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1 Roronoa Zoro Roronoa Zoro Roronoa Zoro, nicknamed "Pirate Hunter" Zoro, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

The most bad-ass swordsman in the history of anime. Both him and Luffy had shown moments of pure Heart, Soul and Friendship. But lets forget that this bad-ass took the pain Luffy passed out from and took it in with no regret, the after effects was bad-ass of the most bad-ass character standing in a pit of his own blood. Last man standing when the crew go's down.

The man is an op badass killing machine destined on becoming the worlds greatest swordsman. He ate the badass-badass fruit and is so badass that he can swim... Like a Vegeta and Chuck Norris combo.

People. He has green hair and he get lost more than I DO. He sleeps through anything and he�s a damn swordsman. What more do you want? I love Luffy, so sometimes it�s hard to chose between the two and Ace will always held a special place in my heart.

Very overrated. He's just a badass nothing more.

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2 Monkey D. Luffy Monkey D. Luffy Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy is a fictional character and the protagonist of the One Piece manga franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

Luffy is one of a kind. He is strong and enthusiastic all the time. He makes the story more interesting. A not so ordinary boy trying an impossible dream of becoming the King of the Pirate inspires me to continue my own dream in reality..

He is ELASTIC, I always wanted to be elastic and man he is epic.
He is so cool and he's strong, Since the first episode I know he's gonna be the next King of the pirates.
But the best thing with him is that the most important thing for him are his friends.
Monkey D. Luffy should be first be first place. I think his epic look made me love One piece.

Luffy is the best strongest and most inspired of all pirates I ve seen in the whole series alright he should be on top 1 and no one ever more right bros Luffy is the coolest of all them and didn't anyone of you ever noticed that luffy is the most abdomeninable and he is good with making friends can't you believe it that boa the snake princes's heart is turned to its soft side bacuz of luffy protecting everyone and her sister

Well of curz he never let his friends down even if his friends was almost to be killed (obviously they were) ha amazing right so you people watch this alright because its the best and make it number one people

Luffy is the best dom website what

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3 Sanji Sanji Vinsmoke Sanji, most commonly known by his moniker "Black Leg" Sanji, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

Sanji rules! He's really all-around a great quality character. Both personality wise and storyline wise, he's awesome! Humorous, yet serious when needed, a flirt but still values women above all, an amazing chef and dedicated to his nakama! I love to see him every time he appears in the manga. Always will be my favorite character!

Mellorine! Mellorine! HE TOTALLY RULE! He is the cook, and I like his way to girls (Y)and everytime he appear out of nowhere, he always give funny names to the situation! Eg: Ordeal of love(Skypiea arc) Mr prince(Alabasta) The hunter (Enis lobby arc)

Sanji can be funny or epic, or both at the same time. Easily one of the funniest characters in the series and part of the BA Monster trio.

If you were asked to describe One Piece characters by their defining traits, the qualities where they stand out among their pairs, some would be badass/strong, others hot, others funny, others smart, others kind, etc. However, I can count on one hand the characters who are all of the above. Sanji is one of them. What more is there to say?

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4 Portgas D. Ace Portgas D. Ace Portgas D. Ace, born as Gol D. Ace and nicknamed "Fire Fist" Ace, is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.

Love Him! He's caring older brother, loyal subordinate, kick-ass strong and sometimes really funny! The best One Piece Character for me

I still miss him after all this time. He had the coolest look among the younger generation. He's my favorite character. When I think about One Piece, I think about Ace. I don't care if he wasn't the strongest. He was strong enough. And had a short time as a pirate - just 3 years. Gone too soon, Ace.

He is gold rogers son and he eat the mera mera no mi fruit protected luffy from admiral akainu 550 million beli bounty


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5 Nami Nami Nami is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. She is based on Ann and Silk, two characters from Oda's previous manga Romance Dawn.

Although weaker in physical battles. People like Nami are much harder to come by; she is intelligent and indeispensible with her ability to navigate and not to mention, her looks often get her what she wants. Haha. And she deserves a place in the top of the list as she is mentally strong and driven like Luffy and Zoro.

She uses her mind in fights. She doesn't like fighting but developed a way to do it so she can still be useful. Her fights are always interesting to watch. Besides, she's irreplaceable as a navigator with an interesting past. She's funny because of her love of money, but it isn't a very major trait. Also, she's pretty and the first female crew member. I also love how her name means wave.

