Live While We're Young


When this song came out, it was catchy and fun, and I was thrilled to have a One Direction song like this. But now that they have matured so much, it just seems very fake. It wasn't about the boys' real experiences and it was clearly inauthentic. Now that the band has started writing their own songs and singing about real things happening to them, it is easy to see how manufactured this type of boy and pop is.

I have listened this song many times. I just love this. I always think it is the best son in the planet and of One Direction. It is that much amazing that I have learned it. In our class everybody love this song. and listen to it million of times because it is amazing. we are gonna perform this song in the assembly and everybody would listen to it. no one can make this song. it was the best song it is the best song and it will be the best song

This should be #1 cause these x factor guys came 3rd and got there take me home album a number 1 in new Zealand and a double platinum album in new Zealand the album was up all night but it didn't get too number 1 and take me home did and take me home had live we'll where young on it and not just take home getting number 1 live we'll where young got too number and little things that was also in take me home got number 2 so please vote live we'll where young and little things too number 1 and 2 live we'll where young too number 1 and little things too number 2 please!

This song is just awesome I have never ever heard this type of such a beautiful song they all are awesome they sing very nicely actually the truth is that I don't have words to describe them or this song. This songs never get's me bored honestly east or west this song is the best. This is the craziest, coolest, nicest and whatever it is amazing...

I love this song very much I think that this the best song in the whole world east or west this song is the best you will never get bored while listening to this song. You will definitely enjoy as it has got a very good beat and rhythm. This song is better than baby of Justin Bieber yaar honestly love this crazy, cool, nice, amazing and awesome song. One direction you rocks as well as this song...

This song is so good! I love it! It has such a great beat! This song always makes me want to sing to it and dance around. I normally don't dance a lot so that is saying a lot. I believe this is one of One Direction's best songs ever! This song is just so great and amazing! I think this song just makes people happy which I believe is important for a song to do!

.. This is an amazing song!
Whenever I listen to this.. I drift to another world :P
Its amazing and fab :D
The lyrics are really mind blowing.. As well as the video.. Which rocks!
Love you millians 1 direction..
Good luck for the future..
Every song you sing rocks!
All of you are very cute.. All all your songs rock
This is my best song..
Love you all :D

This song is perfect. The rowing part is the most 'One Direction' time... You can't fell tired of listening to this song, ever and ever again... If you are on a trip of vacation, you could listen to this song and make you fell happy...!

This song is really the coolest because its crazy, awesome yippee

I am their greatest fans and I love zayn the most! Its like we're gonna be crazy! 1D rocks! Fabulous work guys!

I love it It's The best song I've ever heard no song ain't getting in the way of this one, sorry one thing, up all night, what makes you beautiful and gotta be you the rest no biggy

This song really rocks. Even hear it in my dreams. Really awesome music, lyrics and a nice video. This gotta be no. 1. Please people vote for it. Its totally worth it

Top 10
#1 One Thing
#2 What Makes You Beautiful
#3 Little Things
#4 Live While We're Young
#5 More then This
#6 Kiss You
#7 I Would
#8 Best Song Ever
#9 Gotta Be You
#10 One Way or Another

I love this song of 1d because this is my favorite in all songs I hear in my cellphone, I love you one direction please forgive all of us to concert here in the Philippines...

This song should definitely be number one it is just absolutely amazing and I'm not even really a fan of 1d so it just shows how bloody good this song

Awesome and lovely song! Everyone looks so cute in this song. My favorite. Moment is when all the boys look out of the tent and zayn's face! Laugh out loud

It is a nice song that inspires you to have fun while your young because when your old you can't have the same fun as you have when you where young

This song is the best of 1D's. I'm a huge fan and love every one of their songs, but this tops the list. I like to drive my mom crazy playing it over and over. Best song ever. I listen to it a million times a day. Zayn's voice is so good! But they all have amazayn voices. Best song ever.

The song sends a strong message about living your life in enjoyment and not to have anything hold you back. Also, their music video is so cute.

I love this song so much oh my god. If you knew how many times I pressed that replay button everyday. You'd be like oh my flippin jackes!

I listen to this song like 100 times a day!
This song is AMAZAYN! :)

Just love this songs
It has made me gone crazy.
Best song of 1D. Just love these fab five.
They are the best ever boyband.
Zayn Malik is the best. He is the hottest cool person on this planet n he looks super cool in this one.
This has to be the best 1D song because its mostly sung by Zayn.

Best one direction song I have heard. It makes you feel happy and young. Actually better than what makes you beautiful which WAS my all time favorite.

It is clearly the best song ever sung by One Direction. It should be number 1. I always enjoy this song and never get bored.

You just gotta have fun while you're young because when you start growing up, you don't like to do the things to loved to do when you were younger.

It is crazy! Its an amazing song! Why it is on the 14th position it should be on 1st or 2nd position..! I love this song so much! And zayn malik is looking so cute in this song! Oh my god! I just jump out of my skin when I see this song on T.V. or somewhere else!