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1 Troublemaker

Yes definitely - PatrickStar3

Wow! This song sounds like adam livien but that's all right this song is great...

I love olly murs he is so cute

Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad?
Whoa, my mind keeps saying, "this voice is Adam Levine"

2 Dear Darlin'

I love dear darlin, it such a beautiful song, it is a heart warming song, so please listen to this song and let it touch your heart!

I am singing this to a girl. This is how sad it made me feel

ISS Great number 1 fan

So love it sing it at school people get annoyed
And don't like it but I love it

3 Dance With Me Tonight


One of those songs that never leave the head - aido17


AMAZING! And love it because it's so full of life which means its amazing to dance to and can have a great time with this song and its something which every girl has to love, his voice is amazing but this has to be his best song for me at the moment and don't know what id do without the amazing and goergous olly murs and I hope he makes many songs just like this one!

4 Army of Two

This is the most amazing song ever I absolutely love olly murs he is an awesome singer my friend just went to see him in liverpool echo arena she said he was amazing I would love to see him live

This is a great song soon to be released as a single and I am sure you will love it even more then. Who wouldn't want to be a part of the Murs army?
I think this should be right at the top where it belongs, up their with his other amazing hits!

I love it its an amazing song! And Olly Murs is fab too! I love love love love love him!

He's got many great songs, but I'm voting for this one since it was the one that got me to know him, and it's catchy too

5 Heart Skips a Beat

The first Olly Murs song I ever listened too - PatrickStar3

Rizzle kicks and olly murs rock together - aido17

This song is AMAZING! Olly and rissle kicks together make an amazing match! :*xoxo

This song is heads and shoulders above the rest its way better than Troublemaker as it's the most lively, catchy and best dance song that he has done. This song really doesn't miss a beat. In my opinion Dance with me tonight doesn't contend to this song either as it sounds really old fashioned and it's the only song of his that I hate.

6 Right Place Right Time

Love this song it in the video it shows what he's been through for the last 4 years and I love him so much.

I love it I'm olly murs 1# fan

Just shows how it feels like to be at the right place at the right time

My favourite music video, favourite song, favourite singer.

7 Head to Toe

I think this song should be at the top of the list but it looks like somebody forgot about it this is an amazing song I like most of ollys new songs because I got the album for Christmas I would love to see him live he is great I can't believe that one of my friends doesn't know who he is and has never heard of him

Such a good song!

8 Busy

Watched the music video wow its amazing who wouldn't love olly murs he is so amazing and he is hot at the same time whats not to like and when I saw him live he was even better than the youtube version!

Watch the music video really good - aido17

It is one of the best songs I have ever heard its amazing and loads of people love it its upbeat and olly murs is propper amazing

The sort of song that you can never truly forget. The video is cute and it's probably the best music video I've seen that tells a story. Love it

9 Oh My Goodness

Olly murs is my fave mail singer my friend just went to see him last night I'm so jealous want to see him live I love this song got his album right place right time I love all the songs especially head to toe

Just starting to hit the charts - aido17

I love olly's songs but this one in my opinion is the best, so sweet, romantic and heartwarming

I love you because I love trouble maker you are my true love

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10 I Have Tried Everthing

Very under rated song... More people need to listen to it.

Love it.

It sound like a song from the 70's but I love how he does his songs!
His songs are sometimes pop,sound a bit like he just uploaded it in the 60's and a bit of rock'n role!

The Contenders

11 Wrapped Up

This song is amazing! It has nice vocals, a get up and dance bet, and amazing instrumentals! Vote this song!

Great Song! Gets you losing your mind and start dancing to it's amazing tunes! Should be on the top of the list!

It should have been in Top 3. Awesome song

Such an awesome song

12 Hey You Beautiful


Best song ever! I fell in love with it straight away...

Good song beat and beautiful

And Replay! Replay! Replay!

13 Up

This song is pretty amazing! The lyrics, the beats and the chorus! All so catchy that you just can't stop it hovering around your head. Demi and Olly! :* In love with them.. and of course the song too!

Come on this deserves to be in the top ten..

The chorus part is really good. Olly and demi sang a superb melodious song this song deserves to be in top 5

Demi and Olly shine in this one. LOVE IT!

14 I'm Ok

This song is song upbeat and catchy. The instrumental work is great. Plus the little "Whatever" towards the end of the song is adorable!

