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1 Oldie - Odd Future

This song is absolutely classic. It's a huge display of all the group's talent. Earl slays absolutely everything. And the bars... THE BARS ON THIS SONG. I have a grin and a nodding head almost every time I hear this song. Also, watch the music video the chemistry between all the members is just awesome. I don't care what anyone says... OF is the modern Wu-Tang

Listen to this when you're high... Best song ever

2 Sam (Is Dead) - Odd Future
3 Dat Ass - Earl Sweatshirt
4 Yonkers - Tyler, the Creator

Flagship OFWGKTA song. It's the first song I listened to by them, and still the best in my opinion! - MrNiceguy976

5 Orange Juice - EarlWolf
6 Couch - Earl Sweatshirt
7 Bastard - Tyler, The Creator
8 Earl - Earl Sweatshirt

This song goes hard

9 Drop - Earl Sweatshirt
10 Stripclub - Mellowhype

The Contenders

11 French! - Tyler, The Creator
12 IFHY - Tyler, the Creator
13 Kill - Earl Sweatshirt
14 Swag Me Out - Odd Future
15 Rella - Odd Future
16 Pyramids - Frank Ocean
17 Fish - Tyler, the Creator

Now I'd like to take this time of day to thank the mother earth.
(Thank you mama, thank you mama)
Letting the sun shine down on the lake while I fish your waters.
Ooh hide your daughters, hide you sisters, hell, hide grandmama too.
Because the fisherman's raping everybody in the pool.
(He on the loose. Yeah)
- Frank Ocean

18 Tron Cat - Tyler, the Creator
19 Chum - Earl Sweatshirt

This is NOT the best Odd Future song, but it's a very good one. Earl pours all his emotions into this song, which is a good change. But, that doesn't stop him from being the same Earl that he usually is one every other track he has.

20 Forest Green - Mike G
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