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61 Denial - Sevendust

Very diverse and still smashin' it

62 War? - System of a Down
63 Forest - System of a Down

The most underrated song of all time. -

64 We Could Be the Same - Manga
65 A Place for My Head - Linkin Park
66 Ratamahatta - Sepultura
67 Going Under - Evanescence

What the hell? Going Under is easily in top ten. Amy's voice, chorus, music and the tune is PERFECT! My favorite song of all time.

Best nu metal song ever, heavy guitar riffs, angry voice... Amy Lee and Ben Moody are awesome.

68 My Generation - Limp Bizkit

"Welcome to the jungle punk" classic L. B

69 Stupify - Disturbed

I think this was actually Disturbeds first hit song.

Awesome song by Disturbed so far!

Come on this song is the bomb!

First Disturbed's single.It is great still now...

70 Mr. Jack - System of a Down

The other most underrated song of all time. -

Awesome song about a rapist

Sgreat Song

71 Believe - Disturbed
72 Tear Away - Drowning Pool

This song can really prove the people who thinks nu metal is the worst genre ever wrong. Such an amazing song.

73 (Sic) - Slipknot

Seriously? Sic should be in top 5

74 If Rain is What You Want - Slipknot

This is amazing. and those lyrics

75 Left Behind - Slipknot
76 Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine

Good song bring it higher up

RATM was the best with anti-political messages and screeching vocals in a metal song back in the 90's. Tom Morello's squek and wah-wah guitar effects make it much better as well.

77 Not Falling - Mudvayne
78 Given Up - Linkin Park

This is amazing song, but it's not nu metal - it is alternative metal.

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79 I Hate Everything About You - Three Days Grace

It's post-grundge, not nu metal.

80 Liberate - Disturbed V 1 Comment
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