This song cannot be described in words. This is my all time favorite song and before I even liked One Direction I loved this song. It was actually the first One Direction song I ever bought and it must have been what made me fall in love with them. Anyway this song is extremely haunting and something you will never forget. Sit down and listen to the lyrics. They are beautifully put together by Ed Sheeran who is a true lyrical genius. I'm not going to explain what I think this song is about because I believe that it will mean something different to everyone... But I guess all I really want to say here is that I love this song. It is amazing. Thank you Ed and 1D!

I'm appalled that this song isn't in the top 3. It's emotional and raw and real, and it always makes me feel emotional. The boys' voices amplify the meaning of the song, singing with true passion. It's truly the best song they've recorded, and I can't believe it's not ranked at #1. Compared to What Makes You Beautiful at #1, Moments easily eclipses it as far as vocals, emotion, and meaning goes.

This song is so emotional. It has been my favorite song since I knew about 1D since more than a year ago. This is truly different than other songs, this song actually has deep meanings and this song really brought out the boys' amazing vocals. This song just soothes me and calms me down, yet cheers me up when I'm having a hard time. You should really give this song a listen. Thank me later.

How can you seriously not have this as #1? Ed Sheeran wrote it. It's a very meaningful song. In my opinion it's the best One Direction song ever written. And for once they all got a solo. I know they've all gotten solos in other songs too but this one is just, WOW. I cried hearing this and I still can't help but cry.

This song is like the best by one direction. I'm listening to this song right now and I am crying because it is such a awesome, wonderful, cute and I can go on putting adjectives to this song. Love you One Direction! Keep making such wonderful songs. We all love you and don't care what others tell.

YO! I LOVE all the One Direction songs but I LOVE this song but I'm REALLY surprised that 'She's Not Afraid is not on the list but anyone who didn't listen to this song yet YOU HAVE TO! Reason number one is that Niall sings a lot and Niall is my FAVOURITE reason number two is that it really tells a story and the reason number three is that its saying that the boys would really love you but anyway you have to VOTE FOR THIS SONG

I think this is at the top of their greatest songs because it is one of their only songs that really recognises what a lot of people go through. It is about a boy committing suicide after he cannot live with his deceased girlfriend. I think it just shows that 1D aren't all about sex and having fun in life, they can actually show feeling, unlike a lot of artist E.G. lady Gaga. It makes them more real.

I love this song by the boys. Their voices are just like gods in this song. The lyrics are very strong and show that no matter what things are going to be hard. The song truly makes you see all the little things in life that are great. Hearing this song makes you cry.

This song has so much emotion and I felt like crying about it. The way the guys sounded was so amazing! I love how Niall sounded! Louis sounded a bit girly but I loved his voice. Harry and Liam were great too. I heard that the song was about niall's girlfriend who died of cancer? Yet he still got a tiny solo. Anyway, I still love it becasue of the emotion and the song really gets to me and that's why I love it so much.

I love this song as really shows off the boys' voices. I also love the lyrics of this song (love Ed Sheeran). This song is amazing and really gets a person emotional. It a fab song. I wouldn't be surprised that this is my one direction as they are amazing singers!

This song is perfection. Whenever I listen to this I can literally just imagine a whole movie of a part of my life. Its so powerful and their voices on this are amazing. The vocals are great. Also written by ed sheeran. Really meaningful lyrics. I love it

Their voices are so amazing it makes me want to cry! The song is so heartfelt and meaningful I can listen to it all day, I love the way each one has a solo where you can really hear the emotion in their voices. Louis solo gives me goosebumps! To beautiful.

I love this song so much its one of my favorite songs also I love that Ed Sheeran wrote this song he writes really good songs and I listen to this song every night before I go to bed and the boys are just so hot and so amazing keep the songs coming

This song is diffrent from all the songs, yeah rest all top songs have amazing music but this song has that "one thing" that others don't have, rest all songs are very addictive but this song has amazing vocal, great meaning, remarkable lyrics, great pain which you can't expect from a newly formed boys band, but they r far much awesome from their level, love you 1D

This song is so emotional and is written by eddy so that's a bonus. when I found out what this song was about I cried every time I heard and still do. this deserves to be at a higher place because its so beautiful and meaningful

This is the BEST song of One Direction. The song is truly toughing. This song has on its on meaning,. So I should at the 1 st position. It's better than One Thing and What Makes You Beautiful and More Than This. Best song of album.

I love this song, its emotional and they really show their vocal quality when singing this song! I also love the fact it is written by Ed Sheeran. Every time I listen to this song, I fall in love with them over and over again!

It is awesome because it has a meaning, it's a true story, and if yu think about it pretty sad too. They sing this song really well and I love it so much it is a really good song and I think you will like it too! GO ONE DIRECTION!

This is one of the best. Ed is such a great songwriter. This should be number one, all the way. It's such a unique and beautiful song with meaning. The song is about a girl who died and so the guy is commits sucide because he can't go on without her. It's kinda morbid, but also very lovely and real. It's better than Gotta Be You, One Thing, Live While We're Young and Best Song Ever.

This song has so much meaning attached to it. It is so sad, that if I try to think about it, the tears stream down my face. The boy loved the girl that died so much that he committed suicide to be with her.

I love this song so much, it sometimes makes me cry; the lyrics are meaning full and true, in my opinion it is an amazing song that not even me, a true one directioner, would of seen for one direction

This song is very good and meaningful. It shows another side of the One Direction we all know and love! It makes me cry whenever I hear it because of the amazing meaning and the soul in their voices!

I love this song and I mean how niall wrote that for his girlfriend because of cancer its beautiful this is my favorite song ever! (by 1D) this song is just amazing and I love the boys voices too! Beautiful song I think this should be at the to as #1! And this song should be voted % 100 all I can say is that this song is amazing and beautiful you would be crazy not too love it!

I love this all together, it is just amazing! You can tell it is wrote by Ed Sheeran. I love the words and the way most of them get a turn each! I love you One Direction!

This song is just so beautiful, first of all, the amazing ed sheeran had wrote it, and with the beautiful tune and the voices of our boys here. , this song is juts so beautiful - ropanquecito