like a 10 years old boy first saw the drum.

I think Slipknot better than Linkin Park. The Linkin Park isn't Nu Metal, it's just a single rock, like Good Charlotte, and Green Day. When I heard the Psychosocial, I said: that band awesome. I started to heard Slipknot, and now, it's my best Metal band.

Slipknot is the best band ever. In there lyrics you can feel their pain. You can feel emotion Linkin Park was good until a thousand suns they changed. Maggot4Life