The Kids Aren't Alright


This is definitely better than you're gonna go far kid...

Simply the best offspring song. The beginning is incredible and the song can be listened to time after time without getting boring. The lyrics tell a powerful story of how when we are kids we think we are going to go on to do great things later in life, but unfortunately this is often not the case.

Undoubtedly, this is the best song by the offspring. Within the top 5 songs of all time for sure! Some of their other songs like Gone Away, Kick Him When He's Down and Come Out And Play we're totally awesome, but nothing quite as good as this one! LONG LIVE THE OFFSPRING!

This song has the greatest meaning and emotion. Far out does any other song on Americana. This is at a level of greatness that no other offspring song can live up to.

Lyrics, video, music, popularity... ALL. This song is the perfect song for a band like Offspring. Amazing song. The undisputed #1 song of The Offspring.

love this song hows it not #1? your gonna go far kid? gotta get away deserves a spot as well

This isn't pop like You're Gonna Go Far Kid. It's a far better song. The intention behind the song is of much higher quality as well, so lyrically it's much more clever.

Amazing. It demonstrates a sad reality that may actually come alive. You never know if you will be successful. Don't do drugs everybody!

One of the greatest punk/rock songs ever. I learned to play it on my electric recently which has really rekindled my love for The Offspring.

Great song, great message. This song easily bypasses "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid". I just love the guitar intro and throughout the song.

Shaky vocals give it character, and the harmony is spot on! Not to mention the message that hits home in the heart.

Very close next to You're Gonna Go Far Kid. I love this song more, though. I can't get it outta my head!

Awesome song, and I'm definitely not your typical The Offspring/punk rock listener

This one & Come out and play, are their best songs I wonder why this is not number 1

This is the first song that I listen from THE OFFSPRING when I have 5 years old

A song that everyone relates to, very impacting.

This song sings to the heart of suburban lower middle class america, which comprises a large portion of the population in the U.S. This song truly reminds me of my own neigborhood growing up.

Are you looking for the best song of Offspring? Well, you've found it

Please vote this song there is a tie between this song and number1.

Absolutely fantastic. The Offspring just get better and better.

Such a beat that you head bang to and regret it the next day

Best song they ever composed. Simply beautiful

This song just... Damn. it gives me chills!

Excellent song definitely the best

Not a bad song but by no means should it be a #1