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1 The Kids Aren't Alright

One of the greatest punk/rock songs ever. Great guitar intro. Very memorable solo. Overall a great song - SGplayer

Massive Offspring fan, love their old stuff, love their new stuff. With Gone Away, Come Out And Play, and Self Esteem, this track is right up there with their best and most timeless material. In my opinion (for what it's worth) it's the raddest track these guys have ever made.

This song is crazy good. I don't know how You're Gonna Go Far, Kid is really competing with it. Honestly, Come Out and Play, Self Esteem, Gone Away, All I Want, is what The Offspring is. Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace don't properly demonstrate what this band is capable of creating. Beautiful, meaningful and creative music.


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2 Self Esteem

Listen to this song before picking another I really suggest listening to this song first. It has great lyrics that are almost unbeatable... Reminds me of nirvana



"You're Gonna Go Far Kid" is number 1. Jesus, what has this world come to? My vote is for "Self Esteem" but I also love "All I Want, " "Gotta Get Away, " "Bad Habit, " well I could have almost any song except "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" as #1. Makes me want to barf.

Great song, the offspring's most iconic one. - blackphoenix

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3 You're Gonna Go Far, Kid

This song has EVERYTHING! Great lyrics. Their usual AMAZING guitar solo. To keep it short...
My favorite song.

I don't know if this is the best, because I haven't heard all of their songs. But so far this one is definitely my favorite. And who cares which song is the "best" on this site? This list really means nothing because best is all in the eyes of the beholder.

This song is the best with the awesome guitar solo also I love the singer voice in this song it's the best. I can honestly say the offspring is wonderful.

This song is just awesome! Screw the haters, they have auditory malfunctions.

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4 Come Out and Play

This should be in the top five in my book. This song and self esteem were the first two songs that got offspring noticed, and this song doesn't really get old... Even though it is one of their oldest

Really great song! Lyrics are very meaningful and Dex did a great job singing them like always (; greg and noodles did a great job with the strings and was very original. And of course my petey did an awesome job wt the drums33 Overall the song is very good wt lyrics, vocals, instrumental is awesome and the overall sound is very catchy and very punk! It was also one that got them noticed. Best song! Love them so much YOU GOTTA KEEP EM SEPERATED!

Without this song they wouldn't even be noticed. The melody and rhythm is superb. It is a classic punk song.

Heyyy don't pay no mind, if your under 18 you wont be doing any ty-y-ime Heyyey Come Out and Play - Revrad

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5 Gone Away

That First Drum Intro Got Me Hooked On This Band. Definitely My Favorite Song.

This song helped my friend through a difficult time in their life. It broke my heart.

Best overall performance by the band, has the Grunge sound that made the band great. Lyrics alone make this song a true masterpiece. By far their most powerful song in my opinion. Dexter truly is a talented and poetic genius, who never gets the credit he rightfully deserves. The Bass sounds amazing, the guitars are perfect. And the drums are superior.
Also it is one of the most inspiring songs in all different kinds of genres.

Leaving flowers on your grave to show that I still care, black roses and hail marys can't bring back whats taken from me... wow, incredible song - Revrad

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6 Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)

Seriously! Best song ever! Why the hell don't people listen to good music like these guys anymore?! I was talking to a friend about this song and they asked: "Who's The Offspring? " Can You imagine how pissed off I was?

Awesome! People need to listen to this stuff. very funny and entertaining.

Why is this not in the top five?!? Come on, You're gonna go far kid kinda sucks. The only songs by them that can beat this are self esteem and the kids aren't alright. Get yourself together and vote for this.

All the girlies say I'm pretty fly for a white guy

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7 Why Don't You Get a Job

I expected to see this on the top but not even on the list? cmon its awesome! - Ak3nator

Oh my gosh I loved this song SO much. I can actually sing along (kinda)

One of the first Offspring songs I ever heard. This singlehandedly got me hooked on this amazing (amazing) band. I think this deserves to be in the top five. No, top three.

I love this song so much. It's so good.

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8 All I Want

Definitely one of the best songs of all time. It's very close to perfection. Love it.

Amazing should be #3 on the list I listen to it everyday when I'm bored and its perfect I don't know why its not in the top ten

Powerful & simple - just like being hit with a sledgehammer.
This song ought to be in the 1st ten, definitely!

Crazy Taxi

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9 Bad Habit

Anyone claiming to be an Offspring fan should know this song! It should easily be up there with "Self Esteem" and "Come Out and Play". Give it a listen - you won't be disappointed.

This song is amazing. Its in my personal top 3 and is one of the best on the smash album, a classic hit all fans need to hear this song. Anyone who is considered a fan will love it

Has anyone ever even heard this song? Sheesh!
Its just awesome vocals, bass, drums and guitar, Not much (sarcasm)

Great song on smash - Revrad

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10 (Can't Get My) Head Around You

this needs to be in the top ten. I mean seriously its the best song EVER to get stuck in your head. its in my head even as I write this!

