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41 A Lot Like Me

Awesome and very emotional song by The Offspring. Deserves to be up higher at least at the top 20. This is probably one of they're most underrated songs.

Best song in Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace album in my option.

The only track that gives me chills every time I hear the intro

42 Nothing from Something
43 Way Down the Line

One of the best songs and kinda reminds me of All I Want

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44 Race Against Myself

This has got to be their most underrated song. Super meaningful lyrics and the guitar is awesome throughout the song. Probably my second favorite song of theirs other than Defy You. I don't understand how it's not even in the top 50, should be top 10-20. - turnpikefan2017

This is a great song. It should at least be in the top 20 if not top ten.

Come on! 57th? This is my all time favorite song of theirs - Danielsun182

This song definitely deserved more credit.

45 She's Got Issues

By far the best songs on Americana after The Kids Aren't Alright. Definitely better than Pretty Fly (Fly for a White Guy)

I love this song. One of the most greatest songs ever.

Favorite song ever and I am female!

The riffs in this song are stuck in my head... :P

46 Denial, Revisited

One of the most powerful ballads I have ever heard. It's weird how they hardly write songs about love, but when they do, it's amazing.

They got everything right with this song, amazing

Can't believe it isn't in the top 10. Powerful song.

47 The Future Is Now

The guitar riff is amazing. And the chorus is just awesome. All around awesome song, easily one of their best works.

This song is really good, why is it this low?

... What. How is this song not higher?!?!? it's so incredible, should be top ten AT LEAST.

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48 Come Out Swinging

Maybe it's got something to do w/ nostalgia b/c I got the Conspiracy of One album when I was like 12, but this is my all time favorite Offspring song, and Offspring is definitely. In my top 5 favorite bands. I mean it's got to be top 5 at least, no way it's 15th.

I have absolutely no idea how this ISN'T in the top 10! Much better than most of the songs in the top 10. Listen to this song, then come back here and vote for it. Do it, do it immediately.

I absolutely love this song, such energy, makes you want to jump all around. So much underrated, give it a chance.

Should be higher. Not really top 10, but 46? really?

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49 Have You Ever

I've always loved this song. I don't know why.

Is the best song.. 2nd part especially!

My favorite on Americana. It's funny the song structure is similar in Hammerhead. It feels like there is two songs in one song and I like that. Hammerhead is my favorite on RFRG.


50 Dammit, I Changed Again

My vote, my opinion. Don't think there's a right or wrong answer, but I think people should give this song a chance because it's amazing.

My favourite Offspring song growing up, and judging by the order of their best songs presented here, a seriously underrated one! The riff has to be one of the best they've ever produced. Infectious as hell.

Top 10 song hands down

I love this song a lot

51 Living in Chaos

Love this song almost as much as You're Gonna Go Far, Kid and The Kids Aren't Alright.

52 Turning Into You

Great song, deserves at least top 20

I think this song should be above Why Don't You Get a Job.

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53 Forever and a Day
54 Mota

How does this song have 0 votes, it's catchy

THE best song about weed of any genre!

Great Song. I love every song on Ixnay on the Hombre. Should be in top 20's

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55 Secrets From the Underground

The chorus is classic offspring, asking everyone to join in for the revolution makes it simply beeautiful. It a a violent attack on the government and society which reflects very well what The Offsprings original anarchichal themes are like. Best song by far.

56 What Happened to You?

My favorite song of theirs. It sends a message, has classic offspring sound and shows their true punk roots. At least a top 25. Very least.

This song got me hooked on the Offspring

Good song.

57 The Noose

Such great riffs, vocals, and lyrics. I even wonder why the hell this song is so underrated. It has to be the best song on splinter in my mind. Still after I heard this song a million of times. I would have to say that this song made me listen to the other songs by the offspring. That's why I love the offspring so much.

Very good riffs and that's why they gave the guitarist of the offspring (kevin) has a nick name called noodles because he noodles the guitar so well. Dexter (the lead singer of the offspring) had a very good voice in the song and the lyrics of the song made me enjoy the offspring even more.

This song is incredible! I think people don't notice it because it's on one of the weaker albums but it's definitely the best song in Splinter. And dare I say one of their best songs ever! And I had heard most of their work, so I should be able to tell. If you still haven't listened to this hidden jem, do yourself a favor!

Is The Perfect Song The Best Song Of SPLINTER

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58 Blackball

Should definitely be higher up.

59 The End of the Line

Very underrated song! Love the drumming on this one! Just amazing song!

Great song, with good lyrics: "I could never smile 'cause you, won't stay alive for me

This song should be behind Gone Away. It is really good.

60 Session

How is this not even listed?

This song is absolutely sick live

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