You're Gonna Go Far, Kid


This song seems like it's cut from a slightly different cloth than a good chunk of the rest of The Offspring's stuff, and for that reason a lot of their fans don't believe it should be among their best. I'm personally not a hardcore The Offspring fan, but that's mostly because I lean more towards alternative rock than punk rock (although I do still believe that The Kids Aren't Alright, Self Esteem, and Gone Away, and a couple others from them are fantastic songs). With that being said, I am a fan of rock in general, and that's what this song is at its core. It's one of my favorite songs of all-time, an absolute classic.

This song took the best commercial success of just about all the song made by the band. The Rock and smooth lyrics are all enough to get into someone's head as a catchy and energetic albeit slightly angry song. Enthusiastic singing and powerful guitar proves to be an empowering combo. The song has also made a lot of appearances in covers and can be easily played on ' instruments with chords'.

As well as being your traditional 4 chords one-hit-wonder.

I really wanted to vote for one of their more underrated songs, but in reality, this song is just so good (not at all an over exaggeration). It really is perfection. The greatest song I've heard in a while and the best one released in the past decade. It's incredible. Perfect composition. Perfect lyrics. Perfect vocals. Downright amazing.

Epic song. Hilarious how the Offspring released their greatest hits before this song came out. I love how mysterious the song is too; although there are multiple theories on the meaning of it. Deep meanings, great guitar and a nice beat makes this song a deserving winner of my vote.

AWESOME there is no other word that can be used to describe this song-it is just that amazing! I truly love it. Some people say that people only like it because of its commercial success... But the reason it was so successful is because it is amazing!

This song is awesome, easily their best song. Better than The Kids Aren't Alright and Self Esteem. Those song are good but this song has great lyrics and a great solo. Pretty Fly for a White Guy is good to.

One might say this song is popular because it is newer than the others... But this song has an excellent beat and insanely great lyrics that really mean something if you listen. It deserves first place.

This is the song that I use for questions like, "What's your favorite song? " or "Who's your favorite band? " Without a doubt, this song has it all, with a western-punk rock feel to it that stays upbeat.

Did anyone notice that this references "Lord of the Flies"? - BronySyndrome

Guys stop arguing about the best songs... Everyone has their own opinion, why can't you just appreciate The Offspring, personally this song sounds the best to me, with Self Esteem in second.

Super catchy, super awesome. Fast and hard, just perfect. Loved this song before I even knew who these guys were

The lyrics are amazing. The guitar solo is awesome. And the singer's voice really is something. "Now dance, f***** dance! " Epic.

Not only does this song have great beat, but it has the best lyrics if ever heard by The Offspring and it never gets old.. My absolute favourite song!

Great tune, great lyrics, great song my favourite song ever really relates to my life and the way us rockers live

THIS SONG IS SO PERFECT! Better than The Kids Aren't Alright. Self Esteem is good too but this one is so amazing.

This song has the best instrumental music and when it's mixed with the lyrics, you can't help but dance and fall in love with the band.

This song just makes me wanna move. Awesome lyrics with an equally awesome sound behind them makes for a kick but song.

LOVE this song! Always enjoy hearing this come on the radio. Has a great beat and just overall a great song to dance to!

Me and my friend kept on singing this song over and over! Great lyrics my favorite, "Now dance dance"

The Chorus in the song is what really sells it in my opinion accompanied with great guitar solo and singer.

This one is perhaps the best song ever... Especially when he shouts out 'Dance F@er Dance'.. That's the best part... Just give it a listen. ANd find it out yourself. Awesome guitar riffs and wonderful lyrics too. The singer's voice is amazing/unbelieavable as usual

You know a song is the best when all the other comments are about how "x" song is better than this one

BEst song EVER this is not only my favorite the offspring song this is my favorite song PERIOD

This should be number one! It's like 100 times better than the kids aren't alright! Come on people vote for this awesome song!

Great song, not into cussing but I think this over-passes the kids aren't alright by just a bit