My favorite are Zoro, Ruffy and Sanji but then comes Nami, seriously she is so cool she can't be n. 9. She's better than Usopp, Tony and Brook And she was the third member of the crew so she is special. - dianajorge2

You know, I think Nami's fans are really overractive here on Top Ten. I wouldn't be surprised if a few devoted fans voted for her hundreds of times, because she is unusually high on every lists here compared to polls on other sites. Many characters bellow are supposed to beat her. Also, I just saw that Arlong Park has been voted as a better arc than Marineford, Thriller Bark, WCI and Dressrosa. lol Really? Not to mention how high Robin is on negative lists such as stupidest, useless characters. I'm not a big fan of Robin, but that is suspicious as hell, especially considering how Robin usually beats Nami in polls on forums. - madrigaelle

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6 Trafalgar Law Trafalgar Law

He's just so damn epic! I love him to death! He should be the best 'cause he's badass, smart, strong and one of the hottest guys in One Piece! He's also so funny and he saved Luffy before their alliance, so he's obviously a good guy too. I just adore him to death! My favourite guy in One Piece! Love ya, Law!

He is a badass doctor. He'll make can make people into freakshows and saved luffy's life. He also took down smoker.

If it wasn't for Law I wouldn't watch this show, Luffy's antics are really starting to get tiresome and it frustrates me how slow this show is... BUT... There is one character who is just so awesome that I have to keep coming back to see if he is doing anything, that is Law!

He is so cool and badass! I love him so much! This is the character I love most. - Thanisha40

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7 Shanks Shanks

First of all, he's the one to inspire Luffy to be a pirate! Second he's a yonko (one of the 4 greatest Pirates ever) and did I mention he ended the great war by just showing up! No contest that he's one of the best characters in One Piece.

Shanks is an absolute boss. He ended the war at marine ford by showing up. Have I said that his crew is almost as awesome as him? Kizaru, wielder of one of the greatest devil fruits a logia, was shaking in his boots when looking down the barrel of shanks's crew. No argument shanks should be higher on this list for his awesomeness and his crew

Shanks is so awesome. From the first chapter he literally defines what Luffy will become, and to top it all, ten years later he's one of the four most powerful pirates in the world! Favorite quote "an arm is not much compared to having you alive" - with his irresistible smile.

Stopped a blow from whitebeard and a blow from akainu and all with one arm

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8 Nico Robin Nico Robin

How can I deny that I'm loving this hot female character so much? Nico Robin makes me fell in love with One Piece at the first sight! Go upper, Robin-san!

I freakin love her morbid theories and carefree attitude. And the most badass girl from the series she's good looking. I like eye-candys

Another role model! My mom hates her because she betrayed people, but it was all so she could carry out her mom's last wish: Live. I cried the most about Robin's past. Plus, her slightly dark aura is just epical.

Robin used to be a cool character, but she is so irrelevant nowadays. She is almost never seen and when she is, most of the time she is not doing anything noteworthy. In Dressrosa, her contribution/feats were the most forgettable even though with all the crew gone, she should have had plenty of times to shine. I don't know, her character has become really boring. - madrigaelle

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9 Usopp Usopp

Although not as powerful as some of the other straw hat pirates, Usopp is what makes One Piece great, as a normal human he was thrown into a world of pirates, exploration, and dreams. He may not be brave, but among the straw hat pirates, he displays some of the most fun, and greatest willpower among them, using brains over brawn, and putting his own friends above his own pride.

I love Usopp a lot as a SH member. Every other Straw Hat member has some unique power or ability (even Nami, whose navigation skills are crucial), but Usopp entered the story with skills no different from a normal person. And yet, this man held on through the harshest times, and withstood obstacles that tested his loyalty and intelligence. He always felt inferior to the other SH members, but he still held on and forced himself beyond his limits for the sake of his friends. Even when his nose was crushed and face tainted with blood... even when fear made it hard for him to stand up... He tried his best.

In conclusion, even though he may not be the bravest or the strongest, Usopp has the heart of a true Straw Hat pirate.

"Personally, I think some people don't give him enough slack. When I first saw him in the crew, I wasn't sure what to think-really? A liar? But on that very first episode of his appearance, I realized there was more than just his lies. He's humorous, caring, and extremely loyal to his friends. I believe Luffy and partners have a great friend with them on their journey, and his name is Usopp!

Although he is not the strongest one and not one of the strongest three but without him one piece will be nothing because of his funny character and his great sharpshooter.

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10 Tony Tony Chopper Tony Tony Chopper

Thinking he's the best character doesn't make him happy, you bastard!

He is the funniest Character and just the sight of him makes me laugh.. Especially when he is told that he is cute: He blushes ironically...

The funniest and cutest one piece character who actually made me watch and read one piece. Chopper is funny because he can't hold his feelings in and is an awesome span user with 7 firms. Plus a doctor who loves cotton candy.

So cute and one of best sad story lines.

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11 Franky Franky

How is Franky, one of the main crewmates this damn low? I think he's awesome, and he has the best theme out of all the straw hats.

Funniest character, great personality, made the best ship (thousand sunny) and have just anything in his robotic body, lights, heavy weapons, laser beam, he's just awesome, He had become one of the most powerful characters, amazing!