This song deserves way more credit! Just listen to it, the lyrics are great (as always! )

Well that WOULD be true but I would still say your gonna go far kid is my favorite

Short but sooo sweet

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11 Hit That

It makes me smile every time I put this one on. You can't listen to this song without getting happy.

So underrated... I've listened to all their songs for years and I can honestly say this belongs in the top 5

I always get happy when hearing this. I can listen to this song all day. That amazing piano part, just got to love it!

I heard this as a suggestion on my spotify playlist, and this was the only time I was happy about getting one. This song is just... wow

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12 Gotta Get Away

The hell? Why is this so low?

What? This song should be in the top 10!

What a Joke that Pretty fly, spare me the details, why don't you get a job, can't get my head around you. Those songs blow ass compared to this Smash Gem!

This is Real offspring not that new punk crap.

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13 Want You Bad

Love this song so much! I love a lot of Offspring songs but this song always cheers me up and is a definite choice for a good party!

This is the song my wife and I chose for our first dance at our wedding. Played much slower though

Such a good song, so upbeat, amazing vocals, one of my favourite songs ever!

Great rhythm just doesn't get old - Revrad

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14 Original Prankster

This is one of the songs that ISN'T in the top 10 but SHOULD BE, along with DEFY YOU, CAN'T GET MY HEAD AROUND YOU AND COME OUT SWINGING. Also, HAMMERHEAD should be much higher and YOU'RE GONNA GO FAR KID shouldn't be number 1 and it certainly doesn't deserve that MANY votes, 26 percent... What the heck, it's not even close to being their best song, it's not even the best song on "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace", Hammerhead is. Sort it out people.

Just for this song I really love the offspring!

Can't be below number 7, simply too much fun!

Why is this not higher

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15 Hammerhead

Great song, one of their best actually, I think it should rather be in the top 3.

There should also be half-truism and trust you, since they are both great, a lot better than walla walla and most of the songs found in here. Rise fall rage and grace is the offspring's greatest album ever.

For me the best song of them. Defy You and The Kids Aren't Alright are very good too but Self Esteem is epic...

by far the bast, best tune, best lyrics, no question

What a nice song.

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16 Defy You

I love the offspring and loads of their songs, but man you got this all wrong... This has to be their best song... Top of the list man! Great vocals, lyrics choru etc... Great song overall

One of their best. should be top 5!

This would be great action movie music.

I think this is their best song. Shame that it's not even in the top 20. - turnpikefan2017

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17 Slim Pickens Does the Right Thing and Rides the Bomb to Hell

Days Go By is an excellent record for The Offspring. A great all-in-one album from them. Combines many different eras of the band throughout the album. By the end of the album, you get a great redo of the criminally underrated Dirty Magic, but it is the fantastic 1-2 punch combo of Divide by Zero and Slim Pickens that just knocks you on your ass. That drum fill at the end of Divide by Zero that cascades into Slim Pickens is so smooth; jumping and head banging is inevitable. A kickass guitar riff by Noodles slithers through Dexter's infectious melody and the song sticks with you for days. Fantastic song all around and I love that they brought the "Dance f*****, dance. " line around again. Great ending track to a great album.

At first I was scared off by the long ass title, but this song is definitely classic offspring. The chorus will have you singing for hours after and this is the hidden gem of this album, one of my favorite songs, not just offspring, but of all time.

You've got to be kidding me this ain't in the top 10. People need to vote for the best song, not for the most famous. Know before voting...

Very underrated. If you haven't heard this before, listen to it now - you won't regret it!

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18 Half-Truism

Man, did you guys even hear this song? If you did, you would realise that this song has to be in the top 10 for sure. Come on, 27th place, really?

Have listened to a lot of their songs, but just heard this one. Great song, very catchy and in my opinion very underrated.

Very great song. Seems underrated for sure. If more people listened to it, it would definitely be in the top 10.

The best opener since Mansons GodEatGod. Should be #1

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19 Americana

This is the best song of The Offsring, not only because it is musical perfection, the lyrics are indeed very critical towards society and are reflecting the sad truth about the classical U.S. capitalism.

Best drum intro ever! Great song! I've loved this song from years and I still feel exictment when I hear it!

Best song on Americana except the kids aren't alright

The best song of Americana and The Kid Aren't All Right, and Starting at the sun

20 Dirty Magic

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat. Love it.

What? 17th? Why? I've always loved this song and I consider it to be the best of the Offspring! I think it must be on the top of the list! It's really SONG! - Sahalin

Must admit hadn't heard much of this Ignition prior, I remember buying Days Gone By, and when Dirty Magic started playing I was like "Wow this sounds like the old stuff, awesome". LOL it was! Now it's my favorite song!

How is this not higher

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