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41 My Frustration - Coal Chamber

This is like Freak on a Leash, but better. - ThatoneMetalhead

42 Facade - Disturbed
43 Bring the Noise - Staind
44 Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit

Hey guys. I don't believe it. Please vote this higher. This one is a powerful. Remember the big day out and Woodstock99 festival. This song caused a great riot and sexual assaults. It is the perfect angry song.

How is even this track not in the tops. Break stuff is a total headbanger... If you r angry just listen to limp bizkit... Break stuff, you'll say gimme something to BREAK

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45 Lying from You - Linkin Park

Linkin Park is the only one band that inspires me the most. This song should be in top ten. Each & every song of Linkin Park is evergreen song, that's why this is the evergreen band.

One of the catchiest tunes on Meteora

This is one of the best songs ever!
The only reason why this isn't in the top 10 is because fewer people have heard it than the others!

Lp is the best the best

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46 Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away) - Deftones

This song is just amazing, it makes me dream away, and it also makes a kind of feeling that I've never felt from listening to a song before.

47 The Way You Like It - Adema
48 Gematria (The Killing Name) - Slipknot
49 Here to Stay - Korn

When I first heard it when it came out in 2002 I almost cried at how awesome it was.

What 29th are you serious... This should be way up there!

Yasss amazing song

50 Click Click Boom - Saliva

Seriously? Why is this so far down? The chorus is out of this world and always pumps me up

51 Suite-Pee - System of a Down
52 Faint - Linkin Park
53 Nookie - Limp Bizkit

hey, listen this song that's so fun and joke
i like rapcore of limp bizkit

Best band with silly lyrics to party

The best limp bizkit song

best song

54 Spit It Out - Slipknot

the guitars on this song are amazing - numetalhead

55 Fly to Stay Alive - Manga

I remember looking at this and I thought Chop Suey was the best but then coming back I saw this was left behind. Manga are the Best! - metaldude8

56 Payback - Flaw

good song

57 ATWA - System of a Down
58 A.D.I.D.A.S - Korn

This will always be my favorite nu metal song because of how stereotypical it is. It sounds like Limp Bizkit in terms of lyrical content, but the chorus is really catchy. Overall a really great album.

Well, this is the represent of korn... ADIDAS.

59 Change (In the House of Flies) - Deftones

If you like MM NIN and that Stuff this song is definitely for you... dark Heavy at times and Really Tool like Stuff.. not a noisy masterpiece but an evil planned Masterpiece.

Deftones was the original band that created this scene. With this album they broke away from the crapstorm that they had created and took upon great elements of the Cure and that like

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60 Denial - Sevendust

Very diverse and still smashin' it

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