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Nami is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda. She is based on Ann and Silk, two characters from Oda's previous manga Romance Dawn.


Nami is my favorite female character in the series. Although I fell like she's annoying at time I find her as a more interesting and developed character than robin and she plays an important part in the series. I feel that her character is very enjoyable to watch due to her manipulation and and being mentally strong. I also adore her relationship with luffy because he never gets mad at her and it seems he trusts her the most out of all of the crew. Although not the strongest character she isn't a coward and is starting to learn how to handle herself not to mention using manipulation.

Nami is smart, pretty, and a money lover. She is interesting. Whenever I feel like she is going to fight I always get excited likes yes whoo hoo Nami! . I would say she's my favorite. She's awesome. She uses intelligence for fights, uses her Charm and sneaky knowledge to steal and, money for good fashion. She may be not first but she could be first for people who love her. Yay Nami

I think Nami should be number one because if she wasn't there Luffy wouldn't know where to go and people wouldn't wanna join. Sanji wouldn't wanna join! Zoro would wanna kill himself. And for the rest the same things.

She is smart and will mostly try to think of a better way than to fight. She can be very caring and loving, just don't get on her wrong side. After time skip she is probably the most beautiful female character in the anime/manga.

Seriously cool persona...great navigator and a lot intelligent and sensible than others. Just like Robin-chan, she can get anything she wants from Sanji thanks to him being a pervert...

Nami is intelligent and a great fighter. And even though she seems bossy on the outside, she actually caring on the inside.

Nami will always hold a special place in my heart as a headstrong girl simply following her dreams. She's just awesome.

He role in the story is really awesome. I can't imagine the story without her, she is unique.

She is the female main character of this anime and I think she will be stronger than Nico Robin at the end of the story.

Nami isn't only beautiful, but she's so intelligent and down to earth. She cares about her nakama more than anything, and her fighting style is one that incorporates her knowledge and wit. Nami is irreplaceable, and there's no better navigator than her.

She's my role model and also the strongest straw hat

Nami is clever and she is strong in battles! - akirahayashi

She's the best female character in one piece

Nami, she is strong and plus she has big BOOBS.

I like Nami because she is a non violent girl

I think Nami is about in 4th. She's the third crew mate of Mugiwara pirates so she's special

Straw hat crew will destroyed without her instruction and she is cuty

She maybe quite rude espicially with Zoro, usopp and luffy, but I think she do that because she care of them.

She needs more love,a lot of people misundertand her,she's such a nice person you wish you had a friend like her in real life..

I think Nami should deserve to be at least 5th!
She's like Luffy's third member and the second person he recruited! Nami is awesome and she knows when to do what and yes all that stuff
I really like nami she's so bold 0^0
Yay for Nami

Nami is a strong girl.though some people hate her for her flaws,I think that her flaws make her a more interesting character and also a funny girl,and anyway her flaws are very few compared to her virtues.Nami is a queen.

Are you kidding me?
Nami is a better character than shanks?
In my opinion the only person nami is better than is usopp.