Franky is MY FAVE One Piece character! (Next to Chopper) He's so cool how he is strong, funny, and metal. If anything, he should be the king of the pirates!

Franky is funny, cool, and SUPER! His personality has so much flavor~

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12 Gol D. Roger

Gol D. Roger, the Former Pirate King and owner of the One Piece- the greatest treasure ever! He is the one who started the Pirate era and made most people desire to be like him, to be the Pirate King! He smiled during his execution and it was then that he announced about the One Piece, The treasure of untold riches! He was definitely one of the strongest pirates ever and was equally matched or better than Whitebeard! There is no doubt that Gol D. Roger was a Badass!

The only pirate to sail the whole world without backing down and the owner of One Piece - The treasure of untold riches?! Dude! He was smiling when he was executed and literally knows everything WE want to know... And the mustache is on point!

Former pirate king. Considered one of the strongest pirates ever, he was the owner of One Piece. He knew what happened in the Void Century, he knew what the will of the D. is also.

Pirate Jesus you guys

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13 Dracule Mihawk Dracule Mihawk

He is one hell of a badass Swordsman.He makes himself clear at almost all the times.He is quiet, strong and merciless but also has a sense of Justice and a bit of compassion in the depths of his heart.

The guy cut down all of Don's ship at the grand line. Who else could do that and plus has awesome hawk eyes

Destroys entire armadas of ships with just a few flicks of Yoru, doesn't look down on Zoro for wanting to take him down (and actually encourages it! ), he's an antagonist, but not necessarily a bad guy, up there for strongest characters in the show, and THE EYES.

I'm a Marine Fanboy so I'm voting for Mihawk.

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14 Marco

What could be cooler than a phoenix that is whitebeard pirates 1st division commander

Marco is definitely has to be one of the strongest Pirates ever and I just love his power and strength!

Basically, HE CAN'T DIE unless their is sea prism stuff or sea water touching him but I mean HE CAN'T DIE!

He is the most laid back, cool guy ever plus he is definitely the strongest I mean he can't die

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15 Monkey D. Dragon

He is Luffy's father, the legendary marine's son, leader of the Revolutionary Army and the most wanted man alive. He is very powerful and very cool.

A revolutionary waging against the corrupt world government, son of one of the strongest marines ever and father of the future pirate king.

He is Luffy's father, Garp's son and leader of the Revolutionary Army. He's also the most wanted man alive. He is also very strong and very cool


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16 Kuzan (Aokiji)

I expect to see Aokiji back as a rev. Army official. There is no way Aokiji is gone for good. He played a huge role in the series and they can't just take him out after all he has done without telling us what happened to him. Also we see him wearing the attire of the rev army, Coincidence? I think not!

Most epic guy in One Piece, has one of the strongest DF-and he's cool as ice! He's new role in the anime will be great, can't wait to see more of him!

He's alright

17 Edward Newgate

The Great Pirate, Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate, was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and was revered to be the strongest Pirate ever after Gol D. Roger! He was very caring and more of like a father figure to his Pirate crew. He cared for them deeply like a family and vice vera. He had amazing strength, ability and stamina! He was so badass that when having numerous injuries and even being shot multiple times, he was still standing and stood till his death! That is how Badass he was!

The Great Pirate, Edward "Whitebeard" Newgate, is one of the best characters in One Piece. I mean he's a caring father, a monster in combat, and just a general bad ass. Even though we only saw him a few times before Marineford he always had that, why is he the strongest or what's so special about him feel, then we actually got to see why he was the strongest after Roger.

Still standing after death! Enough said

There is no better character than Whitebeard, The most badass ever and The strongest While he was alive, Caring and loving towards his crew

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18 Silvers Rayleigh

Oh my god rayleigh is so cool. He trained luffy during the time skip and he was The Pirate Kings first mate

One of the best moments in One Piece when Rayleigh literally flies in and saves Zoro from Kizaru

The first mate above the captain? Poor roger. And zoro above Luffy? What's going on?

Original badass right here. He's appearance was a showstopper. Who on this planet can claim that they can teach others how to use Conqueror's haki at will? (that's effectively what he did to Luffy)

19 Enel

Really cool character, like he's thunder powers and the way he lighting moves almost to teleport, would really like to see him back in One Piece.

I think that he is one of strongest characters in one piece easily he can kill anyone without touch him

The BEST devil fruit so far

A dick but at least kept skypiea slightly interesting

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20 Brook Brook

This guy is cool. I wish I could see him face to face. Eye to eye. Oh wait he doesn't have any eyes. YOHOHOHOHOHOH

He has an extremely memorable and sad back story that really shows he has a lot more depth then his happy go lucky exterior usually shows which does not often show

Brook, is the funniest character, in my opinion. He's always laughing, polite, making jokes, and playing music. I want him as my friend

Why at 20 brook is life of crew yohohoho

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