More Than This


I'm broken do you here me I'm blinded cause you are everything I see I'm dancing alone I'm praying that your heart wheel just turned around and as I walk up to your door my head turns to face the floor cause I can't look in the eyes and say. When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight it just don't feel right cause I can't love you more than this. When he lays you down I might just die inside it just don't feel right cause I can't love you more than this. If I'm louder would you see me. Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me cause we are the same. You save me when you leave it is gone again. And then I see you on the street in his arms I get week my body fails I am on my knees prayin
(chorus) sorry I didn't finish the song! Niall is mine! Love you one direction!

Really awesome song! I really love the niall and zayn's part. They are amaZayn and phenomeNiall. All the boys. Really brilLiam and faboLouis! I listen to this song, just a million times.. You guys, directioners, who doesn't hear this song. I will said to you that is very nice awesome cool or whatever! Ralle love One Direction. I also love their song WMYB, one thing, kiss you and LWWY... All of these must be the no. 1... Also their newest and coolest song for now "one way or another"! Vote for that song below guys. Its top 40+ pff...

I love Harry's part in this (: I love all the parts actually, but I love Harry's the most. I love this song. I think that this should be the fan's favorite-est song. I know that it's mine. I like the boys when they sing slower songs, like this song. I think this song also touches the heart. It almost made me cry :') It's very good.

1: All the boys have solos! Louis' voice is absolutely amazing. Then there's Niall.. Plus the song itself is so well written. I like how they went for a more guitar driven, authentic sound that shows off their vocal talents. Most people don't know that they're amazing singers, as well as hawt.

I love 1D! I'm obsessed! My friends thinks it's really weird that I can listen to this song 24/7. This song is my 2nd favorite, forever young is the best. 1D CRAZY! Love ya Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne!

BEST SONG of one direction to me. I used to dislike 1d but after this song, I'm in love with them.. And yah. ALL THE OTHER SONGS are also SOOO BEAUTIFUL... Every songs of them are nice, I don't know y people hate them after listening to them... and this song-this song is one of my favorites and most touching songs.. I LOVE THIS SONG. really.

They are the best um in the USA and I knew about them since the x-factor but I never thought that they would make it so big love you guys and this is my favorite song of theirs because all the boys get a shot to sing a solo and all there voices sound amazing love you one direction! Directioner for ever!

One of the best songs of 1D. Every member of 1D contributed their best to sing this song. The tune, lyrics, their voice everything is just perfect in this song! Specially, I love the part of harry styles and niall horan. This song at least deserves the top 3. So please listen this song and vote for it!

This is the song that made me fall in live with them. I don't understand how what makes you beautiful is number 1? That's like their worst song. This song is better. The lyrics are so amazing. It's everything a girl wants a guy to tell her. Their voices in in it are just beautiful.

This song is just too sweet and soft it's really about trying to make a girl understand they need someone who actually care and that's really important one direction pretty much captured what it's like to not being cared about in a relationship.

In this song is the best.. Awesome.! Their voices are so great that you can actually hear the combination of their voices. And the most amazing part is when zayn sang the part where he got the high pitch of the tone.. It's so great.

This song is so sweet and simple. They aren't overdoing it, they're just singing a basic melody that is artistic and nice to hear. This is definitely one of the best songs on their first album, and stands out as great out of all their songs.

I love this song because of the depth in its lyrics. Its sounds amazing and touches my heart. My English teacher loves it too!
(One Direction has captured a part of my heart which I think cannot be be taken over by anyone ever)!
I was waiting for all five of you to perform in India but I think this will be never possible.
But I love you all.

I love all of their music. It makes me smile and makes a lot of girls feel special and that's why One Direction are so popular because they make girls feel special about themselves and want to listen to more of their music! :D

This is really a great song guys, you should all try this song and I do love the whole song. I love it. But the part I love the most is Harry's part. I hope more songs for the ONE DIRECTION MEMBERS!

This is such a great song. All their solos are just perfect. A great song by great singers. I love you guys and this was an absolute mind-blowing song. The lyrics were so meaningful. Waiting for more songs like this.

AmaZAYN song it is my favorite song because for the first time each member of the band gets a solo. It really shows off the really great talent of One Direction! LOVE LOVE LOVE

This song is awesome! It has so much stuff that drives you insane. Niall's solo is the best. More than this is definitely -in my opinion- one of the best songs one direction has ever have! I HAVE to listen to it over and over again!

I love love love love this song. I love all of their voices in this song. Especially Niall and Zayn. This is one of their best songs ever.

This song is totally the best... I love to hear zyan voice specially in this song...
i thing 1d has got their right direction.. Ola!

Such a heartfelt song! Niall's solo is absolutely out of this world; he has such a beautiful voice! Of course, all the other boys do as well, but Niall's voice in that song is just amazing.

Are you serious? It's the best. Should be #1 because this song is so heartbreakingly beautiful and explains everything a person feels when they love someone who loves someone else

Zayn's part is MAGIC! And Louis's part, 'And then I see you on the street/In his arms, I get weak/My body fails, I'm on my knees/Prayin"
So romantic!

This song should actually be in top 5. In fact all their songs are just amazing. the best parts of this song are Niall and louis's solos. I am in love with both of em

The whole song is so AMAZING! I love the beginning but my favorite part is Naill's solo! He sounds like an ANGEL! One Direction is o talented and I can't get enough of them! I have been listening to them for two hours straight! This song is my FAVORITE!