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Obituary is a genre crafting Death-Metal band from USA formed in 1984. Along with Death, Possessed, Morbid Angel and Deicide, Obituary is considered to be a pioneering act in Death Metal and one of the most successful (5th best-selling) bands of the genre.
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1 Chopped in Half

The song to introduce me to Obituary. Been a fan since. - cjWriter1997

Brutal death metal masterpiece.

The real obituary.

Killer song!

2 Slowly We Rot

Heaviest beginning of a song... ever.

3 Cause of Death
4 Evil Ways
5 Infected
6 Don't Care
7 Visions In My Head
8 The End Complete

I can't believe the End Complete ISN'T number 1... Not many people voting I guess. Not only does it have some of obituary's best riffs, it's post solo breakdown at the end is arguably one of the best in metal. It's up there with Pantera's Domination, and Sepultura's infamous Dead Embryonic Cells m/. Hugely underplaced song on this list guys.

9 Find the Arise
10 Redneck Stomp

The Contenders

11 'Til Death

The intro says it all. - EzzyEsbourne

12 Suffocation
13 Body Bag
14 Centuries of Lies
15 Threatening Skies
16 Violence
17 Dying
18 Turned Inside Out
19 Gates To Hell
20 Immortal Visions
21 Internal Bleeding
22 Insane
23 Intoxicated
24 Words of Evil
25 Memories Remain
26 Bloodsoaked
27 Lockjaw
28 Face Your God
29 Contrast the Dead
30 Stinkpuss
31 Slow Death
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1. Chopped in Half
2. Evil Ways
3. Infected
1. Slowly We Rot
2. Visions In My Head
3. Chopped in Half
1. Cause of Death
2. Chopped in Half
3. Body Bag


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