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121 Sober - Tool

This isn't nu metal, it's alternative/progressive metal. It was released around the time where nu metal didn't exist.

122 Daddy - Korn
123 Undead - Hollywood Undead

Should be first best song ever made

124 Pardon Me - Incubus

weird but a fresh sound for the time - numetalhead

125 Clown - Korn

This is my favorite korn song

126 New Skin - Incubus
127 Loco - Coal Chamber

One of the best nu metal riff masterpieces

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128 Butterfly - Crazy Town
129 Awake - Godsmack
130 American Bad Ass - Kid Rock
131 Happy? - Mudvayne

Great song with fantastic scream vocals by Chad Gray...I dunno why Mudvayne is so underrated though...

132 Breath - Breaking Benjamin

This song is THE song that made me learn how to play guitar. I memorized every drop and every beat and tempo before I started to play guitar. This song has been my favorite song ever since I first heard it. My only dream is to hear this song live. It will be the only concert that I will cry at in my life because it strikes so much of an emotional cord with me. The only song to do so on this magnitude

133 Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit

Hey guys. I don't believe it. Please vote this higher. This one is a powerful. Remember the big day out and Woodstock99 festival. This song caused a great riot and sexual assaults. It is the perfect angry song.

How is even this track not in the tops. Break stuff is a total headbanger... If you r angry just listen to limp bizkit... Break stuff, you'll say gimme something to BREAK

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134 With You - Linkin Park

One of the hardest hitting songs on the album

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135 Bring the Noise - Public Enemy and Anthrax

Awesome song. Better with Zakk Wylde, mind. - nic1997ps3

Good remix

WHAT? This is hip-hop, NOT NU METAL.

136 Silver - Machine Head
137 Between Angels and Insects - Papa Roach
138 Insane - Korn
139 Nothing for Me Here - Dope

Guitar Hero I: Legends of Rock made the world a better place. What can I say people?

140 Shoots and Ladders - Korn

I'm a 16 year old but love old korn not this dubstep crap. Anyways issues is the best album but clown shoots and ladders, trash, blind, hey daddy, and the cover of one they did are there best songs. I love the meaning of the lyrics in this song (creepy). Korn saved my life I had no friends and no role models to keep me on a good path. Constantly considering suicide or stealing pills but. I straightened up because korn helped me cope with the pain in my hear. Thank you jd fieldy munky head and David I lived for the bass tab or the skat or guitar that I would hear in your songs! Plus I'm a country boy so these problems effect everyone and anyone can like nu metal

Half Scottish Half Irish 100% Korn fan love the bagpipes in this song.

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