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21 Smash

The title song off of the debut album. Duh. The best song on the album and has some of that great silence then slow rhythm that ties out the long last songs of other great albums.

This is simply...great. It was really hard to pick one song,

A true punk rock song

22 Pay the Man

Definitely The Offspring's MOST unique song, coming from a lifelong fan of the band. Extremely underrated, though it sometimes takes true musical talent to appreciate true musical talent. It may not appeal as much to the "You're Gonna Go Far Kid" crowd as it does to those who have more of an ear for talent and originality. That being said, the instrumentals simply blow me away every time.

This song is quite different from their other ones. However, I am hardly alone when I say that "Pay the Man" is the Offspring's masterpiece. The instrumentals are masterfully crafted, evolving into a punk-oriented guitar riff at 5:00/6:00. Simply amazing.

How this song evolves into what it is around 5:00/6:00, it's just amazing. I feel so amazing, I want to jump, bang my head, the guys did a fantastic job with this song.

Amazing song

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23 Days Go By

It's from their new album, also titled Days Go By! Really deserves more votes because it is a damn good song! Please vote! - hongtam

Best song by them by far, brilliant riffs and lyrics are superb, great sound and really catchy! This should be number 1 for sure!

Just discovered this song, brilliant, should be top 3 for sure

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24 I Choose

This should be top 10. It perfectly symbolises what the Offspring are about. Great messages hidden in a fantastic song with an awesome guitar riff. This song's message is so clever. "Life is like falling off a cliff. You never know when you'll hit the ground, so just enjoy the fall while you can"

This song is always overlooked. It is a hidden gem on Ixnay on the Hombre and is one of their best pop-style songs!

Dexters voice and the guitarpart work perfect together. Favourite Song of Ixnay on the ombre!

25 The Meaning of Life

Extremely underrated! Kicks off Ixnay and the Hombre in style and sets the tone for the whole album. I listened to this song in the store and proceeded to save up for weeks just to get the album based on this song. Great song, brilliant album!

I think that's a little bit underrated, bit I quite like it! Teaching you to not stay on a predesigned path, and act for yourself learning to live your own way

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26 Spare Me the Details

I'm not the one who acted like a ho, why must I be the one who has to know, I'm not the one who messed up big time so spare me the details if you don't mind!

Everyone is clearly deaf, for ranking this song this low...

Runnin' through my head, over and over.

So catchy and awesome! Why is this 27...

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27 Genocide

Only #40? This way the first Offspring song I ever heard. It got me into the Offspring. Awesome and clean (for people that actually care about that).

What... Why... Top 10 at least in my top 5. From when the offspring were true to themselves.

High octane and simple. Crank this baby up!

Another hidden gem in Smash should be at least top 15 - Revrad

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28 Kick Him When He's Down

Classic! Too many youngsters swinging this pole

Their best song, when they were a punk rock band.

My favorite song for sure

Definitely my favourite song

29 Can't Repeat

Very underrated offspring song, I listen to this song pretty much every single day. Top 10 offspring song in my opinion.

Its very underrated.. I just don't know why, we must vote this up so help in the process

I've listened to this song since I was a kid, but only began to realize what it's about! Very underrated, do yourself a favor and listen to the lyrics!

Wow, can not believe this song isn't in the top ten! Definitely my favorite song by them!

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30 Amazed

LOVE this song, its rly hard to pick top 10 from Offspring but in my humble opinion this one should be there.

One of the best songs, I don't understand why is so low

31 Staring at the Sun

This song is brilliant and absolutely relentless, it is impossible to listen to this and not want to listen repeatedly and all it will take is a second listen and you will find yourself singing along word for word.


One of the best if not the greatest offspring song ever written! Come on guys.. Should be easily riding high in the top 5 AT LEAST!

Best song to board to to, gets me up and about and ready for anything

The first offspring I listen to

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32 Dividing by Zero

This song is so awesome, doesn't deserve to be this low ranked.

I love this song this is disappointing it's so low here

Just awesome. Fast paced, good guitar and the harmonies of the chorus section just make you want to play it over and over.

Definitely deserves to be in the top 10.

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33 Demons (A Mexican Fiesta)

Very underrated. Just like this whole album. Of course it is more rough and the quality is not the best, but the creative melodies, genius rhythm-changes & -variations and lyrics are better than on any album. I also really like the dark tone this album sets.

34 Cool to Hate

Never before have I seen such beautiful satire.

The people who take this song seriously are fools. It's mocking the people who hate everything, and that's part of why it's so awesome!

Man this must be in top 5, I mean come on! The Kids Aren't Alright is not bad but It's definitely shall not be number 1! Doesn't anyone think this way?

35 Million Miles Away

Whoa whoa whoa now! 34th place is certainly not high enough. This song is really great, and better than some in the top 10 even. In my opinion, it should be at 3 or 4. This is one of the first songs I heard by The Offspring. It might have even been the song that got me hooked on this band. The people who didn't vote for this must have not heard it before, cause it's very catchy and energetic.

Definitely top 5 song!

What the hell is this doing at 34? My childhood song, and simply a brilliant one! Let's get it up!

Definitely ton 10 worthy!

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36 L.A.P.D.

The best offspring song afther the self esteem must be in top 5.

37 Change the World

This song is so special, it should be in top ten

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38 Out on Patrol
39 Tehran

Great anti war song, uses a killer guitar riff!

40 A Lot Like Me

Awesome and very emotional song by The Offspring. Deserves to be up higher at least at the top 20. This is probably one of they're most underrated songs.

Best song in Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace album in my option.

The only track that gives me chills every time I hear the intro

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