Monkey D. Luffy

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Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy is a fictional character and the protagonist of the One Piece manga franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.


Luffy is amazing! Every challenge he faces, he does so armed only with wide arms (literally! In his own words, he's 'a rubber-man! '), and a big grin on his face! His childlike attitude and glass-half-full optimism often plays off brilliantly against characters such as the level-headed Zoro and Nami, and the cowardly Usopp. Despite his total immaturity, Luffy also has qualities which we can all learn from. His never-ending determination to achieve his goal ('I'm Gonna Be King Of The Pirates' is his catchphrase) is topped only by his devotion to his crew and everyone he cares about, and he will always put his own life on the line to protect anyone from harm, even if they are his enemies (if you don't believe me, look up a character called Nico Robin).

Luffy is such a cute character! He's so charismatic and kind. It's ironic, but he acts more like a hero than a pirate. He always tries to help everyone and do everything he can for them (he seriously has a heart of gold). Even though he's an idiot sometimes, he is respected not only by his crew members, but also by many other people. Luffy always knows what to do and say. He's a natural leader! Also, he's so introspective. The things he does may seem crazy at the moment (like punching Coby, or not fighting against Bellamy), he always does things for a reason. Furthermore, Luffy's instinct is scarily accurate. He can just tell when someone is a good person and when they aren't. For example, even though Robin was his enemy, Luffy immediately welcomed her into his crew. And when Robin seemingly betrayed him, Luffy still wanted to go after her because...well, they were nakama. However, when Luffy encountered Blackbeard on Jaya, he seemed more introverted. Even though Blackbeard was ...more

Luffy is amazing. He is the strongest of all the Straw hats and the coolest. He cares so much for his friends and brings the whole show together. His personality always makes me smile and laugh. He teaches the viewers how important friendship is and to never give up on your dreams. Without Luffy in the story I wouldn't love the show as much as I love it now. Luffy is the best and deserves number one.

Luffy is the eccentric type but not too eccentric like some other anime characters might be, he's funny determined and strong and I love him to death, I wish there were as many characters like him in the anime world, Though sometimes it may get annoying when he's so clueless that's just one of his traits you learn to love, He's a one of a kind like no other character, He's strange and strong but that's why we all love him so much, plus he's so adorable! =3

I think that luffy is the best character because he has a certain characteristic that makes a person like him. I think out of all his crew members that he is the strongest with zoro as a close second and sanji as a close third

I love how he seem to be so stupid in theoretical and logical things though they were being explained to him but when it comes to things that is in the moral, he further understands even more than the others will do like Nami, who is the smartest in the Straw Hats! Go go Luffy!

Luffy is the Strongest of the Straw Hat crew and there's a reason he is the Captain of the Strawhat Pirates and he will become the Pirate King! Actually I love him and Zoro just as much but Luffy has to be the best! He will definitely be the Most Badass and Strongest Pirate and being in One Piece and Anime and Zoro will become the Best Swordsman and being ever in One Piece and all Anime!

First of all he is hilarious, he's super strong, Boa wants his monkey D. , he has the ability to be a natural leader (everyone he meets follows him or roots for him), he always fights the toughest enemies and those are always the most epic fights, his moral code is strange but somehow makes perfect sense at the same time, and finally he will become KING of the pirates. (not to mention his hakis are beast)

Luffy is likable, funny, kind, badass, strong-willed, admirable and unusually perceptive when he has to be. He's also the best captain ever! No one could replace him. He deserves to be number 1. - AlixM

A simpleton, but with herculean power and very straight forward morals, that's Luffy. Without him, half of the adventures that the strawhat crew went to would just not happen... He pulls his "captain card" and goes to the places he shouldn't, example skypeia... And he is funny. Lord! He he... Even in my worst mood, he and zoro make me smile and often time break in to laughter.

Of course this is the guy! He's not the strongest one yet, but he will be The Pirate King someday and of course this mean someday he'll also be the strongest! Besides I like his funny character... - Raixall80

He is the funniest boy ever;) but he can also be serious but the thing that make him so special is not only his Personality, its also his will to fight to dead to Save his Friends

I love him to death! He's such a man with leadership and confidence in what to do. I love this kind of guy!
I don't understand why he's not in the first place, well I just love him:x - elletequila

He will be the pirate king, are you crazy guys? Luffy is the most stronger in this manga

Because monkey d luffy is the best

Luffy should be higher than Zoro... - XxMaxX

Such an inspiring character! He always so straightforward and optimistic. I love how he never turns his back on his values and keeps his dreams and friends in front of his priorities. What's not to like?

Luffy is the best! He inspires us all! Is really strong and stupid at the same time. Should be number 1

Luffy is Becoming a Pirate King!


Luffy is the best. It's so funny to wach him and I love the way He loved his friends. For a single friend He would Do everything so He Has a big heart. He is like a little Child in some Times But in all fights He is very smart and never gives up and that's why I love him. He would die for his Dreams and for his friends and He is defenetly the man who is proposed to become the King of pirates. And with his suuper cool and loyal crew He Can reach everything. As Mihawk said, he can convince everybody to help him and that's the most dangerous Talent on the seas.

He doesent want to become pirate king for fame or power he wants it for freedom! He actually he has saved several major kingdoms from other pirates! He is willing to protect his friends from anything what ever the cost! - REISNERA

Luffy has the best personality throughout One Piece. He's funny and respects his nakama (most of the time) Though like Ace said, Luffy may burn the crews hands every now and then, but who would blame him? His determination also play a huge factor to why this is the best character in One Piece.

I like Luffy because he is so strong, but sometimes he is stupid. I believe that Luffy will be the King of the Pirates.

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