I Want


I LOVE this song! The beat is real catchy and it makes you want to sing along! My favorite member of the band would HAVE to be Louis Tomlinson! I WANT him because he's go that ONE THING! (See what I did there? ) Over all, this is one of the best songs by them in my opinion and I hope others think so too.

This is my most favorite song because of its catchy tune. I admit that I love all of their songs that's why I have memorized their lyrics (almost all) because I listen to them everyday. They really do have good songs, and I love it.

I really like this song please in once in a lifetime can you zayn Malik kiss me I'm your number one fan or just give me your account please I'm gonna cry if you dot thank you so much I really like this song can you make more

I love this song, especially because of ho different it is from the rest of their songs, but they still manage to make it work. It's also terribly catchy and relatable. I love it :))

It's a really good song. If younger girls hear it they might hear the fact that you shouldn't ask guys for everything you want it is a good role model song.

I love this song so much, the lyrics are great, their voices are great especially harry's they sing it so amazing live. It's Just a really great song

I love this song so much, it's so true and now I never want to ask my boyfriend for anything now and its got a great tune to it.

The music in this song is genuinely good and has a very nice catchy beat! Amazing! This song is pure perfection

I like there songs but the thing is sometimes they have too little or too many energy in there voice they are superstars and they are really good with useing their voices I would dream for them to sing this song for me I love one direction with all my heart

I WANT is a fantastic song and I love them all with all my heart they are so so so cute and talented love you 1D

I want is a great 1D song it really makes there emotions get to you and every one should like it.

Awesome song nothing could be better it is amazing I can tell why it is no.6

This song gives me dreams at night-bad ones

This song makes me wanna dance to it and just sing it out loud. I never had listened to a better song. Better than 5SOS!

Hey! This is 1D's best song because of its best tune, lyrics and its really really nice. I really love this song

I love this song but I also love what make you beautiful

This is my favorite from Up All Night and it has Some rock influence hour those who say they're to poppy.

Zayn's voice sounds so amazing in this voice and Harry's voice isnjust heavenly. I adore this song with all my heart.

I'm not a one direction fan but I love this song, I like Louis in it

SO GOOD! "Give you this, give you that, blow a kiss, take it back blah blah blah! ' SO GOD so GOOD - maddyparrot22

I want I want! Love that song but all I really want is NIALL!

Knew all the words after listening to it like 3 times. Such a cool beat. love it!

It's awesome about a girl using you but we don't

It's an awesome song I love the beginning it rhymes and I love Zayns part and everybody gets a solo in this song it's just so amazing

So catchy and just great vocals with this song