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41 Rob Lucci Rob Lucci

Cool villain except he becomes a leopard that was weird and not super cool

Rob lucci is a bold guy he had a great fight with luffy at ennie lobby.
Best part was his belief in justice for killing anyone even his subordinates.

42 Pell

Bird guy died but then didn't die. W o w

43 Bon Clay

By far the most crazy and interesting character in the show! Bon Clay is the man! Er WoMan...

Who is a better character than bon clay? He sacrifiecd himself many times to save luffy, he is heroic and is who he is whether people like him or not, he values his friends more than anything, OKAMA WAY!

I mean, you just can't hate him, can you? I seriously want him to become a Straw Hat Pirate. Can you see it? I sure can and let me tell you, it's amazingly perfect!


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44 Laboon

This is the only anime departure that made me cry...

No the best character in one piece is not a whale

He waits for Brooke FOREVER! That is a true sign of nakama which is what One Piece is all about!

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45 Jinbei

I don't like his character, he is boring and overrated. He's so dramatic and over the top about everything that it becomes obnoxious. Who does he think he is, he just joined the crew! - lalonde_marilou

46 Zeff

I loved this character more because he use only his legs to crush his opponents and there blood coloured his boots red and named him
"The Red Foot Zeff"

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47 Alvida V 1 Comment
48 Lucky Roo

He is so fat and he was still able to spy on the Marines and is an awesome character he is also a very fast character although he is fat he was able to reach humongo from 20 meters in a sec which is dan awesome

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49 X Drake

He can turn into a t-rex and has been foreshadowed to be strong

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50 Captain Smoker

He is made out of smoke, he is also badass too

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51 Marshall D. Teach Marshall D. Teach V 1 Comment
52 Akainu Akainu

Akainu this low on the list? Will you people stop being butt hurt just because akainu killed ace. Who doesn't love a good bad guy. Akainu is a symbol of destruction and danger in the series. If you don't love a bold character who you will hate with all your heart then don't watch one piece.

The man you love to hate! He killed my favorite character and hate him so much! That's what makes the One Piece so great

Best villain

No he is not that good of a Villain. Doflamingo is a good villain this guy is just a dick

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53 Jewelry Bonney
54 Perona

She is bae. Gothic Lolita for life. All hail the ghost princess!

All hail the ghost princess!

Coolest power


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55 Kaku

Kaku is a legitimate BADASS. He jumps off buildings miles above and survives. That square nose is something I'll never forget.

Kaku is absolutely awesome he nearly defeated Zoro in his fight, and he is super killed at anything, he is totally legendary

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56 Blackbeard

Lets get something straight. BLACKBEARD IS NOT A BAD GUY. He and luffy are simply aiming for the same goal, King of the Pirates. Blackbeard may have done bad things such as get ace executed and take whitebeard's fruit. But let's talk logic, Blackbeard told luffy the one piece exists simply to keep him aiming for his goal. What good will going for something be without any challenges?

Oh we'll be seeing more of him. And people on here: he is the reason ace died how is he not a bad guy?

Dude he's just so damn cool

Honestly, I don't like Blackbeard at all. I respect his goal and his power and all, and I loved the scene when he and Luffy first met and they were ordering pie and stuff, but he was responsible for Ace's death D:<

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57 Nojiko

Namis sister right? The fact I don't really remember shows you how irrelevant she is

58 Vergo V 1 Comment
59 Don Krieg

Nothing special about this freak

Golden guy

The most powerful character in all of one piece history to defeted zeff

60 Caesar Clown Caesar Clown

I hated him so much during the punk hazard arc but after he became a hostage of the straw hats I found him pretty amusing and funny

He's arrogant and cruel, but very cowardly when his life is in danger. And as strong as he is, Luffy does defeat him. He can make some funny faces too. He's my other favorite antagonist next to Arlong. He makes a pretty good villain.

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