Best Olivia Newton-John Albums


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1 Totally Hot

This was always my favorite Olivia album, and stil after 38 years it's still a great album to listen too.

2 Physical

The album that took Olivia into the dance pop/new wave arena. Consistently entertaining from Landslide to the promise, a classic

3 If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
4 Have You Never Been Mellow
5 Clearly Love
6 Rumour

Her best album ever in my opinion! Vocally it was perfect and none of that auto tone crap you hear today! Title track 'The Rumour' was a great song and was a mega dance club hit! 'Love and let live' was amazing and sent out a strong message and still holds a punch to this day! Tutta la vita was a catchy fun tune! 'Walk through fire' was beautiful and heart-felt. 'Talk about tomorrow' sent out a environmental message and hits home! She shines 100% on the song 'Big and Strong' there's where that impressive high vocal range comes through. She sings like an angel and can belt out a fast tune and mesmerize you with her beauty! She's what all other singer and entertainers should strive to be! She's the total package of beauty & class! I've followed her career since the very beginning and I remain a loyal fan! I'm Proud to say she's a wonderful human being who loves her fans and cares for the world we live in! She gives back and then some! Livvy you rule and The Rumour was an excellent album ...more

The beginning of Olivia's most prolific songwriting period! Songs about aids, the planet, and the catchiest song she ever recorded, tutta la vita!

7 Making a Good Thing Better
8 Come on Over
9 Let Me Be There
10 Soul Kiss

Great album. Olivia's voice is at its best on this and the standard of songs is A1 throughout. Definitely Olivia at her sexiest.

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