What Makes You Beautiful


1D is AMAZING! I LOVE this song 2! By the way I think that ZAYN is so hot and he as a great voice he is the TOTAL PACKAGE! If I get famous (i have an amazing voice! I am not one of those people who think they're great but they're not. I am in NYSMA and in an singing/ acting program) I would LOVE to do a song with one direction! OH and by the way I think Harry is SUCH a great singer! BUT not as HOTT as ZAYN! - STEFANI L. FROM LONG ISLAND by the way NYSMA is a thing for AMAZING singers! And I got a perfect score in it!

I love this song and without one direction life will be pretty plain and all a girl would want is Justin Bieber. But now One directions here I am always smiling and I got 4 tickets for one direction concert 2013 and I can wait. To rate one direction out of million I would say 1 million. I gotta admit on direction is the best band ever

I'm a guy and I'm proud to say that I am heterosexual (straight) and I am a hardcore Directioner. These 5 boys have worked so hard since their debut on the XFactor, and they deserve all the credit they get.

What Makes You Beautiful is my favourite song from them, and when I get tired of listening to it; I stop listening to it for maybe a couple days, then I'm hooked on it again. It is the most played song on my phone, at over 250 plays (with the second most played song on my phone with just over 100 plays). - Komain72

My most favorite song! This song just gets me happy and crazy! It actually makes me feel beautiful when someone tells me I'm not! Us tens get let down by such boys who think they are to hot well I say not because we are all beautiful in our own ways and one direction helps by giving this message! Love you boys!

This is the best song from 1d and forever I love liam payne very deeply not just as a fan but truly I'm in all love with him fingers crossed I hope so he has no girl friends and niall harry tom and zayn you guys are too rocking and you will always rock all the best for you and liam I love you waiting for you and keep rocking

I like, sorry, love One Direction! And this song, this is the first 1D song I ever heard. So yea, I love it! And the guys are awesome! I love them! They're on my mind like 24/7. I seriously love them, and I'm sure a lot of you agree with me.

I love this song it just makes me so happy and they are so hot and I love harry he is so hot. And they have the most amazing voices ever and I went to there concert and I got a beach ball and they smaked my hand yea buddy I was so happy I started crying I like lajit satarted crying but if you were me you would have had the best night ever and it was at the fox theater it was so fun they signed all of my shirts that I got from people and yea oh yea I had backstage passes they were over 600 dollars just for the backstage pases and I sat in the first row isn't that crazy I almost passed out when harry and zayne touched my hand I love you one direction especially you harry and I love there songs one thing and what makes you beautiful

This is 100% the best song. Last year I didn't know about One Direction and I heard this song on the radio and fell in love with it. I had it on replay for days then I wanted to learn more about this "One Direction" and without this song, I would not be the proud directioner I am today.

Louis sings so good ONE DIRECTION I LOVE YOU ALL
Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis are so cute out of all of them I like Louis cause he has the hair like a angle. Then it goes Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn and that's how it goes. GO ONE DIRECTION YOU ARE THE BEST BAND EVER AND VERY CUTE.

It's really amazing not just because these lads sang it or because it has a catchy tune. But also because if you listen to it clearly and understand its meaning, it's all about making girls feel better about themselves and it also shows girls that they're beautiful no matter what.

Its nice not hearing about beating women and treating them like objects, like what we hear on the radio a lot. No talk about drugs, or sex, or boobs. Just sweet uplifting verses, making be believe I'm worth something. I'm a 14 year old girl.

I think this song means that everybody in this world in beautiful. Whether they have a pretty face or not but from inside everyone in unique.. And especially I think its for the girls who don't have anyone to tell them that they are the perfect and beautiful one on the earth!

I love this song! This ROCKS! I hope One Direction keeps on going on and never break-up! Words are very catchy! Lyrics Are just... AMAZING! Best Song of their album Up All Night! Vote for this song! 1st song of them and the best song of them! I LOVE ONE DIRECTION! HOPE YOU LOVE THEM TOO! 1111

Love This Song so much, I really feel this is the best song of 'One Direction' This song is awesome I really really love it. After this song one direction is my favorite, thumbs up if you love this song. Hats Off To The one & only "One Direction"

When the first time I heard this song I knew that this was one of the best! Their voice just matches with every type of songs whether it is rock or emotional song they just kind of adjust with everything and everyone have to agree that is IS THE BEST SONG EVER!

This is the best song not only in the album up all night but the best song in all the albums just love this song a very very nice and lovely song of all just a super hot song off all just love love and love the song and the singer also of the song so cute

Its simply amazing. This is best of all. I hear it day and night. It's a catchy song, once you hear it you would love it and you would like to hear it forever. Harry styles did a wonderful ending and zayn Malik was awesome.

I was amazed when I heard this song! The thing is I grabbed a copy of the lyric and now I already memorize it! This gonna be one of my favorite song. Don't ever try to forgot this song, so what are you waiting for?

Why does this list even exist? People, beliebers, directioners, OPEN YOUR EYES! Are you so blind you cannot see there is music 10000 times better than this crap? - SammySpore

If I'm honest this is the only One Direction song I've heard so that's why I am voting for it. Besides that though this song is still great and the lyrics in there are great and cheerful for so many people

This song really makes people feel that they really are beautiful not just to themselves but to everyone in this world.I really think this song does deserve to be in the top.

Really awesome. My first one direction song. My love is still blooming for them since then. These guys are my favorite singers now. I just love them so much. Especially Niall. Forever my favorite band.

I love the song! It has great success because it is awesome! I think they sing it really well and also the lyrics are really fun and beautiful! The band sings so good too! Thumbs up if you agree with me!

THIS IS definitely THE BEST! And if your scrolling through down all of these... Just reading the comments WELL even if you don't think this song is the best or you have never heard it just listen to this!
EVER since I was a kid I always loved one direction! They seemed nice, silly and SUPER FRIENDLY! And this song had made me feel so good about who I amas a person. As an eight year old I would sing it every day all day?! And when it came on the radio I would rather sit still and take it all in or I would sing my heart out! When I was about nine years old I got this HUGE 1D book! I thought I should read it but instead I looked at the pictures! A few years later, I was looking through my bedroom one day and found the book lieing around. It explained all the members of the groups and I knew ther personally and they wrote a few things! From this I really got to know who they were and by listening to this Song I figured out who I really was!

It's been perfect for teenagers like me having a crush in our school. It makes me dance to a limit. I really like it so much. Hope that they will release another songs. I love them a lot. Thank you.