15 What a Buzz

Love you olly x

Oww Iove this song so much and goes with cup song.
My top 10 would be
1. What a buzz
2. Loud and clear
3. Right place right time
4. Head to toe
5. Army of 2
6. Dear darlin
7. Cry your heart out
8. Personal
9. Trouble maker
10. On my cloud

16 One of These Days
17 I Don't Love You Too

It doesn't sound very nice but it's totally sweet! It's about a couple who argue and have their bad moments but in the end they love each other.

Just love this little gem of a song, sweet, catchy and very Olly.

This song has a great message behind it

18 Loud and Clear

I love this song so much! It's absolutely beautiful and the lyrics are incredible! More importantly--Olly's voice sound STUNNING. By far my favorite Olly Murs songs. I love his songs like 'Troublemaker' and 'Army Of Two', but his voice, in my opinion, sounds best in ballads like this.

19 Hand On Heart

It is amazing and the music video where my two fave singers appear Olly and Robbie is a great recreation of Angels which is one of my favorite songs from Rob - Lanatic

20 Tell the World

This is such a feel good song. It's catchy, and sweet perfect Olly Murs. He is intoxicating. The depth of his voice and the levels in this song make it fantastic.

21 Please Don't Let Me Go

He s the best

Please don't let me go, Heart skips a beat and dance with me tonight. All three songs were at number 1 uk chart. But please don't let me go was his first song. Excellent song. Should be in top3 before oh my goodness

I absolutely love this song and I think it's a bit underrated... I'm surprised more people aren't in love with it like I am.

I fall in love with him for this song

22 In Case You Didn't Know

It's so catchy, a slightly sad meaning but the happy tune makes it so cheerful and definitely one of the best from the album!

In case you didn't know is Olly's best ever song!
Olly is amazing and I can't understand why people don't like his music
He is the best singer ever and I love him so much
I have ALL his songs!

This song is so catchy and always gets stuck in my head I love this song

This song makes me wanna jump up and start dancing!

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23 This Song Is About You

This song is so amazing and it has meaning to it. Its not just another song, it actually has meaning and its about something almost everyone goes through. We've all had terrible relationships and this song just tells the story from beginning to end. I highly recommend listening to it.

This song always makes me cry and was the 2nd song I'd ever heard from Olly

This song is about Ollys twin brother, ben. Olly couldn't make it to bens wedding, as he was competing in the X factor, and Simon wouldn't let him go. When ben found out he cut all contact with his family ( not just Olly) and sold a story about him to the newspaper.

This song is brilliant, the lyric are fann tastic the really touch your heart, the people I've showed ths song to have sayd it was amazing I agree

24 Thinking of Me

This song is amazing

25 Heart On My Sleeve

Perfect song about putting yourself out there, love the lyrics and the music

I love this song the most out of all of them

26 You Don't Know Love
27 Personal

The best song ever (though not very well known)

28 Just Smile
29 Seasons

My favourite Olly Murs song. Amazing music video, nice vibe!

Awesome song, gets all your energy back! Wonder why it's so low on the list! It should be among the top 3 I guess...

Best song ever! I'm yours yours yours every season

One of the best songs I have heard

30 Grow Up

This song is beautiful and in the music video I love how he gets children involved it's lovely!

31 C'Mon C'Mon

Found this on I tunes by mistake. I think it has an instant appeal and is catchy.

32 Cry Your Heart Out

Most underrated olly murs song

Should be placed under top 5 I guess

Really the best

This ihs his best song yet..


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33 Kiss Me

It has such a nice flow...simply love it! Worth listening to...

Why is this song down so far?

New song from olly murs Kiss me realeased on 2015 9 October and I love it the music and words from taio cruz it's so cool please check it out!

34 Did You Miss Me

Holy flip it's great

Best song ever! The beats make me go crazy... Amazing!

35 Don't Say Goodbye

One of my favourite songs from his first album

36 Talking to Yourself
37 Ask Me to Stay

Seriously, how has this song NOT made this list at all? It's absolutely one of his most beautiful songs!

38 Tomorrow

Lyrics are absolutely amazing! The melody is beautifully written, brings a tear every time.

Love this song

39 I Need You Now

If you never heard it before you definitely should check it out!! it's amazing

40 Takes a Lot

I like this song its pretty relaxing its also sounds intence a bit

41 Us Against the World
42 Never Been Better
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